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Enhanced Campaigns: Is The Payoff Finally Here by Susan Waldes


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Enhanced Campaigns: Is The Payoff Finally Here by Susan Waldes

  1. 1. ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS: IS THE PAYOFF HERE? # Susan Waldes 3Q Digital @Suzy Virtual #SMX #12D October 1, 2013 #
  2. 2. Remember Feb 6th? @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D
  3. 3. Campaign Enhancement? Pretty cosmetic features •Enhanced sitelinks •Better click to call •More sophisticated geo targets @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D Not huge shifts in CPCs except in some isolated drill downs
  4. 4. New Conversion Types! @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •Announced this morning •Cross device is the most expected •In Store Visits •Enhanced app download •Better click to call tracking •Desktop and tablet calls •CPA bidding based on call conversions
  5. 5. Cross Device Tracking @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •Methodology is expected – take a proxy of logged in Google users and multiply out the total “Estimated Total Conversions” •To be rolled out to all accounts starting November 1 •Biggest question is whether advertisers will take these figures to be “real”
  6. 6. The Behavior is There… @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •Most common path is from phone to computer
  7. 7. Cross Device Tracking •Unique attribution case •To track REALLY true cross device consider a shallow mobile conversion point – capture source data in your backend and use an email drip (or social media) to reengage. @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D
  8. 8. In Store Tracking @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •Triggers by exposure to a location extension •Logged in user is geo-located to store locations if they have allowed geo-location by Google apps. •Has parity with “Google Places” so only applies to “stores” (no events etc) •Like cross device, a proxy is calculated and then multiplied for an estimated total •Will there be enough scale for most advertisers? •Will people freak out ?
  9. 9. “Full Value of Adwords” @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •From the Adidas, Google, iProspect study •Google has been asking people to find their own “proxy metrics” all year – now they are doing it for you
  10. 10. Latency For New Conversions Types @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •Default will be 30 days per adwords conversion pixel •New 7-90 day conversion windows will be rolled into the product •If a user is registered as a PPC click again they are not counted in estimated •Ideally, advertisers will have full control
  11. 11. Is There Scale Here? @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •Impact is not huge in any vert •Only search, only •Cross Device needs to Record at least 50 daily conversions in your account each day •Scale?
  12. 12. Reporting Details @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •Tools such as CPA bidding coming - simple reporting at this stage •Reporting will include all “calculated metrics” (ie Total Estimated Conversion Rate) •Only goes down to the adgroup level •Another argument for Single Keyword Ad Groups!
  13. 13. Tighter Mobile Modifiers • Top performance keywords should be isolated into SKAGs • Tighter control at the “keyword” level • New conversion types • Allows “keyword” level mobile multipliers @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D
  14. 14. SKAG + Adgroup Mobile Modifiers • Can only be executed in Adwords Editor • Campaign level modifier MUST be left blank for it to work • not a 0 • no hierarchy @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D
  15. 15. Game Changer? @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D •Where do influence metrics end? •Will Google make acquisitions or apps to grow user base? •Is cross device remarketing coming? •Physical visit remarketing?
  16. 16. @suzyvirtual @3QDigital #smx #12D
  17. 17. # see more presentations at: #