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How To Graduate From Tactical A/B Testing By Paras Chopra


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From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: Conversion Rate Rockstars. PRESENTATION: How To Graduate From Tactical A/B Testing - Given by Paras Chopra, @ParasChopra, Founder & CEO - Wingify. #SMX #32C

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How To Graduate From Tactical A/B Testing By Paras Chopra

  1. 1. Visual Website Optimizer How to graduate from tactical A/B testing to research-backed conversion optimization process Paras Chopra CEO & Founder
  2. 2. PRESS THE BUTTON 20% INCREASE IN CLICKS No, that red button probably won’t work on your landing pages
  3. 3. Typical ineffective A/B testing process Read an A/B testing case study Get struck by lightening A/B test a random page Wait for an inspiration Get lucky or get disappointed Hey, Google tests 41 shades of blue! We ought to test our colors One quarter, Zero A/B tests Life is (not) good Maybe colors on our homepage suck Oh gosh! A/B testing is a big waste of time. Or, I knew this would work!
  4. 4. Why tactical A/B testing doesn’t produce consistent gains
  5. 5. Because you are special Businesses are different Consumers are different Your users may not be having the same problems as others
  6. 6. Random ideas produce random results You cannot blindly A/B test best practices and expect to produce great results
  7. 7. How to go about doing A/B testing the right way?
  8. 8. Adopt The Scientific Process of Conversion Optimization
  9. 9. 1 Research thy users! Map user flow, use web analytics and open ended user surveys
  10. 10. 2 Form hypotheses and list potential problems (is it a content problem or design problem?)
  11. 11. 3 Prioritize which problems to solve first through estimated ROI
  12. 12. 4 Be creative! Generate improvement ideas
  13. 13. 5 Finally, A/B Test!
  14. 14. 6 Rinse and repeat, every week
  15. 15. The UX optimization process Research Users Conduct experiments Form hypothesis and list problems Prioritize Problems Measure and benchmark metrics Deliver personalized experiences
  16. 16. Practical Example of UX Optimization Process Eating our own dog food – how we do it at Visual Website Optimizer
  17. 17. Researching Users Open Ended Questions
  18. 18. Researching Users User Flow Analysis
  19. 19. Hypothesis and Prioritization Priority = Expected impact on primary metrics * Traffic Exposed
  20. 20. Generating Ideas Tap into your team!
  21. 21. Generating Ideas Case Studies and Best Practices
  22. 22. A/B Test
  23. 23. A/B Testing Calendar
  24. 24. Make A/B testing into a process Have weekly meetings to review existing experiments and plan new ones Make someone responsible for running A/B tests regularly Don’t jump into random A/B testing, invest time in conducting proper research
  25. 25. Visual Website Optimizer world’s easiest A/B testing tool Paras Chopra CEO & Founder @paraschopra