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Best Rules and Checklists for Automating Your PPC Campaigns By Diane Pease


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From the SMX East 2014 Conference in New York City, NY. SESSION: Automating Your PPC Campaigns. PRESENTATION: Best Rules and Checklists for Automating Your PPC Campaigns - Given by Diane Pease, @dpease, Inbound Marketing Manager - Cisco. #SMX #34B

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Best Rules and Checklists for Automating Your PPC Campaigns By Diane Pease

  1. 1. The Best Rules & Checklists For Automa=ng Your PPC Campaigns @dpease #smx 34B Diane W. Pease Inbound Marke=ng Manager
  2. 2. Automa=on Improved Performance Streamline Daily Func7ons Be More Strategic @dpease #smx 34B
  3. 3. The “Aha” Moment We all face the same challenges and problems when managing paid search accounts. @dpease #smx 34B
  4. 4. AdWords Can Feel Like… @dpease #smx 34B
  5. 5. It’s Hard Being On Top Of Your Game @dpease #smx 34B How can I automate these mundane tasks? I am spending too much 7me managing campaigns What new AdWords tools will help me?
  6. 6. Key Takeaways • Using AdWords rules to streamline op7miza7on tasks • Crea7ng filters to get quick views of your account performance • Segmen7ng @dpease #smx 34B your data for beRer analysis and iden7fy opportuni7es • Using SQR reports to mine for keywords, target nega7ves • Daily, weekly and monthly checklists
  7. 7. @dpease #smx 34B
  8. 8. Automated Rule Example @dpease #smx 34B
  9. 9. Popular Rules @dpease #smx 34B
  10. 10. More Popular Rules @dpease #smx 34B
  11. 11. Filters Account Sta7s7cs Performance Data Campaign SeYngs Saved File @dpease #smx 34B
  12. 12. SeYng Up Filters Can be set up on any of the AdWords tabs @dpease #smx 34B
  13. 13. Filter Examples @dpease #smx 34B • Keywords • Low Quality Score (less than 3) • Below first page bid • Keywords with low CTR (< X%) • Impression share less than 80% • Max CPC greater than top of page bid • Average posi7on greater than 5 • Keywords with high cost and low conversion rate • Keywords with high bounce rate • Ads • Ads with low CTR’s • Ads Under Review or Disapproved • Campaigns • Separate by search and display
  14. 14. Segments @dpease #smx 34B Applying addi7onal level of detail can make a difference in what you see
  15. 15. Segments @dpease #smx 34B
  16. 16. Segments = Opportunity @dpease #smx 34B
  17. 17. SQR – The Good And Bad @dpease #smx 34B
  18. 18. @dpease #smx 34B Nega7ve Keywords Opportunity Keywords
  19. 19. Daily Checklist Dimensions tab Check budget rules Check keyword and ad filters @dpease #smx 34B
  20. 20. Weekly Checklist SQR Report Check budget scheduling rule Run keyword and ad filter for current week, previous week @dpease #smx 34B
  21. 21. Monthly Checklist Run low performing ad and keyword rule report Revisit automated rules Run keyword and ad filters for the month @dpease #smx 34B
  22. 22. Thank you! @dpease #smx 34B