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How Digital Marketers Use Data and Marketing Technologies to Optimize the Customer Experience By Travis Wright


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From the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 18-20, 2014. SESSION: Social Tools Super Session. PRESENTATION: How Digital Marketers Use Data and Marketing Technologies to Optimize the Customer Experience - Given by Travis Wright, @Teedubya of @CCPGlobal. #SMX #24B

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How Digital Marketers Use Data and Marketing Technologies to Optimize the Customer Experience By Travis Wright

  1. 1. How Digital Marketers Use Data and Marke3ng Technologies to Op3mize the Customer Experience Travis Wright | Chief Marke,ng Technologist | CCP Global | @teedubya #SMXSocial
  2. 2. Who is this Travis Wright dude? @teedubya • Radio Disc Jockey at Age 13. • Stand-­‐up comedian since 1995. • Web developer since 1996. • Helped Roll out in 1997. • SEO & “Geo-­‐Targe,ng” SMB – Fortune 50’s brands since 1998. • Military Intelligence and Russian Linguist in the US Army. • Former Global Social Media & Digital Strategist – Norton / Symantec • Chief Marke,ng Technology Officer [CMTO] – CCP Global • Tech Journalist for,, Marke,ngLand, Salesforce & Adobe • Inc. Magazine Columnist of the weekly “Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs” Column • @teedubya & @TheCMTO on Twider #SMXSocial
  3. 3. Who is this Travis Wright dude NOT? #SMXSocial @teedubya
  4. 4. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  5. 5. Who is this Travis Wright dude NOT? #SMXSocial @teedubya
  6. 6. @teedubya
  7. 7. Data Driven Marke3ng
  8. 8. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  9. 9. @teedubya
  10. 10. Data-­‐Driven Marke3ng Making Smarter & More ImpacSul Decisions • Ask & Answer the right ques3ons • Integrate marke3ng strategies • Op3mize your marke3ng mix • Know your audience • Recognize your customer • Personalize customer journey • Create a beQer user experiences #SMXSocial @teedubya
  11. 11. Enhance Your Marke3ng Strategy Deliver BeQer Results Throughout The Customer Journey
  12. 12. Silos and Silos of Data #SMXSocial @teedubya
  13. 13. @teedubya
  14. 14. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  15. 15. Gartner 2017 CMO Quote “By 2017 the CMO will Spend More on IT than the CIO.” #SMXSocial @teedubya
  16. 16. Omni-­‐Channel
  17. 17. #SMXSocial @teedubya Source: Experian 2014 Digital Marketer Report
  18. 18. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  19. 19. “To stay compe,,ve, enterprises must collect, own and act on their onsite, offsite and offline data.” Josh Manion, Ensighten CEO and Founder
  20. 20. “To stay compe,,ve, enterprises must collect, own and act on their onsite, offsite and offline data.” Josh Manion, Ensighten CEO and Founder
  21. 21. “To stay compe,,ve, enterprises must collect, own and act on their onsite, offsite and offline data.” Josh Manion, Ensighten CEO and Founder
  22. 22. Advanced Techniques Required To Op,mize For Omni-­‐Channel Personaliza3on & AQribu3on
  23. 23. U.S. retailers lose nearly $100 billion each year from poorly executed cross-­‐channel marke,ng efforts. Source: DataMonitor #SMXSocial @teedubya
  24. 24. • Beyond Integrated Marke,ng • Cross-­‐device, Omni-­‐channel • Real-­‐,me 1:1 Personaliza,on • Ownership of all Data • Beyond Op,miza,on • Awesomeiza3on #SMXSocial @teedubya
  25. 25. Marke3ng Clouds
  26. 26. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  27. 27. To Build, or not to Build: That is the ques3on.
  28. 28. The Tech Giants Are Acquiring Marke3ng Clouds To Compete #SMXSocial @teedubya
  29. 29. What are Marke3ng Clouds? • Acquired, non-­‐integrated solu,ons • Walled-­‐gardens leave many marke,ng technologies excluded or unsupported • Assembling a best-­‐of-­‐breed solu,on demands you build-­‐your-­‐own ‘marke3ng cloud’ #SMXSocial @teedubya
  30. 30. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  31. 31. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  32. 32. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  33. 33. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  34. 34. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  35. 35. The Marke3ng Cloud is Gecng Foggy #SMXSocial @teedubya
  36. 36. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  37. 37. Tag Management #MARTECH System @teedubya To Build: That is the Answer!
