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The Impact of Social TV By Deidre Thomas


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Published in: Technology, Social Media

The Impact of Social TV By Deidre Thomas

  2. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   2   CONSUMERS  TODAY  LIVE  ACROSS  SCREENS   Increased  Smartphone  and  Tablet  penetraIon     Source:  NPOWER,  Mobile  Insights,  Custom  Smart  TV  (Capable)     55%   15%   64%   27%   73%   41%   Smartphone   Tablet   Devices  Owned  in  TV  Households   July  '12   July  '13   July  '14   +173%   +33%  
  3. Copyright  ©2013  The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   3   25%   of  U.S.  TV  viewers  report   that  they  are  aware  of  more   TV  programs  due  to  social   media  (39%  YoY  increase)     PEOPLE  ARE  WATCHING  TV  DIFFERENTLY   of  U.S.  tablet  and  smartphone   owners  who  watch  TV  report   that  they  use  their  devices   simultaneously   84%   Source:  Nielsen  Connected  Devices  Report,  Q3  2013.    Nielsen  U.S.  Social  Media  Survey  (2013).  
  4. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   4   SOCIAL  ENERGIZES  LIVE  TV   Source:  Nielsen.  Twiber  TV  Unique  Audience  Data  from  9/1/13-­‐11/30/13.   People  tweeIng  about   U.S.  TV  in  2013   Tweets  about  U.S.   TV  in  2013   Average  Daily  Unique  Audience   seeing  Tweets  about  U.S.  TV   11    990    36   million   million   million  
  5. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   5   Youngest-­‐skewing  episode:  98%  of  Twiber  TV  Authors  below  35     Oldest-­‐skewing  episode:  85%  of  Authors  above  35   WHO  IS  TWEETING  ABOUT  TV?     Source:  Nielsen.  4/28/14-­‐5/4/14.  Data  includes  Sports  Events,  Series,  and  Specials  episodes  with  Twiber  TV  Audiences  of  100,000  or  greater  on  Broadcast  and  NaIonal  Cable  Networks.  Sports   Events  are  across  all  dayparts.  Series  and  Specials  include  new/live  primeIme  and  late  fringe  episodes  only.      
  6. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   6   WHO  IS  TWEETING  ABOUT  TV?     Source:  Nielsen.  4/28/14-­‐5/4/14.  Data  includes  Sports  Events,  Series,  and  Specials  episodes  with  Twiber  TV  Audiences  of  100,000  or  greater  on  Broadcast  and  NaIonal  Cable  Networks.  Sports   Events  are  across  all  dayparts.  Series  and  Specials  include  new/live  primeIme  and  late  fringe  episodes  only.       Gender  of  Twiber  TV  Authors  ranged  from  92%  male  to  88%  female.  
  7. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   7   16%   36%   SOCIAL  IMPACTS  TIME-­‐SHIFTED  VIEWING   Highly  social  shows  see  a  boost  in  delayed  (+7)  audiences.   Source:  Nielsen.  9/1/13-­‐6/30/14.  Metrics  evaluated  were  18-­‐34  TV  Audience  and  Nielsen  Twiber  TV  RaIngs  (NTTR)  Impressions.  Nielsen  Social  captures  relevant  Tweets    from  three  hours   before,  during,  and  three  hours  ajer  an  episode’s  broadcast,  local  Ime.  Impressions  measure  the  total  number  of  Imes  any  Tweets  about  a  TV  episode  were  seen  from  when  Tweets  are  sent   unIl  the  end  of  the  broadcast  day  at  5am,  7  days  following  air.   +   +   HOW  +7  AUDIENCES  COMPARE  TO  LIVE  AUDIENCES   LOW  SOCIAL  PROGRAMS       HIGH  SOCIAL  PROGRAMS       For  ‘low  social’  programs,  +7  audiences  are  16%  larger  than  live  audiences.     For  ‘high  social’  programs,  +7  audiences  are  36%  larger  than  live  audiences.    
  8. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   8   TWITTER  TV  AUTHORS  ARE  VALUABLE  TO  BRANDS   Source:  Nielsen.  January-­‐April  2014.  Twiber  TV  acIvity  is  captured  from  three  hours  before,  during  and  three  hours  ajer  an  episode’s  iniIal  broadcast,  local  Ime.     Twiber  Brand  data  is  collected  on  a  24  hour  basis.     78%    of  Tweets  about  brands   are  sent  by  this  group   TV  Authors   of  brand  authors     also  tweet  about  TV   64%     Brand  Authors   In  an  average  month:  
