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Mobile Call Strategy By Susan Waldes


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From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: What SEMs Should Be Doing With Mobile . PRESENTATION: Mobile Call Strategy - Given by Susan Waldes, @SuzyVirtual, SVP Client Services - Five Mill. #SMX #22C

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Mobile Call Strategy By Susan Waldes

  1. 1. Mobile Call Strategy Susan Waldes, SVP Client Services at Five Mill SMX East NYC Oct 1st 2014 #SMX #22C @suzyvirtual
  2. 2. Mobile Conversions 3 Main Mobile Conversions @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C
  3. 3. Mobile Ad Call Adoption @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C research-studies.pdf
  4. 4. Mobile Local Ad Call Adoption @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C call_research-studies.pdf
  5. 5. Volume of Mobile Calls @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C call_research-studies.pdf *Sept, 2013
  6. 6. Mobile Device Call Adoption 100% of mobile device users use their mobile device to make phone calls. @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C Says me right now. Duh.
  7. 7. Phone Conversions and Marketing Are Not New @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C
  8. 8. Call Based Transactions @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C • Getting a plumber • Scheduling a doctors appointment- • Retaining an attorney • Making a dinner reservation • Ordering a taxi • Booking a hotel . A whole economic sector built on digital execution of traditionally phone-based transactions
  9. 9. Traditional Call Marketing • Local – Yellow Pages, Radio • Lead Gen – Direct Mail, TV • Commerce – the Direct Mail catalog Inbound calls by marketers are not “new” – mobile inbound calls driven by digital marketers are “new” @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C
  10. 10. Volume of Mobile Calls @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C
  11. 11. Why Do People Call? Don’t screw these 3 factors up @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C multiscreen/pdf/multi-screen-moblie-whitepaper_ research-studies.pdf
  12. 12. Ad Text @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C • Mobile preferred ad! – Use a mobile based CTA – Most important stuff in D1 – Use less than 60 characters in ad body – Consider different intent – fast, always on call, help YOU
  13. 13. Call Extension Google Search Partners @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C Call & Website Call Only
  14. 14. Call Extension • Use a Google forwarding number! • Consider “call only” or call and site • Think about your scheduling • Consider different numbers for mobile and desktop • Set the right duration for a “conversion” @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C
  15. 15. On The Mobile Page @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C • Create an AdWords conversion for on-page mobile calls • Use a phone number above the fold (or call button) • If ecomm consider using a “speakable” product ID
  16. 16. On The Phone @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C • Use an IVR • This is your other “landing page” • Consider multiple scripts/ funnels/experiences • Create a communication bridge with sales/customer service team
  17. 17. Optimize - Columns @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C • Use your call columns reporting (to ad group) • Device segments: below avg pos 2 on mobile means below the fold • Consider SKAGs
  18. 18. Optimize - Bidding @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C • You pay for a “click” but the user has to double verify to connect a call
  19. 19. Optimize - Details • The call details report • Pivot for insights • Adjust scheduling • Liaise with call team @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C
  20. 20. Optimize - Experience Call the number(s) @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C yourself
  21. 21. Next Steps – Third Party Analytics • Routing capabilities • Keyword capture • Who (person, dept, extension etc) answered the phone and what happened • Call recordings • Speech recognition @suzyvirtual #SMX #22C
  22. 22. Thank You!!! Susan Waldes, SVP Client Services at Five Mill fivem @suzyvirtual Call us! 415-796-3970