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Enterprise SEO: The Final Frontier By Simon Heseltine


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From the SMX East Conference in New York City, September 27-29, 2016. SESSION: Enterprise SEOs, Unite!. PRESENTATION: Enterprise SEO: The Final Frontier - Given by Simon Heseltine, @simonheseltine - Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Global Head of SEO. #SMX #11A

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Enterprise SEO: The Final Frontier By Simon Heseltine

  1. 1. Simon Heseltine, Global SEO Business Lead #SMX Enterprise SEO: The Final Frontier @simonheseltine#11A
  2. 2. @simonheseltine#SMX Organiza(onal Challenges & Concerns #11A
  3. 3. @simonheseltine#SMX Organiza(onal Structure Site structure •  One site split by Business Unit (BU) •  One site with a mul(tude of subdomains •  Many disparate sites under mul(ple BUs (a conglomera(on of aqui-hires) Proximity to other marke(ng func(ons •  PPC •  Social •  Corp Comm •  Analy(cs Keyword Governance •  Who is the keeper? SEO / PPC / BUs? #11A
  4. 4. @simonheseltine#SMX SEO Team Structure Matrix •  Central structure •  DoPed line to BUs Embedded •  Directly within BUs Internal Consultancy •  Used by BUs as needed Corporate Strategy / Training •  Requires others to actually do the day to day SEO Outsourcing it all •  S(ll need someone to manage / proof the work #11A
  5. 5. @simonheseltine#SMX Loca(on, Loca(on, Loca(on Geographically diverse teams •  Requires strong processes •  Good technology solu(ons for collabora(on •  Occasional face to face mee(ngs a plus •  How do you handle training? #11A
  6. 6. @simonheseltine#SMX Culture Large Enterprise •  Change resistant •  Many moving parts can reduce the speed of implementa(on •  Mee(ngs, mee(ngs, and more mee(ngs •  More reac(ve Startup Mode •  Many hats •  Fail fast •  More proac(ve BUs / individual projects within large enterprises can operate in startup mode, provided there’s execu;ve support #11A
  7. 7. @simonheseltine#SMX Other Challenges Technology •  More than 1 CMS? •  CMS SEO Support? •  Available toolsets? •  Site migra(ons / closures / mergers Senior Management •  SEO Support? •  Corporate Priori(es •  Budget Other Internal Teams •  Resistance to SEO •  Team priori(es Vendors / Agencies •  Managing work product •  Liaising between agencies and BUs #11A
  8. 8. @simonheseltine#SMX Making SEO work for your Enterprise #11A
  9. 9. @simonheseltine#SMX Enterprise SEO Success Factors Management buy-in Budget Training Process development KPI iden(fica(on, measurement and communica(on Strategic focus – be proac(ve! Rela(onship building Communica(on is key Effec(ve resource u(liza(on – use (me-zones to your advantage #11A
  10. 10. LEARN MORE: UPCOMING @SMX EVENTS THANK YOU! #SMX #11A @simonheseltine