The Power & Nature of Web Video by Mark Robertson


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From SMX East 2013 - The Power & Nature of Web Video by Mark Robertson #SMX #33C

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The Power & Nature of Web Video by Mark Robertson

  1. 1. QUICK & EASY VIDEO The Power & Nature of Web Video Mark Robertson Founder, ReelSEO @markrrobertson
  2. 2. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Mark Robertson • Founder, • Web Video Consultant Who’s This Guy!
  3. 3. 00:09 VIDEO IS HERE TO STAY Question: How Many of You HATE Online Video?
  4. 4. @markrrobertson #smx #33C 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Approves of Video Dissaproves of Video (also dislikes children & ponies) 99.9% of Humans Like Online Video 99.9% of Respondents 0.01% of Respondents Scientific Research Suggests Humans Like Video
  5. 5. @markrrobertson #smx #33C You Are Not Alone Source: SEMPO Survey 2012 Trends in Search Marketing >78% of Agencies Say Video Search Trend Significant
  6. 6. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Video is Now Top Investment Priority
  7. 7. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Content Marketers Have Taken Notice • Video is now the 6th Most Popular content marketing tactic Source: 2012 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Report Jan. 2013
  8. 8. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Video Dominates Search Results Source: Searchmetrics "Universal Search Results in the Google SERPs - Review 2012 and Forecast 2013” Universal results serve video results more than any other type. Takeaways = • SEO video landing pages • Schema markup for video • Sitemaps for video
  9. 9. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Videos = Link Bait • Posts with videos included will attract almost 3X more ILDs (In- Linking Domains) than a plain text post. Takeaway = • Embed relevant videos, even if they’re not yours Source: blog March 2012 – “Building Links with Video Content”
  10. 10. 00:09 THE OPPORTUNITY
  11. 11. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Opportunity > Cat-Nado Videos
  12. 12. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Opportunity > Beyond Awareness
  13. 13. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Video Has Power Throughout the Marketing Funnel Video Types Branded Video, Instructional (How-to) Videos, UGC Videos, Lifestyle Content Company profiles, Product Demos, Video Case Studies, Video Testimonials, Video Comparisons, Training Videos, User Generated Videos, Video FAQs, Corporate Image/Culture, Customer Support, Thank you/rewards videos Product Videos, Company profiles Product Video Reviews/Testimonials
  14. 14. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Video Has Power Throughout the Marketing Funnel Zappos Video Strategy • 250K+ product videos (and bloopers) • How-to videos • Brand marketing • Internal communications • Corporate culture • User-generated product reviews
  15. 15. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Video Results - Powerful Zappos Video Results •  Product page conversion •  Returns •  Customer satisfaction Zappos Keys To Success • Honest, personal, informative • Diffusion everywhere – Website, YouTube, Facebook. “What works the best is the fact that our videos are very real. There is value in being candid. There's an emotional connection that can’t be captured via photograph or text” – Laurie Williams, Video Product Manager
  16. 16. 00:36 THE NATURE OF WEB VIDEO
  17. 17. @markrrobertson #smx #33C To be successful with web video, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t. Consider viewing habits 1. Lean forward 2. Short attention span 3. Multiple devices Online Video Viewing Differs
  18. 18. @markrrobertson #smx #33C • The classic disruptive marketing approach does not usually work. – IE – repurposed TV Campaigns What Content Doesn’t Work?
  19. 19. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Create Magnetic Content: • Not interruption marketing • You’re competing with entertainment, friends, family, etc…. Tell a Story • Does the story evoke emotion? • Is the content unique? • Is the content useful? • Is the content well executed? • Is the content conversational? • Is the content honest? • Is the content entertaining? What Content Works? Ps
  20. 20. @markrrobertson #smx #33C What Doesn’t Work Here? Title: “Easy Bruschetta Recipe: How to Make Quick & Easy Bruschetta”
  21. 21. @markrrobertson #smx #33C >50% will leave before 1 min Keep Them Interested
  22. 22. @markrrobertson #smx #33C The First 15 Seconds -> GET TO THE POINT!!!
  23. 23. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Branding Second, Tease First Title: “How To Backup your Entire YouTube Channel”
  24. 24. @markrrobertson #smx #33C YouTube Success: Views Vs. Time-Watched
  25. 25. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Produce Videos in Series – Producing several videos around one topic will increase the chances that a viewer will click through several videos in that series. Create Playlists: – Be sure to create playlists to bundle the videos and present them nicely on your Channel homepage sections. Viewers and the YouTube algorithm itself will recognize videos in a playlist to be related. Calls To Action: – Don’t be afraid to tell viewers at the end of your video to check out your other videos. You can either do that on-camera, with graphics or with YouTube Annotations. It’s best to do all 3. Takeaway - Provide Linear Viewing Experience
  26. 26. @markrrobertson #smx #33C • When linking to videos in annotations, use playlist URLs – – Can Increase session watch time via linear experience – Better watch-page experience #1 Tip for YouTube’s Time Watched
  27. 27. 00:36 IDEAS/TIPS/TOOLS
  28. 28. @markrrobertson #smx #33C “We reached out to the top 50 people on YouTube who were making videos and created a network of video bloggers. …92% of our traffic is organic and most comes from YouTube,” said Jordan Blum, President -” views in < 2 years Hyper-Target Existing Video Communities WARNING: Excellent strategy, but don’t just rely upon others. Control your brand reputation!
  29. 29. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Supplier/Manufacturer Videos
  30. 30. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Let Fans Create the Content – Crowdsourcing airbnb – Hollywood & Vines
  31. 31. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Make An Animated Video
  32. 32. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Re-Purpose Photos
  33. 33. @markrrobertson #smx #33C • Outsource Production: – – – – Local Colleges – Craigslist – Fiverr • Data-Driven Video – – – • Screen Capture: – Record Webinars – Camtasia (Mac, PC) – Screenflow (mac only) Quick/Easy Video Sourcing Ideas
  34. 34. @markrrobertson #smx #33C Last Tip – Have Older Videos on YouTube?
  35. 35. THANKY