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How To Plan for Long Term SEO by Eric Enge


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Smx West 2014 Session #Smx #21A - Longterm Seo: How To Win For Years, Not Days By Eric Enge @Stonetemple Of Stone Temple Consulting

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How To Plan for Long Term SEO by Eric Enge

  1. 1. Strings
  2. 2. Things New England Patriots Attributes •Football Team •In a league (the NFL) •Has players •Tom Brady is one of them •Are in the AFC East •So are several other teams: • Buffalo Bills • Miami Dolphins • New York Jets •Etc.
  3. 3. Wearable Devices and Embeds
  4. 4. Stable Landscape? – Not So Much
  5. 5. The Old Fashioned Corner Store
  6. 6. The Shopping Mall
  7. 7. Then the World Went Online
  8. 8. Yes, We Had These Too
  9. 9. In the Future: Consumers Will Always Check Your Reputation and “Trustability”
  10. 10. Consumer Behavior Will Continue to Shift Kami arrived 15 min. early! Eric was 45 min. late!
  11. 11. Be an Expert or Go Home You Can’t Build Trust With Random Writers!
  12. 12. Authenticity is Hard to Fake Fake It To You Make It Doesn’t Work Credit: David Amerland
  13. 13. This Matters in the Real World Someone Mocking The Event
  14. 14. Pursue Extreme Differentiation
  15. 15. Same Old Content Won’t Cut It
  16. 16. Highly Differentiated Content Does
  17. 17. Links are the Result Not the Goal
  18. 18. Focus on Reputation and Brand
  19. 19. You Can’t Vote For Yourself
  20. 20. Press Releases Done Right
  21. 21. True Value of Press Releases – Generate Interest from Media
  22. 22. Don’t Look Natural, Be Natural
  23. 23. Strong social media presences are like a built in PR channel
  24. 24. Influencers are the Accelerant Influencer
  25. 25. Solving Problems for Others is Engagement that is Memorable
  26. 26. If You Have to Argue That It’s a Good Link, It’s Not! It’s a Good Link!
  27. 27. The Company You Keep Defines You
  28. 28. New York Times Ignoring You Today? Start “Smaller!”
  29. 29. Where We Need to Head
  30. 30. Thank You! Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge (508) 485-7751