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Pro Remarketing Techniques You Can Implement Now


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Smx West 2014 Session #Smx #33B - Pro-Level Tips For Succeeding At Retargetingpresentation Pro Remarketing Techniques You Can Implement Now By Jay Stampfl @3Qdigital Of 3Q Digital

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Pro Remarketing Techniques You Can Implement Now

  1. 1. Pro-level Tips for Succeeding at Retargeting Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  2. 2. Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Tools & Tags Funnel and Business Strategy What to Watch For Action Item! Watch for me through the presentation
  3. 3. Retargeting Importance Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  4. 4. Different Tags– Barriers to Entry Adwords •Adwords Remarketing •One Tag across all pages •RLSA compatible Youtube •YouTube Remarketing •Needs Video Assets & Youtube Channel linked to Adwords Google Analytics •Google Segments Remarketing •Upgrade Existing Classic GA Tag (Not the Universal) •Link Google Analytics to Adwords Account Dynamic Remarketing •Updated Merchant Feed •Modify Adwords Tag with additional Parameters Action Item! Choose what tag/tags will work for your business
  5. 5. Recent Update! Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Another compelling case to switch to Google Analytics Tag as of yesterday
  6. 6. KNOW YOUR SALES CYCLE Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  7. 7. Conversions and Consumer Behavior Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Shallow Heavy 40 % Day 1 difference!
  8. 8. Conversion Time Tag Revenue Increases with Time Cookie Window? Seasonality and Promotions Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Action Item! Know your Average Click to Conversion Numbers
  9. 9. Timing vs. Engagement 0 to 3 Days 4 to 7 Days 8 to 14 Days 14 to 30 Days Visitors 5 4 3 2 Category page 6 5 4 3 Product Page 7 6 5 4 Shopping Cart 8 7 6 5 Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Action Item! Create lists and combine lists to reflect your funnel
  10. 10. Creative Promotions/Funnel Segmentation is going to show how different parts of the funnel are going to be more important. Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  11. 11. These lists can be layered other with GDN or Search Campaign targeting (RLSA). Place one tag across entire site and build lists with AND/OR Logic Be creative with how you set definitions. UTM? Custom Combinations? Etc. AdWords Remarketing Tag Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  12. 12. RLSA Performance •Visiting the site alone is a powerful qualifier. •Scale is significantly lower Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  13. 13. Expand Search Remarketing •Combine Dynamic Search Ads and Broad with RLSA for scale + relevancy •Competitor terms •Open up match types to grab that extra volume Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Action Item! Make sure that your RLSA campaign is not a mirror of your regular search campaigns
  14. 14. Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Break out new campaigns that target different parts of your funnel. The search intent is going inform where the user is in the buying cycle. Strategy: Conversion Rate Decay Promotions Reduce Avg. Time Lag • Limited Time Only! • See What’s New! • 15 Percent off Creative Differences Action Item! Test different messaging. Take that user information and apply it in the copy.
  15. 15. What type of click are you? • Same list can different behavior in different parts of the account Brand Visitors and Converters 22.78$ Brand Total 13.38$ Non-Brand Visitors and Converters 62.06$ Non-Brand Total 100.04$ Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Informational ? Navigational ? Transactional
  16. 16. GDN and Remarketing Layering Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital AdWords Lists Google Analytics Dynamic Remarketing Regular Display Targeting
  17. 17. List Demographics Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  18. 18. Within one ad group you set: • Remarketing: Target and bid • Topics: Bid only Target and bid Your ads are eligible to show to every user in your list Bid only Adjust your bids up or down depending on the content of the webpage Modify Your Bids for Context Remarketing Topics+25% Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  19. 19. Use GDN to Farm User Information Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Behavioral Thematic Action Item! Superimpose additional “bid only” Targeting in your Remarketing Display
  20. 20. Google Analytics – Visitor Segments Able to define set sequences Revenue AOV Multiple Purchasers All GA sources/filters GA A/B Test! Time on site Bounce Rate All channel sources AOV Many more! Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Over +250 metrics to fold into list criteria
  21. 21. Advanced GA Audience Segmentations Time Spent on Site • Visitors that Bounced/Did Not Bounce • Spent <1 Minute on Site • Spent 1-5 Minutes on Site Other • Geo-Specific Lists • Referral Source Lists (Ad Clickers etc.) • Began filling out a form but did not finish • Hour of day/Day of Week • First time visitor • Visitor Buckets Combine various audience segments for more granular targeting Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  22. 22. •Requires merchant feed • Creative Management •Use an offer Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Dynamic Remarketing
  23. 23. Dynamic Remarketing- Advanced Recommended product IDs Product Category Product Value Product Quantity Visitor's Age Visitor's Gender Visitor has an account Customer Quality Score Visitor Repeat Purchaser Visitor Loyalty Score Visitor High Spender Score By Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  24. 24. YouTube Remarketing Dual Targeting methods • Can target lists already created in YouTube • Create a new GDN list based on viewing a video 24 By Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  25. 25. Cannibalization and Other Things to Worry About By Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  26. 26. Upper Resolution Caps By Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Action Item! Gauge Impact of High segmentation
  27. 27. What do we gain? Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Use the Bucket segment to create an arbitrary Control Bid 14 % more conversions 4k more cost Scale vs. Efficiency
  28. 28. Remarketing Efficacy $162,416 v. $214,603 $48,725 v. $64,381 $29,251 v. $34,408 +$5,158 Higher Bids on RLSA Works! Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital Revenue After Product Margins True Profit RLSA Value over Reg. Action Item! Find true value of Remarketing
  29. 29. Overview and Goals Action Items! Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital • Choose what tag/tags will work for your business • Know your Average Click to Conversion Numbers • Create lists and combine lists to reflect your funnel • Break out your RLSA, Expand Match Type • Test Different Messaging. • Add “bid only” Targeting Remarketing Display • Gauge Impact of Segmentation! • Find true value of Remarketing
  30. 30. Thank You! Jay Stampfl Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital
  31. 31. Overview and Goals Appendix Exclude converters from branded in RLSA Bid up on past visitors Broaden your targets when qualified by rmkting Use promotions to catch disengaged Create lists using Facebook demographics Time your advertising to be line with trials or repeat purchases Find out where in the funnel conversion rates rise or fall then optimize Average Order value segments Use dynamic remarketing to do cross product promotion A/B using GA visitor segmentation Similar Users layering By Jay Stampfl, 3Q Digital