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DIY Data Sharing for Retargeting


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Deep Dive: Audience Segmentation For Retargeting ROI. PRESENTATION: DIY Data Sharing for Retargeting - Given by Alistair Dent, @alistairdent - iProspect, Head of Product Strategy. #SMX #24B

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DIY Data Sharing for Retargeting

  1. 1. Wednesday 4th March 2015 DIY Data sharing for retargeting Alistair Dent Head of Product Strategy iProspect @AlistairDent
  2. 2. @AlistairDent #SMX #24B The best retargeting Display Website Search Retargeting Display Website Search Website Retargeting SearchDirectDisplayDisplayWebsite
  3. 3. @AlistairDent #SMX #24B Talk to people across channels Data Video Search Website Social Display
  4. 4. Data sharing is hard
  5. 5. Data sharing is hard
  6. 6. Data Management Platforms (DMPs) DMP CRM Data Brokers Analytics Public Data
  7. 7. Do it yourself Query string Tag manager rule Remarketing pixel
  8. 8. Get your taxonomies right
  9. 9. Value is value, everywhere Search Keywords Intent Display Placement Context Video Engagement Qualification
  10. 10. Sharing across channels
  11. 11. Search to display retargeting • Large insurance company • Group by insurance type (e.g. home, car, pet) • Sub-group by keyword semantics (home, house, flat) • Separately group by purchase intent (best/reviews vs buy/renew)
  12. 12. Car park upsell Enrich CRM data from DVLA (or DMV) Read license plate Decide on message Cross-sell or upsell
  13. 13. @AlistairDent #SMX #24B Summary Each channel has valuable data Sharing between channels adds value DIY that process with remarketing Use query strings and tag manager rules
  14. 14. @AlistairDent #SMX #24B