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How to Research Keywords for Better Content Creation and Audience Engagement


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Keyword Research For Better Content & Audience Engagement. PRESENTATION: How to Research Keywords for Better Content Creation and Audience Engagement - Given by Bill Hunt, @BillHunt - Black Azimuth, President. #SMX #12A

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How to Research Keywords for Better Content Creation and Audience Engagement

  1. 1. March 3, 2015 Keyword Research for Better Content Creation & Audience Engagement Bill Hunt President Back Azimuth Consulting @billhunt
  2. 2. @BillHunt #SMX #12A • Identify all products and product categories • Understand the interest of the searcher • Map to the full buy cycle • Gather keyword demand • Identify anomalies in data • Develop share of search model • Close content gaps Key Steps to Keyword Greatness
  3. 3. @BillHunt #SMX #12A What do we sell? Develop the master list of all products and services
  4. 4. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Words that help us isolate a specific opportunity, interest, audience or need 12 year old whisky Cloud computing deployment strategy Underwater photography mask 50 bottle dual zone wine cooler Understanding Keyword Qualifiers
  5. 5. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Detail all Product Attributes Should be as descriptive as possible
  6. 6. @BillHunt #SMX #12A What does the searcher want? 1. They know about whisky age and quality 2. They know about whisky blends 3. They want “whisky” and not “Bourbon” 4. They do not have an immediate brand affinity 5. They are price sensitive What can we deduce about this searcher?
  7. 7. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Cloud Computing Qualifiers Model 9/10 first page listings in are “What is cloud computing” 65% of all queries related to “what is cloud computing”
  8. 8. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Add Buy Cycle Modifiers Leverage sale and buy cycle words - Buy - Sale - Closeout - Upgrade - In stock - Refurbished - Special price - Discount What do they use when they want to buy?
  9. 9. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Focus on the Money Focus on most valuable terms – high margin Where do you make the most money?
  10. 10. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Keyword Strategy Worksheet
  11. 11. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Keyword Strategy Worksheet Pt2 Get worksheet at
  12. 12. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Typical Spirits Cycle Searcher Questions Brand can highlight By showing Biz Objective • What is Irish Whiskey? • What is the best vodka? • How to make a Cosmo? Overview of products and spirit categories • Product Attributes • Lifestyle Integration • Cocktail Options Intro Brand/Product • What is the best 18 year Whisky? • Jameson vs. Bushmills Content to show brand value and connect with consumers • Product Quality & Attributes • Market Leadership Frame the Dialogue • Absolut Citron • Jameson Black Barrel • Product quality • Integration with Lifestyle • Product Info • Cocktails • Lifestyle Be Considered • Absolut Warhol Price • Where to buy Chivas 18 • Price ranges • Product Options • Product Value • Where to buy • Direct link to buy Convert to sale • Chivas Facebook • Absolut Events • Cocktails with Kahlua • Ways to keep in contact • Events • Social Media • Campaigns Expand Loyalty Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase Loyalty Searcher Content Requirements
  13. 13. @BillHunt #SMX #12A IT Managers who are “designing systems” to manage or procure them Stencils were on a long page of “all stencils” vs. merchandising pages The type of stencil helps understand the audience and size of company UCS Visio stencils [Designing Solution] 1234x visio stencil [adding product] Found New “Design Phase”
  14. 14. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Missed Share of Search Model CatBuy Cycle Total Inspiration Discovery Design Purchase Relationship Brand Market Paid Earned Missed 0* Branded Technology Market 334M 38M 272M 98K 1M 23M Paid 4M 52K 4M 348 34K 1,608 Earned 200M 34M 150M 6.6K 900K 15M Missed 130M 3.5M (9%) 118M (44%) 92K (93%) 203K (18%) 7.7M (34%) Technology Market 610M 547M 51M 826K 1.3M 10M Paid 15M 11.5M 3.6M 11K 20K 20K Earned 207M 196M 5.7M 79K 58K 5M Missed 388M 339M (62%) 42M (82%) 736K (89%) 1.3M (94%) 5M (49%) Identified 111 “new insights” about the audience Missing 93% of searchers aware of brand and almost ready to buy
  15. 15. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Search Cluster - Age 54% of queries for 25 Years or older
  16. 16. @BillHunt #SMX #12A How are they searching to buy? Search Cluster – Brand + Purchase
  17. 17. @BillHunt #SMX #12A No Mention of price
  18. 18. @BillHunt #SMX #12A
  19. 19. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Cluster – Branded Promo Items Adding Whisky Stones to giveaway increased signup by 124%
  20. 20. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Provide content based on consumer interests… Map The Content Experience By Blend Irish Whiskey Bourbon Single Malt Canadian Whisky By Age 25 Year Old 30 Year Old* for birthday 50 Year Old* for birthday 18 Year Old By How to Drink How to drink whiskey How to drink Scotch Whisky drinks
  21. 21. @BillHunt #SMX #12A 600,000 question related searches (can, how, where) 27,211 different questions asked 124,023 “asks” on Social Media 15% of questions could lead to an up or cross sell Deep Dive into Site Search Data 60% of questions NO RESULTS
  22. 22. @BillHunt #SMX #12A 200 new pieces of content developed – Optimized and Ranked in Search Engines Social Media team monitoring and outreach Average Sale $200 @ 10% immediate conversion $4.5 Million Incremental Revenue Monitizing the Questions
  23. 23. @BillHunt #SMX #12A Less Whining and More Doing Segmenting & Weighting – what and what should we focus our resources? Insights – Understand the “real performance” of keywords Collaborate - Share keywords and data between BU functions Key Actions
  24. 24. @BillHunt #SMX #12A