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Five Tips For Higher Sales And Conversions On Mobile By Paras Chopra


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From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: Trends & Tactics In Mobile E-Commerce . PRESENTATION: Five Tips For Higher Sales and Conversion On Mobile - Given by Paras Chopra, @ParasChopra, Founder & CEO - Wingify. #SMX #33D

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Five Tips For Higher Sales And Conversions On Mobile By Paras Chopra

  1. 1. Visual Website Optimizer Five tips for higher sales and conversions on mobile Paras Chopra CEO & Founder
  2. 2. Where visitors look 80% of their time 20% of their time Above the fold Below the fold *Jakob Nielsen 2011 eyetracking research
  3. 3. On the mobile, the effective area above the fold is much smaller as compared to desktop Less height, less width and smaller text sizes for HD screens!
  4. 4. Tip #1 Don’t try too hard on mobile, only show relevant content upfront Adopt minimalism, reveal content like an onion-peel, one message at a time
  5. 5. Who does it well? Who doesn't do it well?
  6. 6. Mobile users are on the go
  7. 7. Intentions of mobile users are different from desktop users There’s a reason why they’re accessing your website/app on the go
  8. 8. Tip #2 Use the fact that they’re probably on the go Give them contextual and relevant information they’re looking for
  9. 9. Who does it well? Who doesn't do it well?
  10. 10. How to be more contextual on mobile? Segment and analyze mobile behavior very closely Survey your mobile users and do user research Typically mobile users: Like to quickly do price research Know what they’re looking for, so they prefer quick search Are in a hurry, want to make time bound purchase
  11. 11. Typing on mobile is not comfortable at all
  12. 12. Tip #3 Minimize the need to type Which means your checkout and internal search process has to be innovative
  13. 13. How to minimize typing? Don’t force users to create an account Use innovative payment solutions Auto detect address Smart auto suggestions during search
  14. 14. No tabs on mobile, No escape
  15. 15. Tip #4 Site speed on mobile matters even more There’s just one tiny screen on mobile, and it shouldn’t be blank
  16. 16. Why site speed matters on mobile? Mobile diminishes multi-tasking Mobile users are typically in a hurry and on the go Native mobile apps set their benchmarks
  17. 17. Tip #5 A/B Test Tips
  18. 18. Why A/B Test Businesses are different, with special strengths and positioning Consumers are different You might be fooling yourself
  19. 19. The UX optimization process for mobile Research Users Form hypothesis and get ideas Conduct experiments Measure and benchmark metrics Desktop v/s mobile conversions Deliver personalized experiences Qualitative and quantitative analysis A/B or multivariate testing Segmentation and Geo-behavioral targeting Colleagues; Blogs; Consultants
  20. 20. Visual Website Optimizer world’s easiest A/B testing tool Paras Chopra CEO & Founder @paraschopra