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Mastering Ad Words Scripts - Part 3


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Mastering Adwords Scripts. PRESENTATION: Mastering Ad Words Scripts - Part 3 - Given by Patrick Bennett, @patrick_bennett - Showroom Logic, Co-Founder & CPO. #SMX #21B

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Mastering Ad Words Scripts - Part 3

  1. 1. March 4th, 2015 Mastering AdWords Scripts, Part 3 Report Types Patrick Bennett Co Founder & CPO Showroom Logic @patrick_bennett
  2. 2. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b Templates for pulling data from AdWords WHAT ARE REPORT TYPES? 43Available The full list:
  3. 3. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b Definitions you need to know: Name: The column name you will need to add to the script. Filterable: True means you can create requirements in your report request. Supports Zero Impressions: Data will pull even if impressions were zero for the criteria. Behaviors: Attribute: Settings or other fixed data (campaign name, ids etc) Metric: Performance data (clicks, impressions, conversions) Segment: Dimension data used to group metrics.
  4. 4. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b PULL YOUR FIRST REPORT
  5. 5. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b Modify these variables
  6. 6. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b VISIT THE NEW SHEET
  7. 7. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b ENJOY THE DATA
  8. 8. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b WEEKLY QUALITY SCORE
  9. 9. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b SET IT ON A SCHEDULE Set it weekly
  10. 10. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b New data each week!
  11. 11. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b • Single script ran across multiple accounts • Less worries about scale • Great for cross-account analysis MCC LEVEL SCRIPTS
  12. 12. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b QUICK MCC LEVEL DASHBOARD
  13. 13. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b Modify these variables
  14. 14. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b DASHBOARD YOU CAN SHARE
  15. 15. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b • Get familiar with these • Start tweaking them • Make friends with a programmer • Read. Read. Read. • Use your imagination WHAT’S NEXT
  16. 16. @patrick_bennett #SMX #21b