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SMX Speaker Guidelines


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Speaking at one of our SMX shows? Use these guidelines to help you as you go while creating your presentation. Thank you, and we look forward to having you at SMX!

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SMX Speaker Guidelines

  1. 1. How To Make The Most Of Your Presentation SMX Speaker Guidelines
  2. 2.  No podium – you’ll have the stage to yourself and you can freely roam while presenting  You’ll control your slides with a clicker and see them on a confidence monitor  For Q&A, all speakers will be seated on stage Stage Setup Be mindful with your wardrobe!
  3. 3. • Keep an eye on the countdown timer near the confidence monitor • When in doubt, go short to allow more time for Q&A • If you go over your allotted time, your moderator may cut you short Keep To Your Allotted Time
  4. 4. • All presentations must be in PPT or PDF format • You must use the SMX template • Your presentation is due three weeks prior to the conference If You Have Slides
  5. 5. • Please avoid using potentially offensive language in your slides or talk • Respect for SMX attendees should be a paramount goal Watch Your Language
  6. 6. • Casual business attire is recommend, though formal is fine • Please don’t wear clothing that some might consider unprofessional Dress Code
  7. 7. • Provide key insights from your presentation that attendees can use and share • Use the #SMXInsights slide from the template • Ideally, create three #SMXInsights slides to summarize your presentation Provide Actionable Takeaways
  8. 8. • It’s fine to have one slide about you and your company • Beyond that, do not mention your own products or services • Speakers who ignore this guideline and pitch the audience are not invited back No Sales Pitches
  9. 9. • Don’t arrange for someone to ask you a question during Q&A • If there’s a question you think should be discussed by the panel, suggest it to the moderator No Planted Questions
  10. 10. • Third Door Media is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone • Please review TDM’s code of conduct before the event Code Of Conduct