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HTTPS As A Ranking Signal By Raza Zaidi


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From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: How To Secure Your Site For Google's HTTPS. PRESENTATION: HTTPS As A Ranking Signal - Given by Raza Zaidi, VP of Product & Technology - Gigaom. #SMX #33A

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HTTPS As A Ranking Signal By Raza Zaidi

  1. 1. Raza Zaidi VP Product
  2. 2. Background • is built on Wordpress …which claims to be “SEO friendly out-of-the-box” • is hosted on Auttomatic’s Wordoress VIP service • We get lazy in terms of SEO
  3. 3. Panda 4.0 Release on or about 5/19
  4. 4. HTTPS as a ranking signal 6.html “making sure that websites people access from Google are secure” “we called for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web” “we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.”
  5. 5. Many “how-tos” available on where to buy cheap certs (EV preferably if you can afford) and how to install
  6. 6. Wordpress VIP • Wordpress VIP’s implementation of https uses Server Name Indication (SNI) • Not supported on XP and old versions of IE • Warnings will be presented to user resulting in lost traffic • Also can supports HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) • This degrades gracefully so no traffic loss • Using Wordpress plugin to forward all http traffic (eg. from bookmarks, old links, etc.) to https •
  7. 7. Pay special attention to 3rd Party embeds (& ads!) Difficult for a media site with 100K+ post pages
  8. 8. RSS Readers • Historical users will have subscribed to the http version • The feeds will be broken; users will need to manually re-subscribe to the feeds • Place FAQs prominently on site
  9. 9. HTTPS Effects (so far) – Google Search Referrals Post Panda/Pre HTTPS Sep t8 – HTTPS live on Post HTTPS