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A Guide To Using Tiered Bidding Strategies on Bing Ads


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Smx West 2014 Session #Smx #23B - Best Practices With Bing Adspresentation How To Use Ad Extensions And Ad Formats To Be Relevant By Heather Cooan @Heathercooan Of Clix Marketing

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A Guide To Using Tiered Bidding Strategies on Bing Ads

  1. 1. Bing Ads: Tiered Bidding Strategies SMX WEST 2014
  2. 2. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Tiered Bidding WHAT & WHY
  3. 3. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Why Tier Bids? Tiered bids with highest bids on exact match utilize high conversion rates and low conversion costs for exact.
  4. 4. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B What is Tiered Bidding? Exact Match 100% Initial Bid Phrase & Modified Broad Match 80% Bid Broad Match 20% Initial Bid Modified Broad Match Variations 40-60% Initial Bid Spend the most where you have the most control!
  5. 5. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Should I Separate Ad Groups By Match Type? MEH, YOU CAN…
  6. 6. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Separate Match Type Ad Groups + Negative Keywords Managing Large Negative Keyword Inventories: Ad serve control between ad groups requires cross referenced negative keywords. • Broad Ad Group: • Negatives = -‘BMM KWs’, -“Phrase KWs” & -[Exact KWs] Leads to Errors | Expansion is More Work | Accounts Get Huge Broad Match Ad Group: House Slippers Negative Keywords: - +house +slippers - “house slippers - [house slippers] - +house +slipper - “house slipper - [house slipper]
  7. 7. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Separate Match Type Ad Groups + Negative Broad Match No Negative Broad Match: You can’t separate negative BMM on Bing because Bing doesn’t have a negative broad match.
  8. 8. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Separate Match Type Ad Groups + Low Volume When it comes to market share…
  9. 9. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B So…
  10. 10. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B What About Bidding for Performance? YOU CAN DO BOTH!
  11. 11. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Tiered vs. Performance Based Tug of War! Keeping up with a tiered strategy while bidding for performance can be infuriating. But you can do both with the help of excel.
  12. 12. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Excel How To: First Steps: 1. Download performance data for desired time frame into editor. 2. Download KWs with performance data and prepare sheets.
  13. 13. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Excel How To: Prepare Sheets: 1. Campaigns targeting same networks, devices, and geos. 2. Campaigns target different networks, devices, and geos. 3. Campaigns target different networks, devices, geos or campaign match typing.
  14. 14. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Prepare Action KW Sheet 1. In your “Action KW” sheet(s) create a new column to the far left of the worksheet (column A) - duplicate your entire “Keyword” column there. 2. Add 2 columns to the right of the “Bid” column. - Name them “Action” (Column K) and “New Bid/Status” (Column L).
  15. 15. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Performance Review – Action KW Sheet 1. In your “Action KW” sheet(s), review performance based on target KPIs. 2. Indicate desired bid or status changes in the “Action” column to the right of the current bid. *Don’t calculate the new bids in the “New Bid/Status” column.
  16. 16. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Match Actions – All KW Sheet 1. In the corresponding “All KW” sheet(s), you need to match up the desired action with all match type versions of a given KW. 2. In the “Action” column of the “All KW” sheet, make a vlookup that references the column A of the “All KW” sheet against column A of the “Action KW” sheet.
  17. 17. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Calculate New Bids – All KW Sheet In the “All KW” filter out any non action terms & calculate the “New Bid/Status” column based on the current bid and desired bid or status change. If it’s a Pause or Activate, just write that in the “New Bid/Status” column.
  18. 18. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Match Bid Mods to KW Match Type New “Bing Changes” sheet and copy the columns “Campaign”, “Ad Group”, “Keyword”, “Match Type”, and “New Bid/Status” from each “All KW” sheet. These are the changes you then paste into editor to upload.
  19. 19. @HeatherCooan | @ClixMarketing #smx #23B Download Sample Sheet: Downloads: Example Completed Sheet: Step By Step Instructions:
  20. 20. THANKS SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME! Heather Cooan @HeatherCooan Heather is Director of Client Services for Clix Marketing, regular writer and speaker. Heather contributes to many publications and served as a technical editor of Google AdWords – Managing Your Advertising Program (O’Reilly Media, 2011). Clix Marketing is an independent digital media firm specializing in paid display, search, and social advertising.