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Building a Social Content Engine By Tami Cannizzaro


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From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: All Search Is Now Social. PRESENTATION: Building A Social Content Engine - Given by Tami Cannizzaro, @tamicann, Global Director of Marketing, Social Business - IBM . #SMX #11A

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Building a Social Content Engine By Tami Cannizzaro

  1. 1. All Search is Social. Building a Social Content Engine Tami Cannizzaro, VP of Marketing, IBM @TamiCann
  2. 2. Social is the authentic face of a Brand.
  3. 3. It turns out the bag of marbles has roughly 300% more surface area.
  4. 4. Social Social Advocacy gives your organization authentic reach
  5. 5. Voices #IBM 9/9 30/ 14 250+ IBM most senior experts in Select program 5,000+ IBM experts in Forward Thinker program 430,000+ IBMers trained on social media 61,000,000+ IBMer social media connections
  6. 6. Influencer Marketing #socBiz 9/10 30/ 14
  7. 7. If Social is discovery. Search is validation
  8. 8. Good Content is the key to Good SEO Ranking ü Backlinks to relevant content ü Useablility Stats of your content ü Keywords in your content ü Age of Domain of your content ü Freshness of your content ü Social Signals in your content
  9. 9. Content Marketing is the engine that drives search rank and brand engagement
  10. 10. Tap into Cultural Ethos What’s happening in pop culture? What’s happening around my Brand? What new Trends can I tap?
  11. 11. Build Relevant, Consistent Content Content “Snacks”! Long-Form & Social Conversation! Low Engagement / Quick Hit! Intermediate / Building Engagement! High Engagement! • Social Posts" • Content snippets – quotes, statistics" • Photos" • Content previews" • Free chapter promotions" • Short videos" • Social discussions" • Fan-gating" • Interviews with content author" Low Engagement / Quick Hit! Intermediate / Building Engagement! High Engagement!
  12. 12. Goal: To produce relevant content and real-time creative assets that support paid, owned, earned strategies, drive social selling and align with longer-term brand initiatives. Friday: The Beatbox Monday: The Editorial Sync Tuesday: The Angle IBM team meets to discuss news, events and trends. Each member of the team will have a specified “beat”. IBM and Ogilvy bureau meet to review/revise content strategy, concept development. Review of content and assets for review, adjusting timelines as needed. Wednesday: The Deadline Thursday: The Press Run Friday: Rewind Content status review. Midweek news cycle review. Snapshot of week to date. . Snapshot of week to date, review of any outstanding deliverables for week. Review analytics, engagement, consider amplification strategy & paid opportunities. Use a Weekly Newsroom Approach
  13. 13. To connect with your clients
  14. 14. AConndte nOt Aputdimit ize Paid, Earned, Owned Rank in Universal Search Engines 1 Google Yahoo Bing Engagement 2 Rank in Social Engines Types of Content “Paid” Media Distribution & Activation “Earned” Activation Plan: Employee Activation & Influencer Outreach Comprehensive Metadata Treatment & Format Optimization = Make it findable, sharable & useful Short Form Snackable Video Demos Drive 3
  15. 15. Sample Editorial Calendar
  16. 16. Build relevant, findable, shareable experiences
  17. 17. Become a Trusted Expert Page 21 Curate great content
  18. 18. Page 22 Mobilize your community around a shared interest that ties back to your product Build Community
  19. 19. Page 23 Evoke an Emotion Connect on An emotional Level
  20. 20. Make a Meaningful Connection Page 24 Provide Moments of connection
  21. 21. Content is the fuel of your marketing engine. And today -- all good content -- is Social.
  22. 22. Thank you Tami Cannizzaro, IBM @TamiCann