Checklist from Top Tactics for the Social Media Marketer Session SMX West 2014


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TOP SOCIAL TACTICS FOR THE SEARCH MARKETER CHECKLIST A Checklist to Integrate Search & Social by Lisa Williams, Lisa Buyer, Ric Dragon and Jen Lopez

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Checklist from Top Tactics for the Social Media Marketer Session SMX West 2014

  1. 1. TOP SOCIAL TACTICS FOR THE SEARCH MARKETER CHECKLIST A Checklist to Integrate Search & Social by Lisa Williams, Lisa Buyer, Ric Dragon and Jen Lopez
  2. 2. BLOG/ARTICLE OPTIMIZATION CHECKLIST Keyword Research Identify 1–3 relevant keywords Filename / URL Limit to 255 characters Use lowercase characters only Separate words with a single dash Include, at a minimum, one of the keywords selected that best describes the page Do not include special characters
  3. 3. CONTENT Dedicate each page to a single topic Write unique, non-duplicative content 250 words minimum Use each keyword twice (exactly as written) and its synonym once Try to use at least one keyword within the first sentence Conclude with a clear call to action
  4. 4. LINKING Link at least two times within the copy to similarly themed pages on the site Do not link to other pages with target keywords from the current page Anchor text should describe the page to which you are referring
  5. 5. TAGS Page Title Include a unique title tag on all pages Limit to 70 characters Add descriptive keywords in the beginning of the title tag
  6. 6. META DESCRIPTION Include a unique meta description Limit to 155 characters Include target keywords once when possible Include a call to action at the beginning or end
  7. 7. META KEYWORDS Include each keyword for which the page is optimized Limit to the 3 selected keyword phrases, separated by commas
  8. 8. HEADINGS H1 must fully describe the page’s content Include a single, unique H1 Use target keywords in headings when possible Do not repeat keywords in headings Headings should be implemented in semantically correct, outline form
  9. 9. CHANNEL INTEGRATION CHECKLIST Inventory/audit Personas/segmentation identification Content map Define gaps Channel integration plan Channel segmentation grid
  10. 10. AUTHORING & AUTHORSHIP CHECKLIST Topic/theme focus Google+ Profile Completion Tagline Description Documented strategy Define circles Give something back to the community
  11. 11. INFLUENCER IDENTIFICATION CHECKLIST Topic/theme focus Identify top influencers Define outreach plan Track outreach Track increaes in reach from influencers
  12. 12. CONTENT, SEARCH & SOCIAL MEASUREMENT Creation & consumption Missed & captured market share Identify & track macro outcomes Define compound measurement SEO influence Endorsement (linking, sharing, liking) Cost savings Lead quality
  13. 13. How to Optimize, Socialize and Publicize Your Brand’s News by Lisa Buyer
  14. 14. TODAY’S MEDIA RELATIONS What’s In: Mingle and pitch media on social news networks Sharing third party content Visual storytelling that is mobile friendly Google+ Hangouts with the media, customers and prospects Twitter Chats What’s Out: Dated newsrooms showing old news Press releases without images Press releases for SEO Sharing buttons not branded Blogs without real authors
  15. 15. TODAY’S NEWS RELEASES PR Do’s: Break news in tweets Create visual PR with a headline Exclusive news via Google Circle Social, paid and blog versions Brands act like publishers PR Don'ts: Post it as a PDF Publish it and forget it Text only Same content on all channels Forget to put media contact
  16. 16. Brand Newsrooms Top 20 Features Make sure your brand’s online newsroom has these features that journalists and customers request and expect when they visit your website. Search PR Contacts News Releases Email Alerts Photos Breaking News Crisis Communications
  17. 17. BRAND NEWSROOMS TOP 20 FEATURES Company Background History Information/Interview Requests Executive Bios/SMEs Event Calendars Access to Product Information Access to Financial Information Links Social Media Sites Access to Video Register for Media Credentials Access News Coverage From Other Outlets Mobile-friendly newsroom - Use Wireless to Access News URL that is Easy to Remember RSS Feeds
  18. 18. MEASURING CHECKLIST Use Google Social Reporting Social Network Referrals Set up Conversion Tracking Check Conversion Paths Monitor Email Address Sign up
  19. 19. KPI & ROI CHECKLIST Lead generation Relationship building Credibility Media coverage
  20. 20. SOCIAL KPIS CHECKLIST Conversation Rate Amplification Rate Applause Rate Economic Value
  21. 21. Social Meta Tags for the Search Marketer by Jennifer Lopez
  22. 22. SEARCH & SOCIAL META TAGS SEOs Focus: Title Tag & Meta description Example SERP & how they’re used Keywords Social uses the same title/description Example FB post using defaults Example Pinterest post using defaults But Social != Search - so how can you make them different?
  23. 23. OPEN GRAPH Make your Social sharing more enticing OG Examples - FB & G+ OG Code Facebook Debugger
  24. 24. TWITTER CARDS What different cards look like (images and sizing) Twitter card code How to add your site Twitter card analytics (new!) Twitter card tester Pinterest Enhanced Pins Recipe example
  25. 25. CODE & TYPES Authorship! Examples Differences Code Authorship checker
  26. 26. Deep Web & Relevance Checklist by Ric Dragon
  27. 27. FIGURE OUT YOUR GAME Develop a social media marketing modal mix Find the way that your content can mean something Brand maintenance Community Influencers Thought leadership