Rethinking Retargeting: Cross Device Opportunity By Adam Berke


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SMX Advanced 2014 Session #SMX #22B - Rethinking Retargeting: Top Strategies For Driving Conversions From Key Audiences - Rethinking Retargeting: The Cross-Device Opportunity By Adam Berke @AdamBerke Of Adroll

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Rethinking Retargeting: Cross Device Opportunity By Adam Berke

  1. 1. Rethinking Retargeting: The Cross-Device Opportunity Adam Berke – CMO and President @adamberke #SMX
  2. 2. #RollAbout Sydney, Australia Opened April 2014 Hiring 20 by 2015 The AdRoll Story #SMX
  3. 3. Media and Advertising Industries are Evolving #SMX
  4. 4. Intent data is your most valuable asset
  5. 5. #RollAbout Data is the center of the new digital advertising ecosystem Display Search Social Video Mobile Email Content Mktg Data #SMX
  6. 6. Marketers have been capturing intent data through search for years Modern Furniture #SMX
  7. 7. There Are Other Places to Capture Intent #SMX
  8. 8. #RollAbout 60-Day Holding Period 30-Day Holding Period Segment Your Intent Data #SMX
  9. 9. Duration & Segment Prioritization #SMX
  10. 10. Number of Impressions Bid decay function Algorithms can do the heavy lifting #SMX
  11. 11. Exploring cross-device retargeting
  12. 12. Mobile is now overtaking the same way as Facebook did a few years ago #SMX
  13. 13. "90% of consumer transactions are started on one device and finished on another." - Neil Mohan, Google VP of Display Advertising #SMX
  14. 14. Mobile usage is incremental to time spent on desktop #SMX
  15. 15. Yet marketers haven’t caught up in mobile advertising Source: KCPB #SMX
  16. 16. We’re Now in a Multi-Screen World Dave wants to shop wherever, whenever he wants #SMX
  17. 17. Key Differences: Mobile vs. desktop advertising Mobile app & browser environments • SDKs vs. pixel • Unique KPIs • Screen sizes smaller • Less opportunities to serve ads • Touch instead of click • App store distribution • Connectivity issues exist #SMX
  18. 18. Meet your mobile marketing objectives • Cross-device retargeting • Driving app installs • Increase mobile conversions • App re-engagement #SMX
  19. 19. Cross-device retargeting Gain incremental reach and drive conversions across mobile, desktop, and tablet. #SMX
  20. 20. Reach users across desktop, mobile, and tablet With our customers across multiple screens throughout their day, cross-device retargeting allows us to connect with them regardless of the device or platform they’re using. ► 50% below target CPC ► CTRs greater than 1% ► 223% more volume on Apple versus Android products ► 300% more volume on iPhone versus Android Phones ► 20% more efficient CPC on iPhone versus Android phones —Kristina Simonsen, Marketing Associate #SMX
  21. 21. Increase app discovery and app installs You desktop audience are the most likely to download your app, so engage this audience while they’re on their mobile device #SMX
  22. 22. Case Study: Trek’s omni-channel and cross-device strategy We wanted to make sure that our current website visitors could continuously engage with our product anytime they’re on mobile devices. ► 3.25% avg. CTR on mobile ► CPC $0.32 ► 160% spike in app installs — Casey Kohner, Web Production Manager at Trek #SMX
  23. 23. Increase mobile conversions Similar to desktop retargeting, continue to re-engage your potential customers through mobile web browsers #SMX
  24. 24. Taking a multi-channel approach #SMX
  25. 25. Thank You Adam Berke @adamberke