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Content People Crave: Tips for Creating Content People Will Love and Share By Karianne Stinson


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From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: Creating Blockbuster Content For Brands & Beyond. PRESENTATION: Content People Crave: Tips for Creating Content People Will Love and Share - Given by Karianne Stinson, @Karianne, Senior Strategist, Director - Mediabrands Publishing. #SMX #32A

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Content People Crave: Tips for Creating Content People Will Love and Share By Karianne Stinson

  1. 1. Content People Crave! Tips for Creating Content People Will Love and Share! ! ! ! Karianne Stinson! Senior Strategist at Mediabrands Publishing! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  2. 2. Karianne Stinson! Senior Strategist! Mediabrands Publishing! @Karianne! ! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  3. 3. Optimized Content Marketing! Content Marketing! Social Media! SEO! In order to be successful, SEO, social media and content marketing ! should all work collaboratively.! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  4. 4. Media Consumption is Up! Listening to music is up! ⏏200% ! Reading of magazines is up! ⏏100% ! Watching videos is up! ⏏250% ! Accessing social networks is up! ⏏150% Reading of books is up! ⏏66% ! In media terms, your audience is consuming more and more content! ! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  5. 5. People Trust and Value Brand Content! 90%! 78%! 73%! 69%! 68%! of people prefer to get information about an organization through a series of articles rather than in traditional advertising! of consumers trust brand content! Of consumers spend time reading content from a brand they are interested in! of consumers feel that organizations behind the content are interested in building good relationships! of consumers find custom content Source:, & ! useful! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  6. 6. When asked, people are not satisfied with content from brands! What: ! The content is not always relevant to what I want! ! ! Where: ! The content is not in the channels that I frequent! ! ! When: ! The content is only available when the brand wants to tell me something! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  7. 7. The Golden Rule! Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated. #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  8. 8. The Platinum Rule Treat Others the Way THEY Want to be Treated. Don’t create the content you or your company wants. Create what your current and potential customers want.! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  9. 9. Know What Content Your Target Audience Likes! Use the data to know what topics and types of content your audience likes.! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  10. 10. Even the Most Superficial Social Media Activity is Driven by a Human Need! From the UM Wave 7: Cracking the Social Code – The Story of Why ! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  11. 11. Content Should Appeal to a Human Need! UM Wave research over the last 7 years across 65 countries found 5 human and fundamental needs underpin all social behavior! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  12. 12. Diversion! 40% of people who say they want entertaining experiences from brands say that these experiences make the brand more desirable! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  13. 13. Make your fans feel special!! Recognition! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  14. 14. Create content that is informative and useful! Progression! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  15. 15. Relationship! Give your fans more reasons to love your company and a community where they can bond with one another! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  16. 16. Don’t just talk to your customers about your products, ! listen to their needs as well!! Learning! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  17. 17. Why People Join Brand Communities! RELATIONSHIP LEARNING Learn more about Get advance news about products Contact companies & influence development Get a personal response to an issue/complaint RECOGNITION It was recommended to Support a cause I like Get free content DIVERSION Feel part of a like-minded community 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Share my appreciation with others me Fill time/have fun Develop my skills Wave 6 Wave 7 PROGRESSION ! it Associate with something I think is cool While diversion is still strong, learning, relationships and recognition are growing ! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  18. 18. Why People Unlike a Brand Page! 11%! 27%! 24%! 22%! 21%! 45%! Annoying & Irrelevant Content! Lets You Down! Original Competition Has Ended! Fake Behavior! Forgot Original Attraction! Page Dormant! Think about your fans and what THEY want if you want to keep them around!! Study done by UM London #LBOC! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  19. 19. Brand Objective Meets Consumer Need! ! Find the consumer need which will also meet the brand objective! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  20. 20. Case Studies! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  21. 21. #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  22. 22. Charles Schwab #OwnYourTomorrow The Ask: Video testimonials of people who’ve switched financial advisors! ! ! ! The Insight: The reasons people switch is emotional and personal! ! ! ! The Content: Videos that highlight positive life changes! ! ! ! ! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  23. 23. What Makes This Campaign Interesting • Each influencer told the story in their own style! • Taps into people’s need for progression! • Mixed media! • Drove conversation about passions and positive change! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  24. 24. Results: 7 weeks 9 videos! ! 100+ pieces of micro content ! ! 1.5M+ video views 7K video likes! ! 14K+ social shares ! ! Vimeo Staff Pick ! ! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  25. 25. AT&T’s @SummerBreak! The Insight:! • Young Millennials love their phones! • They don’t give a shit about their phone carrier! ! The Content:! • Reality show told in a new way through social media and mobile technology! • Viewers were part of the experience! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  26. 26. What Makes This Creatively Innovative! • Real time reality! • Mixed media ! • Always on! • Multiple points of view! • Multiple platforms! • Audience feedback drives the story! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  27. 27. INSTAGRAM 3,318 likes! 134 comments! 4,546 likes! 1,278 retweets! 425 favorites! 855 retweets! 508 favorites! TWITTER 1,918 retweets! 765 favorites! 5,038 notes! 1,553 notes! TUMBLR 691 notes! 8,498 notes! VINE 428 likes! 929 likes! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  28. 28. Results: 9 weeks 6+ hrs of content 84 videos! ! 1000+ pieces of custom art 11,000+ tweets! ! 644MM total impressions 15.3MM total views! ! 10.4 MM consumer social engagements ! ! 350K subscribers! ! picked up for a second successful season! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!
  29. 29. Thank You!! @Karianne!! !! !! #SMX #32A! @Karianne!