  38. 38. Tag Management Brings Order to Marke,ng Chaos A/B Testing Ad Networks Affiliate Marketing Email Marketing Voice of Customer Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing Analytics Chat Banner Ads Visitor Retargeting Visitor Remarketing Social Marketing Search Engine Marketing • A/B Testing • Ad Networks • Affiliate Marketing Personalization • Email Marketing • Lead Nurturing • Marketing Automation • Analytics • Banner Ads • Chat • Personalization • SEM • Social Marketing • Visitor Remarketing • Visitor Retargeting • Voice of Customer @teedubya Source: Tealium #DMSS
  39. 39. Benefits • “Siloed” solu,ons enhance one another • Collect, Own and Act on your data everywhere • Leverage Best-­‐of-­‐Breed solu,ons without vendor lock-­‐in • Omni-­‐channel profiles • Single line of code • Data onboarding & syndica,on • 100% of technologies supported ENSIGHTEN DATA LAYER (EDL) Standardize and control data across all 3rd party clouds, plarorms and tools Data Collec,on & Ac,va,on AGILE MARKETING PLATFORM (AMP) Hybrid Client-­‐Server Technology <script src=“//”></script> Privacy Pulse One Apps Market Manage Mobile Inform Adribu,on Tag Management & Tes,ng Ensighten @ensighten hdp://
  40. 40. Data Layer
  41. 41. What is a Data Layer? • Data is the Lifeblood for Digital Marke,ng • Synchronized Data Defini,ons • Standardize and control data distribu,on to partners & vendors • Beder visitor adribu,on and personalized insights #SMXSocial @teedubya
  42. 42. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  43. 43. Agility
  44. 44. #SIC2013
  45. 45. AGILE #SIC2013
  46. 46. NOT AGILE #SIC2013
  47. 47. Summary
  48. 48. PLATFORM: Combine Any Solu,on in an Open Cloud #SMXSocial @teedubya • Don't restrict marke,ng agility by being vendor-­‐locked in a closed cloud • No single closed cloud can solve all your marke,ng use cases • Unlock all op,ons to find the best fit for your business • Take advantage of the best "primo TAG-­‐lio" digital marke,ng solu,ons in the industry
  49. 49. DATA: Unify Marke,ng with Data Ownership #SMXSocial @teedubya • Assemble your own data layer to unify and enrich all your marke,ng solu,ons • Ensure data quality, consistency, and privacy across all vendor solu,ons • Standardize and share visitor profiles and ac,onable segments across your cloud • Break down marke,ng program silos & unify teams with coordinated data
  50. 50. CUSTOMER: Focus on the Customer Journey #SMXSocial @teedubya • Establish a 360 degree view of your customer across all channels and devices • Assess customer value to op,mize marke,ng spend and personalize offer depth • Build rela,onships by engaging inomni-­‐ channel 1:1 conversa,ons with your customers • Business Rela,onship Op,miza,on.
  51. 51. MARKETING: Take Real-­‐Time Ac,on #SMXSocial @teedubya • Batch processing of data inhibits marke,ng agility and effec,veness • Manage data in real-­‐,me to take real-­‐,me, intelligent ac,on • Coordinate marke,ng decisions and interac,ons across solu,ons • Improve ROI with relevant offers and content
  52. 52. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  53. 53. #SMXSocial @teedubya
  54. 54. Marke3ng Tools
  55. 55. Ghostery @ghostery hdp:// #DMSS @teedubya
  56. 56. Ghostery @ghostery hdp:// #SMSsummit @teedubya
  57. 57. NerdyData @nerdydata hdp:// #DMSS @teedubya
  58. 58. @teedubya BuzzSumo @buzzsumo hdp://
  59. 59. #DMSS @teedubya
  60. 60. @teedubya TrackMaven @trackmaven hdp://
  61. 61. hQp://
  62. 62. Get LiQle Bird @getlidlebird hdp://
  63. 63. @teedubya Open Graph Percolate Social Bro HARO Muck Rack GroupHigh Buzzstream 17 Content Templates Twitter Cards SimplyMeasured The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing
  64. 64. 17 Killer Content Templates: Twider Chat Master List: hdp:// Feature your Brand on Tumblr: hdp:// Complete Guide to Twider Cards: The Advanced Guide to Content Marke,ng: AJ Kohn’s Author Rank Resource: hdp://­‐author-­‐resource Three Very Handy Content Marke,ng Tools: hdp:// The Advanced Guide to SEO hdp://­‐advanced-­‐guide-­‐to-­‐seo/ Neil Patel & Bronson Taylor’s Defini,ve Guide to Growth Hacking: hdp:// The Defini,ve Guide to Microso| Excel for SEOs: hdp://www.dis,­‐for-­‐seo/ The Complete List of Link Building Tac,cs hdp://­‐building-­‐strategies The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Op,miza,on: hdps://­‐guide-­‐to-­‐cro The Ul,mate Guide to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner: hdp://­‐Keyword-­‐Planner Dana Lookadoo’s Structured Social Sharing Formula & Worksheet: hdp:// | hdp:// Hubspot's Guide to Crea,ng Buyer Personas: hdp://­‐template-­‐crea,ng-­‐buyer-­‐personas Annie Cushing’s Hundreds of Tools for Marketers: hdp://www.anniely,­‐of-­‐tools-­‐for-­‐marketers The Web Developer’s SEO Cheatsheet 2.0 hdp://­‐web-­‐developers-­‐seo-­‐cheat-­‐sheet-­‐2013-­‐edi,on Paddy Moogan’s Big Ass List of Link Building Resources: hdp://­‐building-­‐resources.html @teedubya
  65. 65. @teedubya’s Mind Blowing Tools
  66. 66. @teedubya 80 @#tSeIeCd20u1b3y a hQp://