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How To Avoid Shady Search Marketing Practices


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Avoiding Shady Search Marketing Practices. PRESENTATION: How To Avoid Shady Search Marketing Practices
- Given by Motoko Hunt, @motokohunt - AJPR, Search Marketing Consultant. #SMX #14C

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How To Avoid Shady Search Marketing Practices

  2. 2. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C • Search Marketing Consulting Services – Japan & Asia • Website, PPC Campaign, & Process Audit • Search Team Training • Best Consultant Award - US Search Award 2014 About Me
  3. 3. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C It’s Not About Black Or White
  4. 4. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C It Sounds Too Good To Be True
  5. 5. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “We guarantee a #1 Ranking” *Branded terms or long tail keywords **Paid text ads
  6. 6. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “We use White-Hat methods” *You should like it, because we said, “white-hat.”
  7. 7. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Bait and Switch
  8. 8. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “We build SEO friendly sites” *If you include our SEO services to the contract.
  9. 9. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “Our Best Team will work with you” *At least for a while.
  10. 10. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “We create 1000s of links a month” *We’ve created lots of link farms. **We also use comment spams.
  11. 11. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Sloppy
  12. 12. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Charge for Each Language Template, but Re-Use Them Language code remains as “en” on all language sites.
  13. 13. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “We have the Best Search Team” They forgot to un-block for 6 months!
  14. 14. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C It’s Not Transparent
  15. 15. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “The performance has improved by 200%!” *Just be happy with the improvement, because actual numbers are not relevant.
  16. 16. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “Here’re the High- Level reports” *You are not going to see the detailed report, because it shows all the problems with your campaigns.
  17. 17. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “We have to own the account” *The last thing we need is for you to check our work. **Because if you do, you may not like what you see.
  18. 18. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C
  19. 19. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C One Way Street
  20. 20. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “This is what you get” *It doesn’t matter what you need. **We are the pros, and you should listen.
  21. 21. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “Our contract is min. 5 years” *It will take that long for you to see the results. **And if you try to break the contract, it will cost your arms and legs.
  22. 22. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “Renew The Contract, or Else!” *We’ll remove the links. **You’ll lose all history data. ***We created the website, and we own it. ****The data is our data
  23. 23. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C They Eat Off You Like Leaches
  24. 24. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “You need a Wikipedia page for SEO” “Hello, Shouldn’t your company have a full-length, professional page on Wikipedia? I can craft you a professional Wikipedia page for the top 2-3 spots in Google Search. Would you like more information? Please reply. It will be worthwhile. A full-length, professionally written Wikipedia page will drive sales and inform your clients about what you do best. Your competitors are getting on Wikipedia. Shouldn’t you be on Wikipedia, too? Your Wikipedia page will always appear on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results. That first snapshot of your company means lots of customers.”
  25. 25. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “That’s Extra” Cost
  26. 26. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C “You’ll get Custom Templates”
  27. 27. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Adding Links to Their Site
  28. 28. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Stealing Client’s Content • They uploaded client’s products and services content to their site • Client content on the agency site ranks in the search results instead of client pages
  29. 29. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Whose Crime is It?
  30. 30. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Crime #1: Little Knowledge You know that you need a Website and SEO/PPC/Social/Content etc., but have no idea what can or cannot be done.
  31. 31. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C
  32. 32. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Crime #2: No Goals You don’t have any goals for the project or campaigns. You just want them going so that you can check the box.
  33. 33. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C
  34. 34. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Crime #3: Being Too Cheap You want the state of the art website and digital marketing project, but don’t want to pay for them.
  35. 35. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C
  36. 36. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Crime #4: Being Naive You trust what they say blindly, and don’t check the details.
  37. 37. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C
  38. 38. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C Ask The Agencies 5 References, and actually use them • Search “Agency Name” for reviews Detailed Service Plan • Including why and how the plan works • Ask for them to explain till you understand it • Itemized service proposal • Sample reports
  39. 39. @MotokoHunt #SMX #14C