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Facebook for ROI By Ian Mackie


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From the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 18-20, 2014. SESSION: Winning Strategies With Facebook Ads. PRESENTATION: Facebook for ROI - Given by Ian Mackie, @point_it of @point_it. #SMX #13B

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Facebook for ROI By Ian Mackie

  1. 1. Ian Mackie, Director of Strategy Facebook for ROI If you’re still planning for the holidays…it’s not too late!
  2. 2. @point_it #smx #14A12 What are we talking about today?
  3. 3. @point_it #smx #14A13 Sales? Leads? Engagement? Fan Acquisition? Social ROI
  4. 4. @point_it #smx #14A14 Remarketing on Social…
  5. 5. @point_it #smx #14A15 Website Custom Audiences
  6. 6. @point_it #smx #14A16 Website Custom Audiences: Set Up All Visitors Category pages Product Description pages Thank you pages
  7. 7. @point_it #smx #14A17 CRM-based Custom Audiences
  8. 8. @point_it #smx #14A18 CRM: Set Up
  9. 9. @point_it #smx #14A19 Lookalike Audiences
  10. 10. @point_it #smx #14A110
  11. 11. @point_it #smx #14A111 Understanding the Impact of Mobile Ads
  12. 12. @point_it #smx #14A112 Cross-Device Reporting
  13. 13. @point_it #smx #14A113 How to Use It
  14. 14. Does this stuff work?
  15. 15. @point_it #smx #14A115 Ask: •  FB30 – Facebook only sale, 30% off everything •  ROI 200% - 300% (last click attribution) Strategy: •  Custom audiences via CRM data (email) & website remarketing •  Newsfeed only placement •  Desktop & mobile targeting •  All revenue tracking thru Google Analytics
  16. 16. @point_it #smx #14A116 Ad Placements | Desktop & Mobile Targeting examples: ž  Remarketing w/ customer email list, lookalikes, website visitors ž  Travel behaviors (US & INTL): business travelers, personal travelers, commuters, frequent flyers, etc ž  Travel intenders (US) w/ income $75k+ ž  Tablet by OS – iOS/Android (not a strong push on phones)
  17. 17. @point_it #smx #14A117 Results ž  Media spend: <$3,000 ž  Facebook Revenue (as recorded in GA from ads only): $19,000+ ž  ROI: 600% ž  Additional $20,000 from promo code going viral! Cross-Device report update: ž  Nearly 20% of conversions started on mobile & finished on desktop … conversions that GA probably missed because of attribution challenges ž  AOV was around $140, resulting in additional, untracked revenue of $5K+
  18. 18. Thank you! Ian Mackie, Director of Strategy Twitter: @point_it Facebook: