Managing Search Managing Change by Jeff Preston


Published on Summit Session #Smx - Managing Search, Managing Change Presentation By Jeff Preston @Jeffreypreston Of Disney Interactive

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Managing Search Managing Change by Jeff Preston

  1. 1. Managing Search, Managing Change
  2. 2. Managing Change: New Team Builds New CMS • Team created to build new CMS • Many SEO features • When the CMS is completed, which domain to use?
  3. 3. Domain Change: Going off • Scope: Move 250 sites to a new domain in 12 months
  4. 4. Domain Change: SEO Risks Identified • Changing domains would have unknown algorithm repercussions • network split across two domains during migration
  5. 5. Domain Change: Internal Communication • SEO team very visible during CMS development • Communicated by writing and in person the risks of changing domains • Set expectations for rough launch
  6. 6. Domain Change: Launch Plan • Use online collaboration tools • Stage and test redirects pre launch • Immediately change all internal signals (internal navigation, internal links, sitemaps, etc.) • Immediately change all external signals (vanity domains, Wikipedia, Freebase, etc.) • Submit new XML sitemaps to Google and Bing within minutes (kept up old XML sitemaps too)
  7. 7. Domain Change: Last Minute Challenges • Organizational changes • SEO features go missing in prelaunch checks • Not all content ready to migrate (=site split between two domains) • Jeff’s hard drive fails 3 days before launch • Two war rooms about 5 miles apart
  8. 8. Domain Change: Migration Lessons Learned • Sites that gradually moved over saw drop in organic traffic • Sites that cut over cleanly did not see major loss in organic traffic • Google does not always honor rel canonical tag • Major platform improvements may outweigh moving to a weaker domain • Migrations may affect other sites on older domain
  9. 9. Domain Change: Migration Lessons Learned • Get involved early and often • Measure before and after • Manage risk with written migration/launch plans & checklists • Stay calm during launch (be prepared for problems)
  10. 10. Organizational Change: Acquisitions • Welcome new team members warmly • Audit sites immediately • Meet one-on-one with key players regularly • Be prepared for questions • Empathy
  11. 11. Organizational Change: Invite to Act • People respond better to invitations • Be convincing rather than commanding • Remember: Meet one-on-one with key players as needed
  12. 12. Organizational Change: New Leadership • Onboard immediately • Understand leaders background before approaching • Seize opportunity to learn from someone new
  13. 13. Organizational Change: New Team Members • Welcome warmly • Onboard immediately • Understand backgrounds and strengths • Offer opportunities to grow • Hold accountable
  14. 14. Managing Change: Attitude • Have a positive mental attitude toward your leadership, organization, and sites • Take personal responsibility for results • Be calm. Be patient. Be willing to learn as you go.
  15. 15. Jeff Preston @JeffreyPreston Thank You!