  9. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   9   TV  AUTHORS  SEND  3X  BRAND  TWEETS   Compared  to  authors  that  tweet  only  about  brands     Source:  Nielsen.  January-­‐April  2014.  Twiber  TV  acIvity  is  captured  from  three  hours  before,  during  and  three  hours  ajer  an  episode’s  iniIal  broadcast,  local  Ime.     Twiber  Brand  data  is  collected  on  a  24  hour  basis.     TV  AND  BRAND  AUTHORS   BRAND-­‐ONLY  AUTHORS  
  10. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   10   TV  AUTHORS  HAVE  TWICE  THE  INFLUENCE   Compared  to  authors  that  tweet  only  about  brands     Source:  Nielsen.  January-­‐April  2014.  Twiber  TV  acIvity  is  captured  from  three  hours  before,  during  and  three  hours  ajer  an  episode’s  iniIal  broadcast,  local  Ime.     Twiber  Brand  data  is  collected  on  a  24  hour  basis.     followers  per  author   1,265     Followers     per  author   665     TV  +  Brand   Brand  only  
  11. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   11   BRANDS  ARE  TAKING  NOTE  OF  SOCIAL  TV   Post-­‐buy     Measurement   Media  Planning    
  12. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   12   MEDIA  PLANNING   1.  How  Social  is  a  TV  show?     2.  How  much  Affinity     does  a  TV  show  have     with  a  brand/category?      
  13. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   13   SOCIAL  TV  DATA  COMPLEMENTS  TV  RATINGS   High   High  Low   Low   Program  C   Program  A   Program  B   Na9onal  TV  Ra9ngs   Twi=er  TV     Audience  
  14. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   14   SHOWS  WITH  SIMILAR  TV  RATINGS  VARY  SOCIALLY   Source:  Nielsen  Social  Brand  Tracking  and  SocialGuide  Intelligence,  PrimeIme  campaign  Analysis,  11/4/13-­‐3/9/14.  All  shows  were  included  in  media  schedule  excluding  “Super  Bowl  XLVIII”  and   “The  56th  Annual  Grammy  Awards”.  With  a  min  5000  TV  tweets.  Shows  were  selected  where  authors  tweeted  about  both  the  brand  and  the  word  “commercial”.   0   100,000   200,000   300,000   400,000   0.0   1.0   2.0   3.0   4.0   5.0   6.0   7.0   8.0   9.0   Highlighted  drama   series  episodes  had     similar  TV  ra9ngs,     but  varied  social   engagement     Twi=er  TV  Authors   Na9onal  TV  Ra9ngs  (P2+)   Campaign     Episodes  
  15. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   15   AFFINITY  HELPS  IDENTIFY  BRAND  FIT   Number  of  TV  authors  that   Tweeted  about  the  brand   Likelihood  of  TV  authors  to  Tweet   or  Retweet  about  the  brand    
  16. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   16   TOP  AFFINITY  WITH  PERSONAL  CARE  CATEGORY   Source:  Nielsen.     100,000+  Affinity  Uniques   January-­‐June  2014   AFFINITY  SCORE   OXYGEN   TEEN     NICK   E!   NICK   ADULT   SWIM  
  17. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   17   POST-­‐BUY  MEASUREMENT   1.  How  much  earned  media   did  a  Sponsorship  or   Integra^on  generate?   2.  What  was  the     earned  response  to  a     TV  Ad  Campaign?  
  18. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   18   BRAND  INTEGRATION  IN  REALITY  DATING  PROGRAM     Source:  Nielsen.  Data  from  3/10/14-­‐7/27/14.  Exposed  populaIon  includes  authors  who  posted  1  or  more  Tweets  about  program  episodes  around  iniIal  airings.   84%   -­‐21%   PopulaIon  Exposed     to  Program   PopulaIon  Not  Exposed     to  Program   Growth  in  Brand  Tweets:  During  vs.  Before  Program  Season     HOUSEHOLD     BRAND  
  19. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   19   MEASURING  TV  CAMPAIGNS   EARNED  MEDIA   Ad  Airings/   Impressions       Time-­‐based     Campaign-­‐related  Tweets       TV  Program     Characteris^cs     TV  Program     Social  Characteris^cs      
  20. Copyright  ©2013    The  Nielsen  Company.  ConfidenIal  and  proprietary.   20   RECAP:  THE  IMPACT  OF  SOCIAL  TV   Increasing  impact  on   television  behavior   Huge  opportunity     for  Brands     Next  generaGon  planning,   buying,  and  measurement  
  21. THANK  YOU   Deirdre  Thomas   VP,  Product,  Nielsen  Social     @NielsenSocial