Facebook Ads Best Practices on the Maturing Platform by Jay Hawkinson


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Facebook Ads Best Practices on the Maturing Platform by Jay Hawkinson @sleestakk of SIM Partners

Facebook Ads: Best Practices On The Maturing Platform
#smx #13B
With a cleaner interface and more filtering controls, Facebook’s news feed has become even more valuable for users. But how can you optimize your content to assure you’re still prominent? How can you best take advantage of Facebook’s display ad opportunities & retargeting options? Our speakers will discuss these and other strategies that help you get found outside newsfeed.

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Facebook Ads Best Practices on the Maturing Platform by Jay Hawkinson

  1. 1. Facebook Ads: Best Practices On The Maturing Platform Jay Hawkinson, SIM Partners
  2. 2. Meet your presenter Jay Hawkinson Partner at SIM Partners Twitter: @sleestakk Jay has 20 years of digital sales, marketing and merchandising experience including more than 15 years focused in the search space. Jay currently oversees social media, mobile and emerging technology at SIM Partners. #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  4. 4. Facebook: The Ever Changing Platform 2013 MARCH 7 AUG 6 AUG 23 Facebook Announces Major News Feed Overhaul Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates More Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates OCT 1 New Features for App Ads OCT 8 Facebook Updates Ad Buying and Reporting Tools OCT 9 Facebook Updates Page Insights OCT 15 OCT 23 Facebook Announces Retargeting Capabilities (In Testing) Custom Audiences Updated and Now Available in General Ads Manager #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  5. 5. #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  6. 6. News Feed Update: Larger Images Page Like Ad in Newsfeed: Which means your ads can feature larger images too… 400x150 px Page Post Ad in Newsfeed: 400x400 px Facebook recommends using images that are 1200x627 px as a general rule of thumb for all ads. Facebook will automatically resize them for the ad type. #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  7. 7. News Feed Update: Your Choice of Feeds All Friends Feed Music Feed Photos Feed Following Feed Groups Feed On This Day Feed • Custom Feeds • ...and more • • • • • • #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  8. 8. Algorithm Update: Over 1000 Factors Has the user engaged recently with this Page or with similar content? Is it quality content (receiving lots of likes and shares) particularly by the user’s friends? Does the fan base for the Page overlap with other known high quality pages? Is the Page’s profiles complete? Facebook Introduced Over 1000 Factors to their Newsfeed Algorithm Source: Facebook Is the content genuinely interesting? (no more begging for likes and shares!) How frequently is content from this Page reported as low quality? How timely and relevant is the content? #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  9. 9. Emphasis on High Quality Content #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  10. 10. Ads Manager Updates: Multiple Photo Upload • Multiple Image Uploads – makes it easy to create and test ad variations Takes copy and creates separate ads for each image #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  11. 11. Ads Manager Updates: Objective Based Ad Buying and Reporting • Facebook reduced their number of ad offerings and simplified the ad creation process by introducing objective based ad buying and reporting. What do you want to accomplish with your ad? #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  12. 12. New Targeting Capabilities: Retargeting • Facebook announced that retargeting will soon be available directly through Facebook. #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  13. 13. Every time someone visits their Newsfeed there are on average 1,500 potential stories Source: Facebook With all of that noise, how can you make sure your ad is noticed and engaged with? #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  14. 14. #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  15. 15. You better, you better, you BEST PRACTICES
  16. 16. Best Practices are More Important than Ever Strong Calls to Action Offers and Discounts Fun Images and Content (Particularly for the News Feed) Consider Your Image When Posting Content to Your Page Keep Ads Fresh and Engaging Localize Your Ads Be Relevant #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  17. 17. Best Practices are More Important Than Ever Engaging Image Local Content Incentive Call to Action Social #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  18. 18. Localize Your Ads! • Localize Your Ad Content! • Studies show that local pages receive 5x greater reach and 8x more engagement! • More engagement = more frequent placement in users’ news feeds #SMX #13B @SIMPartners http://www.mainstaypartners.net/
  19. 19. Some Inspiration #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  20. 20. Let’s Take a Deeper Dive: #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  22. 22. Power Editor: Where to Find It #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  23. 23. Power Editor: Edit Multiple Ads at Once #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  24. 24. Power Editor: Partner Categories Target users via Partner Categories on Power Editor Categories Include: • Demographics • Purchase Behavior • Lifestyle • Interests and More #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  25. 25. Power Editor: Create Custom Audiences & Saved Target Groups #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  26. 26. Custom Audiences in Practice ① Prompt users to login with Facebook ② Save user IDs and track what the user purchases, looks at etc. ③ Segment users accordingly and upload to Facebook as Custom Audiences ④ Target ads to users who haven’t purchased in a while, or on their birthday, etc. #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  27. 27. Power Editor: Specify Placement for Ads Desktop Newsfeed Ads Yield 14% greater CTR than Right Rail Ads Source: Adobe On Mobile Newsfeed Ads Generate 28% higher CTRs with 42% lower cost-per-clicks Source: Adobe #SMX #13B @SIMPartners
  28. 28. THANK YOU! Jay Hawkinson @sleestakk @SIMpartners