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Running Global PPC Campaigns at Scale By Mihai Popescu


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 1-3, 2016. SESSION: Running Global PPC Campaigns At Scale. PRESENTATION: Running Global PPC Campaigns at Scale - Given by Mihai Irinel Popescu, @mirinel - Hotels Combined, Online Marketing Manager Europe & Americas. #SMX #13B3

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Running Global PPC Campaigns at Scale By Mihai Popescu

  1. 1. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Lessons from the online travel industry Running Global PPC Campaigns At Scale
  2. 2. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel March  2015  –  Present,  Online  Marketing  Manager   Europe  &  Americas  at  HotelsCombined     2012  to  2014  building  the  English  speaking  markets   PPC  accounts  from  scratch  as  Head  of  SEM  English   Markets  at  trivago     SMX  Biggest  Geek  Europe  in  2014     From  Bucharest,  Romania  living  in  Dusseldorf,   Germany         Short bio
  3. 3. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel The ascent to the top of search pages “Climbing mountains Outside is climbing mountains Inside“
  4. 4. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Which Mountain? Google is our Everest 4 Google   95%   Yahoo   4%   Others  (Bing,   Baidu)   1%   Global  Mobile/Tablet  Search  Engine   Google     69%   Bing   14%   Baidu   8%   Yahoo   8%   Others   1%   Global  Desktop  Search  Share   Nov  2015  –  January  2016,  
  5. 5. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel but not everywhere! 5
  6. 6. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel -­‐35%  Spend  compared  Google)   +15%  Average  Bid   But  similar  CPC   +  10%  Average  Position   Up  to  60%  Better  CTR    10%  more  Bookings   At  +15%  Booking  Value     Bing Ads can offer some interesting sights In  2015  we  tested  similar  midsized  UK  Bing  &  UK  Google  accounts   0.00   0.20   0.40   0.60   0.80   1.00   1.20   1.40   1.60   Spend   Average  Bid   CPC   Average   Posi9on   CTR   Bookings   Booking   Value   Normalizing  to  Google   Google   Bing  
  7. 7. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Bing strategy meeting while cruising Sydney Harbor
  8. 8. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel PPC In Asia 8
  9. 9. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Planning for the climb, chose the right route and tools. “Climbing mountains Outside is climbing mountains Inside“.
  10. 10. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Related:  Alistair  Dent  “ The  Future  of  Feeds:  Understanding  Structured  Data”    a  cross  post   from  Think  with  Google  blog   Everything starts from structured data The  website’s  “product”  feed  with  main  attributes   Segmenting  the  products  based  on  offer  and  demand   Estimating  Inbound  cost,  Conversion  Rates  and  Lead  Values   Setting  up  an  update  strategy  based  on  industry/vertical    
  11. 11. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Everything starts from structured data Pages/Products   Main  Attribute   Parent  page   Product  Type   Product  importance     User  demand   Competitive  metrics  
  12. 12. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Cheap 3 Star Hotel in Sydney Cheap 3 Star Hotel in <Place> Not keywords, but definitions Scale up fast Cover long tail queries As granular as we want
  13. 13. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel •  Bundle  by  occurrence  across  all   destination     •  Aggregate  based  on  major   topics  /  themes   •  Prioritize  the  themes  based  on   user  value  (next  slide)   How to group keyword definitions Accommodation   Cheap   Accommodation   Budget   Accommodation   Search   Accommodation   Local   Accommodation   Hotels   Hotel  Price   Comparison   Cheap  Hotels   Hotel  Deals   Hotel  Rooms   Central  Hotel   Break   City  Break   Spa  Break   Weekend   Break   Holidays   Last  minute   Holidays     Find   Holidays   Last  Minute   Holidays   Central  Hotel  in  <Place>   Top  Central  <Place>  Hotels   Cheap  Central  Hotel  in  <Place>   Book  Central  Hotel  in  <Place>  
  14. 14. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Prioritizing the themes based on value and attributes Subtype   >   Urgency   >   Location   >   Power  Atributes   >   Action   >   Definition   >   Common   Atributes   >   Lead   Theme   HotelSpa   28   HotelLastMinute   21   HotelCenter   19   HotelCheap   17   HotelBook   9   HotelRooms   5   HotelCity   3   Hotel  (0)   HotelApartment   27   HotelLate   20   HotelCentral   18   HotelBudget   16   HotelCompare   8   HotelBreak   4   HotelBest   2   HotelBoutique   26   HotelBargain   15   HotelFind   7   HotelTop   1   Hotel5Star   25   HotelDeal   14   HotelSearch   6   Hotel4Star   24   HotelParking   13   HotelLuxury   23   HotelOffer   12   Hotel3Star   22   HotelDiscount   11   HotelPrices   10   Theme    Group   Priority   Cross  negative   Keyword   Travel   0   1  travel   Vacation   0   2  vacation   Holidays   0   3  holiday   Break   0   4  break   Stay   0   5  stay   Accommodation   0   6  accommodation   GuestHouse   0   7  guest  house   Hostel   0   8  hostel   Hotel   0   9  hotel   Motel   0   10  motel   BandB   0   11  b&b   Resorts   0   12  resort   Lead  Themes      x  Subthemes   (Hotel  has  28  subthemes)  
  15. 15. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Landing pages: linking the demand with our products For  London  accommodation  +500,000  landing  pages  in  theory  
  16. 16. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel We  use  parameters  and  Ad  templates  to  have  accurate  and  rich  ads.   2-­‐4  templates  per  subtheme  to  create  +10,000  of  ads     Generating Ads is also complex Headline:   V1:  <>  <Place>  Hotels  from  €<min.price>   V2:  <>  <Place>  Hotels  €<min.price>     V3:  <Place>  Hotels  from  €<min.price>   V4:  Hotel  <Place>       Description  line  1:   V1:  <>  Hotels  in  <Place>  Save  Up  to  <>%.     V2:  <>  <Place>  Hotels  Save  Up  to  <>%.     V3:  <>  Hotels  in  <Place>  Up  to  <>%  Off.   V4:  <>  <Place>  Hotels  Up  to  <>%  Off.     V5:  <>  Hotels  Save  Up  to  <>%.     Description  Line  2:     V1:  Compare  +200  Booking  Sites  at  Once     V2:  Book  Now!  Lowest  Prices  Guaranteed.   Display  URL:       V1:­‐<Place>   V2:­‐on-­‐Hotels     Depending  on  the  name   length  of  the  city  and  its   parameters  values  
  17. 17. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel We Mix and Match everything Process Rich  and  granular  output   Thousands  of   campaigns   Millions  of  Keywords   Tens  of  Thousands  of   Ad  groups   More  Thousands  Text   Ads   Basic  Input   Places  feed   Keywords  Definitions   Themes   Ads  templates  
  18. 18. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel •  Places  types   •  Themes  categories   •  Keywords  categories   •  Audience  segments  (can   also  be  done  later  in  the   set  up)     How?  A  Simplified  version:   Campaigns   A  Themes   B  Themes   C  Themes   Head  Places   X   X   X   Mid  Places   X   X   Tail  Places   X   Adgroups   A  Keywords   B  Keywords   C  Keywords   Exact  Match   X   X   X   BMM   X   X   Broad  Match   X   Mix and Match everything Logic
  19. 19. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Mix and Match everything Input market_code   theme   Theme  index  Filter   Sorting  Attributes   IE   Accommodation   1.62  no   &radius=10km&date=sundayfortnight&Rooms=1&adults_1=2&showSoldOut=false   IE   AccommodationBest   1.00  no   &sort=ConsumerRating-­‐desc&showSoldOut=false   IE   AccommodationBook   1.18  no   &radius=10km&date=weekend&Rooms=1&adults_1=2&showSoldOut=false   Place  Name   Number  of  Hotels  CountryFileName  Type   Cluster   Internal  Category   Demand  Category   Min  Price   Rome   7871  Italy   City   City   A   Head   12   Paris   4445  France   City   City   A   Head   16   Barcelona   4172  Spain   City   City   A   Head   12   London   3828  United_Kingdom   City   City   A   Head   22   PlaceFileName  Country   Place  Name   Cluster   Nr  Hotels   Min  Price   Sequence   No   Theme  Name   Theme  Id   URL  Name   Barcelona   Spain   Barcelona   City   4172   12   1  Accommodation   1001   Accommodation_1   Barcelona   Spain   Barcelona   