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Over 25 Social Media Ideas for the Advanced Search Marketers Mega List


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Over 25 Social Media Ideas for the Advanced Search Marketers Mega List

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA Search Marketers
  2. 2. +How To Perform Ethnographic Research Using Free & Paid Social Listening Tools
  3. 3. +Research Identify business goals Frame user demographics using Display Planner, Twtrland & Facebook Insights Vet demographics & psychographics with Facebook Ad tool
  4. 4. +Keyword Research Perform keyword research to understand user needs Use Keyword Planner, UberSuggest to predict content demand Use Bottlenose Sonar for social keyword research TIP: Search demand mirrors social chatter
  5. 5. +Social Listening Perform social listening to understand user needs, demographics and vocabulary Free Tools: Social Mention, Topsy Paid Tools: Sysomos, Radian6 Segment Twitter followers into meaningful groups with Tribalytics
  6. 6. +Review Discussions Review discussions to refine needs and discover new insights Google killed discussion search, but there is a way around it Use Quora to find topics, data and influencers
  7. 7. +Personas & Contacts Iterate process until you have complete personas Use Full Contact on your mailing list or subscriber base to collect social profiles of your users
  8. 8. +How To How To Identify Influencers At Scale
  9. 9. +Influencers Use Followerwonk, Twtrland & Quora to find users that are popular and relevant to your topic Compare followers to links to see who follows you and doesn’t link for quick hits Vet guest post opps by audience with Twtrland
  10. 10. +How To Test Content Ideas Using Social Channels
  11. 11. +Content Ideas Identify what content is most shared using SocialCrawlytics Pose questions on Reddit to gauge reaction of a targeted community Use Quora to gauge reaction and collect a list of interested users Use StumbleUpon PaidDiscovery to kickstart campaigns
  12. 12. Offline & Online Two worlds of online and offline coming together with social media Think Visually: Create visual content that businesses can use online AND offline eBooks, infographics, interactive graphics, motion graphics, slide decks
  13. 13. Case Study Quicksilver Challenge: Pair of shorts not selling as well as anticipated Solution: Created visual displays based on FAQs on products, making sales process easier
  14. 14. Case Study ADP Challenge: Sales teams did not have sales materials to match products sold Solution: Created strategraphics, measured popularity of sales materials via social, repurposed successful content online
  15. 15. Case Study Challenge: To modernize their Hagaddah to encourage users for Passover Solution: Created eBook and app, physical asset that can be downloaded and shared
  16. 16. +Instagram Tips Show products in context, such as on a model or in use Use special occasions to bridge offline and online Example: Phoenix Suns tweeted an image of Gerald Green on St. Patrick’s Day to encourage people to cut it out and “put their Green on”
  17. 17. +Pinterest Tips Nordstrom is a great example of crossing over from social to store Show popular Pins in store Use Pinterest data to influence purchases and marketing decisions Create Pinterest-like experience on your site
  18. 18. “Author Authority” What is Author Authority? Answer is in the root (author from Latin “auctor” = orginator, promoter) Don Draper: “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”
  19. 19. Google Authorship Google Authorship Review How authorship has changed search since 2013 Review of factors affecting authorship snippet in search Review of best practices for full authorship snippet
  20. 20. Google Authorship Present Power of Google Authorship Reinforces personal brand Powerful in personalized search
  21. 21. Beyond Authorship Author Authority in 2014 & Beyond Why Google will need to move beyond rel=author Eric Schmidt: “True cost of remaining anonymous might well be irrelevancy.” Matt Cutts: Benefits of Google surfacing subject are authorities
  22. 22. How To Build Authority Don Draper: “People want to be told what to do so badly they’ll listen to anyone.”
  23. 23. +Be Productive To be an authority your have to be authoring Learn to see content everywhere Diversify & repurpose Make the commitment – publish or perish!
  24. 24. +Be Authoritative Know your subject better than anyone else. Do your homework. Take time to be thorough
  25. 25. +Be Different Find that part of the topic that no one else is talking about Develop your own voice – people should see a piece of your content and be able to guess that it’s from you
  26. 26. +Be Ubiquitous There is no substitute for showing up Publish on as many different platforms as you can, then add a few more (repurposing helps!) Work hard at your social followings Share your best content again and again.
  27. 27. S.M.A.R.T. Campaign Specific Measurable Actionable Relevant Timebound
  28. 28. Unify Silos Share campaign goals; define the process on the teams: Content Search (SEO/Paid Media Social/PR Analytics
  29. 29. Define Assets Create the Content Pillar
  30. 30. Create Calendars Create collaborative editorial and conversational calendars
  31. 31. Define Priorities Map out Paid, Owned and Earned opportunities
  32. 32. Define Media Describe amplification efforts with Media and Paid Social content distribution opportunities
  33. 33. Define Partnerships Are there content or business partnerships you can take advantage of?
  34. 34. Define Influencers Who are the influencers?
  35. 35. Define Measurement Agree on what success looks like Integrate analytics dashboards to show search and social success Plan for excellence Define case study parameters Submit your campaign for awards
  36. 36. Thank You!