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Better Together: Search + Social


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Better Together: Search & Social. PRESENTATION: Better Together: Search + Social - Given by Ellen White, @Ellenreathwhite - Team Detroit / Ford Motor Company, Director, Organic Search (SEO). #SMX #31C

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Better Together: Search + Social

  1. 1. March 3, 2015 BETTER TOGETHER: SEARCH+SOCIAL Ellen White Director, Organic Search (SEO) Team Detroit | Ford Motor Company @EllenReathWhite
  2. 2. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E E L L E N W H I T E • Employer – Team Detroit • Client – Ford Motor Company • Search Marketing Specialist – SEO/SEM • Digital Analytics – Omniture Ellen White is Director of Organic Search (SEO) for the Ford Motor Company. She excels at communicating in a plain, straightforward fashion the complexities of today’s emerging Search/Social environment. Committed to bringing rigor, discipline and standardization to the Search/Social trades. Tired of the egos. Ready for the next wave. Having sold all worldly goods, Ellen is living in a dilapidated cottage on a northern Michigan lake with her husband of 32 years (and lots of visitors). Her Motto: “Sink or swim, I’ll dive right in.”
  3. 3. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E The SEO team bubbles up recommendations based on analytics data • “There is a great deal of interest in [FILL IN THE BLANK], Our site is the best source of information regarding this topic. But the way the site is designed blocks search engines from finding that information.” Recommendation • Help search engine crawlers find and understand content Implementation • Discovery  Design  Develop  Deploy  Post-Deployment • Research  UXA & Copywriter Input  Engineering Input  QA  Reporting + Additional Optimizations How the Organic Search (SEO) team works within the agency Insights, Recommendations & Implementation - 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 Dec2014 Oct2014 Aug2014 Jun2014 Apr2014 Feb2014 Dec2013 Oct2013 Aug2013 Jun2013 Apr2013 Feb2013 Dec2012 Oct2012 Aug2012 Jun2012 Apr2012 Feb2012 Dec2011 Oct2011 Aug2011 Jun2011 Apr2011 Feb2011 Dec2010 Oct2010 Aug2010 Jun2010 Apr2010 Feb2010 Dec2009 Oct2009 Aug2009 Paid Visits from Search - Wired & Mobile Natural Visits from Search - Wired & Mobile
  4. 4. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Search Marketing. There we were, Search Marketing professionals, finally established, sitting at anchor on calm waters.
  5. 5. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E S O C I A L M E D I A . And suddenly our little sister hit the scene…and our parents were enamored.
  6. 6. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Characterized by • Rivalry • Jockeying for position • Fear of showing our inadequacies Dependence  Independence  Rugged Individualism  Unique Expertise Let’s Evolve. We are here.
  7. 7. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Be Humble. Be Teachable. Keep these five truths in mind. 1. No single person or team can master the complexities in today’s Search/Social discipline 2. Your knowledge in no way diminishes me. 3. Sharing my knowledge in no way threatens my place in this world. 4. Knowledge gaps are not intelligence gaps. 5. We are all capable of learning. Dependence  Independence  Rugged Individualism  Leveraging Unique Expertise Let’s get here.
  8. 8. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Better Together. Moving from rugged individualism to leveraging unique expertise. Deadlines  Fast Pace  Constant Change = Profound Complexities "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing."
  9. 9. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Feel Safe. Ongoing & Continuous Change • Search algorithms • Social media sites & their influence Emerging • Vocabulary • Thought-leaders • Strategies • Tactics • Analytics • Goals & Objectives • Your knowledge & the knowledge of others E V E R Y T H I N G is emerging. N O O N E is a complete expert
  10. 10. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Consumer ConsumerConsumer Standard Search Marketing Model Drive consumers to our platform from Google, Yahoo! And Bing. How we did it • Content • Links • Site Architecture Where we struggle • Content • Links • Site Architecture Search vs Social Search.
  11. 11. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Consumer Ford Content Ford Content Ford Content Ford Content Social Media’s Distributed Content Model Meet consumers on their platforms. How its being done. • Content • Links Search vs Social Social.
  12. 12. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Search vs Social Search Strengths “We know exactly what we want and how to get it.” Social Strengths “We will come to you.” Search Challenges “You must come to us.” • Deep research on important terms • Strong knowledge of ranking factors • Success measured on one platform • Quick insertion into the cultural conversation • Ability to use common language • Slow turnaround • Architecture & Design Roadblocks • Frequently restrained from using common language
  13. 13. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Create a ROADMAP. Create a Strategy. Social can leverage the SEO team in the following ways: • Knowledge of linking • Keyword research data SEO can leverage the Social team in the following ways: • Ability to deploy content when brand site content is thin, non-existent or unable to be reached by search engine crawlers Work together to craft a linking strategy and a content calendar
  14. 14. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Establish BRAND. Tactics. What is your brand’s theme? For what topics do you want your brand to show up? Where online should your brand show up? Extend branding to all • Copy (posts/tweets) • Images • Videos
  15. 15. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Determine VOICE and CADENCE. Tactics.
  16. 16. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Be LIKEABLE. Tactics.
  17. 17. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Navigation can get TRICKY. Tactics.
  18. 18. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E Refine your ROADMAP. Get Your BEARINGS. Refine the Strategy.
  19. 19. @EllenReathWhite #SMX #31E