City   4172   12   2  Accommodation   1001   Accommodation_1   Barcelona   Spain   Barcelona   City   4172   12   1  AccommodationBest   1002   AccommodationBest_1   Barcelona   Spain   Barcelona   City   4172   12   2  AccommodationBest   1002   AccommodationBest_1   Barcelona   Spain   Barcelona   City   4172   12   1  AccommodationBook   1003   AccommodationBook_1   Barcelona   Spain   Barcelona   City   4172   12   2  AccommodationBook   1003   AccommodationBook_1   PlaceFile Name   Country   Place  Name   Cluster   Average  CPC   Theme   Keyword   Criterion  Type   Barcelona  Spain   Barcelona   City    $                        0.97     Accommodation   <Place>  accommodation   Exact   Barcelona  Spain   Barcelona   City    $                        0.97     Accommodation    +accommodation  +<Place>   Broad   Barcelona  Spain   Barcelona   City    $                        0.97     AccommodationBest    +accommodation  +best  +<Place>   Broad   Barcelona  Spain   Barcelona   City    $                        0.97     AccommodationBest   accommodation  best  <Place>   Exact   Barcelona  Spain   Barcelona   City    $                        0.97     AccommodationBest   best  accommodation  <Place>   Exact   Barcelona  Spain   Barcelona   City    $                        0.97     AccommodationBest   best  accommodation  in  <Place>   Exact  
  20. 20. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Mixing  402  Head  Places  and  2614  Mid  Places  with  870  new  keyword  definitions   generate  approx.  750,000  new  Keywords.   Mix and Match everything Output Head  Place  Type  Type  Count   Definitions   Keywords   Area   19           A   6   444   2664   B   7   414   2898   C   6   205   1230   City   223           A   77   870   66990   B   66   727   47982   C   80   225   18000   Country   5           A   5   165   825   POI   24           A   10   83   830   B   7   80   560   C   7   80   560   Region   131           A   61   546   33306   B   35   443   15505   C   35   165   5775   Grand  Total   402       197125   Mid  Place  Type   Type  Count   Definitions   Keywords   Area   65           A   17   444   7548   B   32   414   13248   C   16   205   3280   City   937           A   113   870   98310   B   214   727   155578   C   610   225   137250   Country   4           A   4   165   660   POI   1599           A   80   83   6640   B   511   80   40880   C   1008   80   80640   Region   9           A   2   546   1092   B   4   443   1772   C   3   165   495   Grand  Total   2614       547393  
  21. 21. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel What we aim for What we try to avoid Complex,  yet  comprehensive   Unique  across  all  other  accounts   Easy  to  folder  into  portfolios  for  bidding   Ready  for  locations  modifiers   Being  cross-­‐negatives  friendly       How we structure our campaigns/adgroups names? Have  a  lot  of  campaigns  with  no  traffic   To  split  a  geo  in  multiple  non-­‐strategical   accounts   Too  complicated  to  work  with  search  queries   reports  and  Google  opportunities  files   Long  strings  that  don’t  fit  in  the  Adwords  UX  
  22. 22. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Campaign:  IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐15426-­‐Barcelona-­‐Spain-­‐EM   Geo-­‐Language-­‐Network-­‐Type-­‐Demand-­‐Subtype-­‐Id-­‐Name-­‐Country-­‐Match  type     Adgroup(s):  IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐15426-­‐Barcelona-­‐Spain-­‐Hotel-­‐EM     Accounts  Example  on  the  IE  targeting  MCC  structure:   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐EM       IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐BMM   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Mid-­‐City-­‐EM   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Mid-­‐City-­‐BMM   ………………………………………………….     A structure naming suggestion   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Hotels-­‐Top-­‐EM       IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Hotels-­‐Top-­‐BMM     IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Generics   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Generics-­‐Remarketing   ………………………………………………….    
