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How To Reach Ideal Customers Using Advanced Search & Social Tactics By Sahil Jain


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From the SMX East Conference in New York City, September 27-29, 2016. SESSION: Using Paid Search & Social Together To Deliver The Ultimate Knock-Out Punch. PRESENTATION: How to Reach Ideal Customers Using Advanced Search & Social Tactics - Given by Sahil Jain, @sahilio - AdStage Inc., CEO & Co-Founder. #SMX #14B

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How To Reach Ideal Customers Using Advanced Search & Social Tactics By Sahil Jain

  1. 1. #14B @Sahilio Marrying Search & Social Strengths to Drive More Sales How to Reach Ideal Customers Using Advanced Search & Social Tactics
  2. 2. #14B @Sahilio Sahil Jain is the CEO of AdStage, the leading cross-network online advertising platform. Previously he dropped out of High School to be an Engineer at Yahoo!, left UC Berkeley to join Corp Dev at AOL and co-founded YC backed A Bit About Me
  4. 4. #14B @Sahilio It Takes 7 to 13+ Touches to Deliver a Qualified Sales Lead -Forrester Research 
  5. 5. #14B @Sahilio Paid Media Needs to Account for a Multi-Touch World.
  7. 7. #14B @Sahilio Defining Your Ideal Customer Profile Connect with Sales Talk to Customers Tap into your CRM
  8. 8. #14B @Sahilio Use Historical Data to Your Advantage
  9. 9. #14B @Sahilio Crafting Your Personas
  11. 11. #14B @Sahilio Assign Ad Campaigns to Part of the Sales Funnel 1. Brand Awareness 2. Engagement 3. Consideration 4. Decision
  12. 12. #14B @Sahilio 1. Brand Awareness Facebook & YouTube Video Ads Banner Display Ads Fan/Follower Acquisition
  13. 13. #14B @Sahilio 2. Engagement Facebook Sponsored Post LinkedIn Sponsored Content Sponsored Tweet
  14. 14. #14B @Sahilio 3. Consideration Search Queries: {keyword} prices, {keyword} reviews, {keyword] vs. {keyword}, competitor terms, best category keywords Unpublished Sponsored Tweet Direct Sponsored Content Dark Sponsored Post Search Text Ads
  15. 15. #14B @Sahilio 4. Decision Search & RLSA Text Ads Search Queries: Brand keywords High buying intent keywords Specific product line, service, or offering keywords
  16. 16. #14B @Sahilio Retargeting Can Be Used to Help Accelerate Each Stage Example retargeting funnel stages, triggered by web custom/tailored audience buckets
  17. 17. #14B @Sahilio Cross-Network Plays
  18. 18. #14B @Sahilio B2B Demand Generation: Driving New Contacts & Lead Nurturing
  19. 19. #14B @Sahilio Campaign Targeting: A)  Company + Function + Geo B)  Company + Job Title + Geo C)  Company + Function + Skills + Geo Step #1 Sponsored Content Text Ads Step #2 Form fill for a demo or gated content piece Campaign Targeting: Custom/Tailored/Customer Match Audiences matched from your MA exported leads based on Lead Status /Campaign Sponsored Post Google Display Sponsored Tweet Blog content Infographics eBooks
  20. 20. #14B @Sahilio Web Acquisition: Search Traffic with Social Retargeting
  21. 21. #14B @Sahilio Step #1 Step #2 Search Ads Targeted landing page Non-converted traffic Unpublished Post Promoted Only Tweet Retargeting dedicated page Campaign Targeting: Web Custom/Tailored Audience by URL string visited Campaign Targeting: Search queries Geo
  22. 22. #14B @Sahilio Lookalike Modeling: Display Conversions Modeled From DR Campaigns
  23. 23. #14B @Sahilio Unpublished Post Direct Sponsored Content Promoted Only Tweet Search Advertising Customer 1% Lookalike Customer Custom Audiences Tailored Audience Expanded Targeting Google Analytics Smart Audiences
  24. 24. #14B @Sahilio Use Impact Visuals Above, Move Presentation Title As Needed 1. Use customer profiles to inform ad targeting. 2. Align campaigns & budgets to funnel stages. 3. Think about Search & Social in an eco-system. TAKEAWAYS LEARN MORE: WWW.ADSTAGE.IO/ACADEMY