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Google Analytics Applications For Paid Search By Heather Cooan


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SMX Advanced 2014 Session #Smx #23B - Amazing Paid Search Tactics & Tools - Google Analytics Applications For Paid Search By Heather Cooan @Heathercooan Of Clix Marketing

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Google Analytics Applications For Paid Search By Heather Cooan

  1. 1. Google Analytics Applications for Paid Search SMX ADVANCED 2014
  2. 2. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Cost Data Import TRACK ROI FROM ANY ADVERTISING CHANNEL
  3. 3. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Bing ROI? Facebook ROI?
  4. 4. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Cost Data Import Custom Data Source: 1. Create Custom Data Source 2. Associate Custom Data Source with Profiles.
  5. 5. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Data Import Solutions Supermetrics Uploader Pros: •Multi day import available •No need to format your .csv with Google’s date format restrictions •Easy drag and drop field matching based on your upload Cons: •Charges are per upload •Recommend one spreadsheet with columns for medium and source. Also works best if you’re not doing daily uploads Next Analytics Pros: •Multi day import available. •Comes with report data pulling functionality into Excel •Can reformat and change the data in your csv with find and replace. •Low price per month vs. per upload Cons: •Issues getting a set upload process to work every time •Support docs and website instructions are outdated ReportingSuite Pros: •Low cost & additional reporting features Cons: •No multi day import feature LunaMetrics Pros: •FREE! Cons: •Lots of formatting to do ahead of time •Only one day at a time for uploading •If the file is too big, you have to put it in multiple files
  6. 6. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Search Partner Tracking TRACK INDIVIDUAL SEARCH PARTNER PERFORMANCE
  7. 7. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Search Partner Performance Create New View: 1. Admin >> Select Property >> View >> New View
  8. 8. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Search Partner Performance Apply Filter to View: 1. Field A: Referral, (//)([^/]*) 2. Field B: Leave Blank 3. Constructor: User Defined, $A2
  9. 9. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Search Partner Performance How to Find Your Data: 1. Acquisition >> Channels >> Paid 2. eCommerce or Goal Set Tab 3. Primary Dimension = Other >> User Defined Value
  10. 10. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Page Value FIND YOUR MOST VALUABLE LANDING PAGES
  11. 11. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Find Your Most Valuable Pages Requirements: 1. Ecommerce tracking has been installed. 2. Your goals have been given values. Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages
  12. 12. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Find Your Most Valuable Pages Requirements: 1. Primary Dimension >> Page title tab 2. Sort by page value.
  13. 13. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Multi-Channel Funnels TRACK ASSISTED CONVERSIONS & REVENUE
  14. 14. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Assisted Conversion Values End 2 End Custom Report: K9K4ablKdA 1. Secondary Dimension >> Keyword 2. Sort by ROI
  15. 15. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Assisted Conversion Values 1. Conversions >> Multi-Channel Funnels >> Assisted Conversions 2. AdWords Traffic Segment 3. Secondary Dimension >> AdWords Keyword
  16. 16. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Assisted Conversion Values You can find gold in these reports. Often you’ll find keywords that register zero last click conversions/revenue are actually assisting. Product targets too!
  17. 17. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Assisted Conversion Values Keyword ROI Margin Assisted Conversion Value Last Interaction Conversion Value Total Value Minus Cost product_type_l1==measuring & inspection -100.00% 0.00% $4,844.25 0 $2,588.50 rotary table -100.00% 0.00% $3,001.20 0 $231.89 countersink -100.00% 0.00% $3,119.30 0 $2,213.84 product_type_l1==cutting: h.s.s. & solid carbide -100.00% 0.00% $2,390.00 0 $2,179.50 +3m +abrasive -100.00% 0.00% $1,960.00 0 $1,505.28 +3m +abrasives -100.00% 0.00% $1,764.20 0 $1,459.96 +abrasive +cartridge +roll -100.00% 0.00% $3,122.00 0 $1,330.43 +abrasive +flap +discs -100.00% 0.00% $2,011.20 0 $896.66 +abrasive +sanding +stick -100.00% 0.00% $1,253.60 0 $738.66 • Poor performers that generate few assists? Those are your real losers. • Poor performers that generate lots of assists? Those ones are worth keeping! • Why not raise bids on those terms?
  18. 18. THANKS SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME! Heather Cooan @HeatherCooan Heather is Director of Client Services for Clix Marketing, regular writer and speaker. Heather contributes to many publications and served as a technical editor of Google AdWords – Managing Your Advertising Program (O’Reilly Media, 2011). Clix Marketing is an independent digital media firm specializing in paid display, search, and social advertising.