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Embracing an Agile Methodology Leveraging SEO & PPC By Brett Snyder


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"From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: Let'S Work Together: How Seo & Sem Can Help Each Other. PRESENTATION: Embracing an Agile Methodology Leveraging SEO & PPC - Given by Brett Snyder, @BrettASnyder, Owner - Agora Inbound. #SMX #11B"

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Embracing an Agile Methodology Leveraging SEO & PPC By Brett Snyder

  1. 1. Let’s Work Together! Embracing an Agile Methodology Leveraging SEO & PPC Brett Snyder Owner, Brett Snyder Consulting @BrettASnyder
  2. 2. Brett Snyder Owner, Brett Snyder Consulting • Integrated digital marketing consulting • Be Where Your Audience Is! • Twitter: @BrettASnyder • Download the deck: @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  3. 3. Brett Snyder Lover of sports & outdoor activities @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  4. 4. Brett Snyder Recently married with a 6-month “fur baby” @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  5. 5. Brett Snyder Career agency marketer @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  6. 6. What is SEO? “Think of [SEO] as a ‘collection of best practices.’ It’s doing website development well, social media well, online advertising well, content creation well, conversion optimization well, and so on.” ~@SamuelJScott @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  7. 7. Left Brain – Right Brain Logical, Analytical, Objective Intuitive, Thoughtful, Subjective @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast Image Source: Kimberrywood (
  8. 8. Medium is the Message @Bre%ASnyder • How human beings interact in communities • Internet is our common ground • Strategy > Tactics #smxeast Image Source:
  9. 9. Keyword Research @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  10. 10. Means to an End • Keywords = Our Common Language • Foundation for how users engage with the search engine • Fundamental difference between SEO & PPC @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  11. 11. Validated Learning @Bre%ASnyder • “A rigorous method for demonstrating progress when one is embedded in the soil of uncertainty” • Build – Measure – Learn #smxeast
  12. 12. Search Terms Report @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  13. 13. Search Query Report @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  14. 14. Search Query Report @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  15. 15. Google Analytics is Still Valuable! @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  16. 16. Google Analytics is Still Valuable! @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  17. 17. Leverage YOUR Data • Identify Negative Keywords • Budget Allocation • Customer Segmentation @Bre%ASnyder • User Engagement • Content Gap Analysis #smxeast
  18. 18. Competitive Keyword @Bre%ASnyder Research #smxeast
  19. 19. SEMrush @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  20. 20. SEMrush @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  21. 21. Linkclump @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  22. 22. Tagxedo @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  23. 23. Tagxedo @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  24. 24. @Bre%ASnyder Hummingbird #smxeast
  25. 25. Hummingbird: Good for Users or just Google? @Bre%ASnyder Image: • “Conversational Search” • Still about INTENT • Long-tail search opportunities for commercial PPC #smxeast
  26. 26. PPC Post-Hummingbird @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  27. 27. PPC Post-Hummingbird @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  28. 28. PPC Post-Hummingbird @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  29. 29. Optimize Organic CTR @Bre%ASnyder • Variable ad copy for validated learning • Non-ranking factors (i.e. – meta description) are still very powerful #smxeast Image Source:
  30. 30. Landing Page Optimization • SEO visitors take more organic conversion path than PPC • A/B Testing • Respect the user! @Bre%ASnyder Image Source: #smxeast
  31. 31. Content Network @Bre%ASnyder • Identify content gaps on referring sites • Develop content on your site to fill those gaps • Promote new content within same content network! #smxeast Image Source:
  32. 32. Off-Page Optimization @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  33. 33. Field of Dreams…You Suck! @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast Image Source: (via Universal Studios)
  34. 34. If you build it, they will come... @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  35. 35. If you build it, they will come... @Bre%ASnyder LIES! #smxeast
  36. 36. Paid Amplification @Bre%ASnyder • Social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube • Content & Display Networks • StumbleUpon Paid Discovery • Reddit Advertising #smxeast Image Source:
  37. 37. Content Marketing & Retargeting • Use content marketing to build your retargeting audience… • …and your retargeting audience to promote your content! @Bre%ASnyder Image Source: #smxeast
  38. 38. @Bre%ASnyder Final Thoughts #smxeast
  39. 39. Keywords are the means to engage your consumers @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  40. 40. Principles of quality and relevance remain essential @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  41. 41. Field of Dreams lied to you! @Bre%ASnyder #smxeast
  42. 42. SEO & PPC are not @Bre%ASnyder competitors #smxeast
  43. 43. Embrace collaboration! @Bre%ASnyder
  44. 44. Thank You! TO LEARN MORE OR FOR ANY QUESTIONS: Brett Snyder Owner, Brett Snyder Consulting @BrettASnyder