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How to Avoid Ad Impostors Ruining Your Campaigns By Lori Weiman


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"From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: Protecting Your Brand From Online Fraud. PRESENTATION: How to Avoid Ad Impostors Ruining Your Campaigns - Given by Lori Weiman, @searchmonitor, CEO - The Search Monitor. #SMX #31B"

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How to Avoid Ad Impostors Ruining Your Campaigns By Lori Weiman

  1. 1. How to Avoid Ad Impostors Ruining Your Campaigns Lori Weiman 321.206.9705
  2. 2. 2 Global Pla0orm for Precision Ad Intelligence Search & Contextual Networks (Ask, AOL) & Shopping Search & Shopping Search & Shopping Display Networks & In-­‐App Mobile Landing Pages, Blogs, & email
  3. 3. 3 What Can You Do with This Data? Cross-­‐Media Intelligence } One plaOorm provides intelligence on Paid & Organic Search, PLAs, Shopping, Business Development & Sales Tool } Find prospects, score leads, idenLfy tools & agencies } Create content e.g. whitepapers & infographics Brand Compliance & CompePPve Insights } Police affiliates, resellers, & compeLtors on search engines, landing pages, & blogs Display, & Landing Pages Media Planning & Strategy } Benchmark, goal development, uncover promos/offers, answer quesLons e.g. why did my CPC increase?
  4. 4. New PPC Fraud: Ad Imposters } 7 Years ago We Were Ba[ling Click Fraud } Many law suits later… } Addressed by the search engines through so]ware, be[er reporLng, and fraud departments } Today…We Are Dealing with Ad Imposters } What is an Ad Imposter? } An Ad That Looks Like Yours } Uses Your Display URL } But It Isn’t Your Ad – Its Another AdverLser’s Ad h[p://­‐alliedshirts Proper DesLnaLon URL h[p:// extcid=1001&pscid=1001&pcode= Share A Sale Affiliate DesLnaLon URL Sept. 13 – 14, 2014 7% stolen impressions by Gi]GrandCentral 42% stolen impressions by all imposters ONLY 58% of the Pme the ad was ALLIED’S!
  5. 5. Who Are these Ad Imposters? Affiliates Do It. } Affiliates. } A.k.a. direct linking or URL hijacking } Easy commissions } Low tech – no website needed } Take advantage of your good Quality Score } Brand bidding without permission – less likely to get caught Share A Sale Affiliate DesLnaLon URL h[p://­‐alliedshirts
  6. 6. Who Are these Ad Imposters? Phishing Sites } Phishing Sites. } Usually disguised as a gi] card give-­‐away } Landing page looks like your brand } Goal: Grab email addresses } Da Rule: • Search Engines force the display URL and landing page URL to match… • How can they get away with this? Push traffic to different places depending on the visitor
  7. 7. How Does Ad ImpersonaLon Effect You? } Da Other Rule: } Search Engines force each display URL to be unique per search. } Means only one of you can show at a Lme } The Effect: } You compete against yourself } ArLficial CPC inflaLon } Reduced ad impressions } Reduced clicks } Sales A[ribuLon Issues à your SEM sales are a[ributed to the Affiliate, causing false ROI readings } Are You Using Bid AutomaLon… Kenshoo, Marin, Acquisio, IgniLon One, others? } False a[ribuLon causes false ROI readings, which, in turn confuses your bidding plaOorm
  8. 8. } 256 AdverLsers Analyzed Sept 12 – 14, 2014 } 95 were impersonated = 37% Impact: Size of the Problem 25.42% 25.70% 31.82% 34.70% 41.90% 26.37% 6.96% 13.78% 74.58% 74.30% 68.18% 65.30% 58.10% 73.63% 93.04% 86.22% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Ad Imposters September 13 -­‐ 14, 2014 Imposter Advertiser
  9. 9. How Can This be Stopped? } Search Engines. } AuthenLcate the adverLser • Code on adverLser’s site • Validate corporate email address • Phone Call } AuthenLcate the account. Register authorized account numbers. } Complain. } File complaints with the Engines – they will do something. You need screenshot proof and the link locaLon. } Bing did a big take-­‐down with The Search Monitor and Linkshare’s help in May. We took down a fraud ring that was a[acking 300+ adverLsers worldwide. } Search Engine Land covered the story here: h[p://­‐fraud-­‐ring-­‐ impersonated-­‐300-­‐adverLsers-­‐may-­‐2014-­‐192801
  10. 10. Thanks from The Search Monitor! The leader in compe//ve ad intelligence for search and affiliate marketers. Lori Weiman 321-­‐206-­‐9705