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Client Onboarding - More Than Just Securing Account Access


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Client Onboarding: More Than Just Securing Account Access. PRESENTATION: Client Onboarding - More Than Just Securing Account Access - Given by John Lee, @john_a_lee - Clix Marketing, Managing Partner. #SMX #13B

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Client Onboarding - More Than Just Securing Account Access

  1. 1. March 3, 2015 Client Onboarding: More Than Just Securing Account Access John A. Lee Managing Partner – Clix Marketing
  2. 2. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Managing Partner: Clix Marketing Digital Advertising Geek Emphasis on “Geek” Prior Sentences Served: Hanapin Marketing Wordstream Writer: Search Engine Watch, The SEM Post, ClickZ, Clix Marketing Blog, Acquisio Blog, PPC Hero Speaker: SMX, SMX Social, SES / ClickZ Live, HeroConf, State of Search Who the Heck is this Guy?
  3. 3. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B  Knowledge Transfer  Details, Details, Details  Set Expectations  Take Off! Pre-Flight Checklist
  4. 4. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Knowledge Transfer
  5. 5. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B  Successes & Failures  Define Success  Tracking Systems  Channels  Budgets  Decision Makers  Communication & Reporting Knowledge Transfer Checklist
  6. 6. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Discuss past successes and failures. • What worked? What didn’t? Why? • What kind of testing has occurred? • What channels have been explored? • What kept you from reaching your goals? Past + Present = Future
  7. 7. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Define Success What is success? • Leads? Sales? CPA? ROI? ROAS? Margin?
  8. 8. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Not all websites are created equal. You know client’s definition of success: • What systems are required to track these metrics? • Don’t be satisfied with basic conversion tracking. • Analytics. CRM. E-commerce. Proprietary Databases. Get it All. Tracking Systems
  9. 9. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Channels • Search • Display • Social • Native • Non-traditional Channels • Review sites, vertical-specific content. Follow the White Rabbit… Budgets • Ad Spend • -Agency Fees • Required to Break Down by Channel? • Separate Testing Budget?
  10. 10. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Who Are the Decision Makers? One contact point? Maybe. One decision maker? Not likely. Ask who is watching the data, discover what they need to know.
  11. 11. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Desired communication frequency? • Communication style-match is important. Desired reporting frequency? • Required data for reports? • Daily, weekly, monthly? Communication & Reporting
  12. 12. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Details, Details, Details
  13. 13. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B  Account Access  Team Placement  Create Campaign Plan  Create Campaign Timeline Details Checklist
  14. 14. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Leverage tools of the trade: • Google AdWords MCC • Bing Ads Agency Management • Facebook Business Manger Don’t forget the data: • Google Analytics • Call Tracking • CRM • (or reports on lead-to-close data) Secure Account Access
  15. 15. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Planning • What work is required? • Landing pages? Creative? Tracking implementation? Research? Campaign creation? • Who will do the work? • Need to hire? Outsource? Get ahead of the curve. • What tools do you need? Roadmap for Success Timeline • Set clear and reasonable due dates. • Drive towards milestones (goals, product launches, seasonality).
  16. 16. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Agency Team Placement Roles • Client Contact • Strategist • CRO / Landing Pages • Graphic Design Are they a fit? • Skills • Channel Experience • Personality Match • Availability
  17. 17. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Set Expectations
  18. 18. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B  Present Plan & Timeline  Outline Communication Parameters  Goals vs. Guarantees Expectations Checklist
  19. 19. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Present the Plan You grilled the client. You planned every detail. Now unleash the magic! • Present the plan. • Explain the timeline. • Be specific with details and dates.
  20. 20. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Communication Frequency • Detail call time and schedule. • Set it and stick to it. • Explain why if this differs from client’s original request. • Detail preferred methods of communication. • Conference calls, cell phone, email, text messages or chat? • Explain which mediums are best for day-to-day and which are best for emergencies only. Reporting Frequency • Detail how and when reports will be delivered. • Explain why if this differs from client’s original request. Set Boundaries
  21. 21. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Promises and guarantees are traps. • Work with client to set reasonable goals. • Be accountable for reaching goals, but stay grounded in reality! Goals vs. Guarantees
  22. 22. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B Your client / agency relationship is ready for… Take Off!
  23. 23. @john_a_lee #SMX #13B