  23. 23. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Choices:   1.  Smart  Excel  files  supercharged  with  macros  /   VBA  scripts     2.  Build  the  logic  in  MySQL  /  database  you  use     3.  Use  a  tools  like   4.  BUILD  your  own  tool         A tool to rule this all?
  24. 24. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel
  25. 25. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel
  26. 26. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel
  27. 27. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel
  28. 28. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel One step at the time, climbing the mountain “Climbing mountains Outside is climbing mountains Inside“.
  29. 29. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel What are our regular optimization tools? Adding  keyword   definitions       Ad  testing  at  scale   Landing  page   testing    Monitoring  &   benchmarking  
  30. 30. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel We  aggregate  any  search  term  reports  either  by  place  or  n-­‐grams  .­‐search-­‐terms-­‐n-­‐grams/       Making  decision  on  more  data  and  based  on  occurrences:   Expanding the structure (keywords definitions) Search  term   Theme   Ad  group   Status   Category   Occurences   Clicks   cheap  weekend  breaks  in  <place>   WeekendBreak   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐Country-­‐1745-­‐Ireland-­‐Ireland-­‐WeekendBreak-­‐BM  Keyword   A   14   198   valentines  weekend  breaks  2016  <place>   WeekendBreak   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐Country-­‐1745-­‐Ireland-­‐Ireland-­‐WeekendBreak-­‐BM  Keyword   C   10   93   hotel  breaks  <place>   HotelBreak   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐Country-­‐1745-­‐Ireland-­‐Ireland-­‐Hotel-­‐BM   Keyword   A   6   123   cheap  hotel  deals  <place>   HotelDeal   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐3291-­‐Dublin-­‐Ireland-­‐HotelsDeals-­‐BM   Keyword   A   6   48   cheap  hotel  <place>  city  centre   HotelCentre   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐8345-­‐Liverpool-­‐United_Kingdom-­‐Hotel-­‐BM   Keyword   A   6   14   last  minute  hotel  deals  <place>   HotelLastMinute   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐3291-­‐Dublin-­‐Ireland-­‐HotelsDeals-­‐BM   Keyword   A   6   52   groupon  hotel  deals  <place>   HotelLastMinute   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐3291-­‐Dublin-­‐Ireland-­‐HotelsDeals-­‐BM   Negative   A   6   52   cheap  b&b  in  <place>  city   BandBCheap   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐126468-­‐Limerick-­‐Ireland-­‐BandBCheap-­‐BM   Alternative   A   5   9   cheap  hotels  in  <place>  city   HotelCheap   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐8345-­‐Liverpool-­‐United_Kingdom-­‐Hotel-­‐BM   Alternative   A   5   23   hotels  in  <place>  co  donegal   Hotels   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐1759-­‐Letterkenny-­‐Ireland-­‐Hotel-­‐BM   Alternative   A   5   68   b&b  <place>  town   BandB     IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐16468-­‐Roscommon-­‐Ireland-­‐BandB-­‐BM   Alternative   A   5   10   <place>  hotels  city  centre   HotelCityCenter   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐8345-­‐Liverpool-­‐United_Kingdom-­‐Hotel-­‐BM   Keyword   A   4   25   hotels  in  <place>  city  with  swimming  pool   HotelPool   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐48243-­‐Galway-­‐Ireland-­‐HotelsPools-­‐BM   Keyword   B   4   30   b&b  <place>  city   BandB   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐3291-­‐Dublin-­‐Ireland-­‐BandB-­‐BM   Keyword   A   4   21   hotels  in  <place>  city  center   HotelCityCenter   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐City-­‐3291-­‐Dublin-­‐Ireland-­‐HotelsCenter-­‐BM   Keyword   A   4   38   special  offers  weekend  breaks  <place>   WeekendBreak   IE-­‐EN-­‐Search-­‐Places-­‐Head-­‐Country-­‐1745-­‐Ireland-­‐Ireland-­‐WeekendBreak-­‐BM  Keyword   B   4   6  
  31. 31. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Ad testing (buckets) Thousands  of  other  iterations  of  this  AD  template  (Hotels1)   Thousands  of  other  iterations  of  this  AD  template  (Hotels2)  
  32. 32. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel We  always  have  in  mind  that:   •  We  run  a  valid  A/B  test   •  We  measure  the  full  funnel  effect   of  the  test.  (usually  profit  per  mile)   •  We  calculate  for  the  right  revenue   metric  (installs/bookings/leads)   •  We  document  all  the  tests   •  We  apply  wins  across  other  Ad   templates   •  (photo)   Ad testing 2
  33. 33. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Same  principle  as  Ad  testing  but  applied  to  URL.  (Same  Ad  duplicated  with  2  different  destination  URLs)   We  test  layouts,  filters,  sort  orders,  dates  and  many  more.     Landing page testing 50%   50%   Which  page  would  you   use  to  book  a  hotel?  
  34. 34. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel We  are  all  watchdogs  with  the  goal  of  keep   ROAS  under  control.  Major  KPIs  we  follow:     §  Impression  Clicks  and  share       §  CTR,  Avg.  Position,  QS     §  Cost  and  Revenue   §  CPC  &  Cost  per  lead   §  RPC  &  Revenue  per  lead   §  Conversion  rate   §  Booking  value  per  lead   §  Average  booking  value   §  Lead  to  booking  rate   Monitoring and Benchmarking Achieved  ROAS   Cost     Revenue   Target  ROAS   Cost  affecting  factors   Rev  affecting  factors   Clicks  /  Visitors   Avg  CPC   CTR   COR   LTB   QS   Avg  Position   Avg  Bid   Avg  Booking  Value   Ad  testing   Seasonality/  TV   Website  tests   Revenue  Share  
  35. 35. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel What  scripts  do  for  us:     §  Update  campaign  settings   §  Pulling  aggregated  metrics  to   google  docs  /  reports   §  Creating  negatives  list  across  all   accounts   §  Updating  certain  bid  modifiers   §  Hit  our  targets  while  we  sleep   Last tip: Use scripts to your advantage
  36. 36. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel What to do when you are on top? “Climbing mountains Outside is climbing mountains Inside“.
  37. 37. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel Few  consideration  on  bidding  suppliers:   •  Understanding  the  bidding  algorithm  is  critical   •  24/7  support,  but  not  beaurocracy   •  Own  the  data,    encode  it  so  that  is  easily  transferable  and   universally  readable  (value  track  parameters  are  a  must)   •  The  right  mix  between  controlled  individual  bids,  portfolio   management  and  machine  learning  is  hard  to  reach     •  Best  guide  to  chose  a  bidding  provider:  “ Enterprise  Paid  Media  Campaign  Management  Platforms  2015,  a   new  Market  Intelligence  Report  by  Digital  Marketing  Depot       Chose the right bidding suppliers
  38. 38. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel •  Whitelisting  for  Betas:  2  lines  structured  snippet)     •  Adalyzer:  to  analyze  what  elements  work  in  Ads)   •  Getting  Benchmarks  from  Google:  Clicks  Gap,  CPC   &  CTR  vs  benchmark  leader,  spend  and  query   coverage     •  Getting  Data  from  Google:  Topkapi,  DSA  ready  to   upload  csv  files   •  We  are  ready  for  under  the  radar  changes   •  Adwords  +  Analytics  =  Next  level  Remarketing   with  Custom  lists   Partner up with Google
  39. 39. #SMX #13B3 @Mirinel SEE YOU AT THE NEXT #SMX THANK YOU!