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Beacons: Opportunities, Limitations and How Marketers Can Use Them Today By Keri Danielski


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 1-3, 2016. SESSION: Beacons: Opportunities, Limitations & How Marketers Can Use Them Today. PRESENTATION: Beacons: Opportunities, Limitations and How Marketers Can Use Them Today - Given by Keri Danielski, @keridanielski - Gimbal, Vice President of Marketing and PR. #SMX #12C

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Beacons: Opportunities, Limitations and How Marketers Can Use Them Today By Keri Danielski

  1. 1. Gimbal,  Inc.  Gimbal,  Inc.   Beacons:  Opportuni7es,  Limita7ons  &   How  Marketers  Can  Use  Them  Today       Keri  Danielski,  VP  of  Marke7ng,  Gimbal,  Inc.     March  1,  2016   1  
  2. 2. Gimbal,  Inc.   How  Gimbal  Beacons  Work…   2   ❶   ❹   Gimbal  beacon   transmits     secure  ID   ❷   Gimbal  Manager   determines   engagement   ❸   Smartphone  relays     detec7on  to  Gimbal   Manager   Gimbal  beacon   detected   by  Gimbal  SDK  within  a   mobile  app   Gimbal  Manager   sends     content  to  app  
  3. 3. Gimbal,  Inc.    Proximity  Beacons  and  Firmware   •  For  areas  under  50  meters   •  Low  cost,  easy  to  install  Bluetooth®  Smart   (BLE)  Beacons   •  Various  forms  and  power  configura7ons   •  Industry  leading  security     •  Advanced  and  unique  antennae  design   •  Minimal  ba`ery  consump7on   •  Easily  configured  and  updated  remotely     3   Engaging  Users  at  Micro-­‐Loca1ons  
  4. 4. 4   use  mobile   while  shopping   84  %   Source:  Google  
  5. 5. 5   57  %   engage  with   loca7on-­‐based  ads   Source:  FORBES  
  6. 6. Rapid  Adop7on  of  Loca7on-­‐Based  Marke7ng   6   U.S.  Store  Sales  Influenced  by  Loca1on-­‐Triggered  Engagements   2015   Source:  Business  Insider  Intelligence   $4.1  B   $44.4  B   2016   10x  GROWTH  RATE    
  7. 7. 7   Tools  for  Loca7on-­‐Based  Marke7ng       MOBILE  SDKs   •  For  iOS  &  Android   •  Allows  for  passive   or  ac7ve  mobile   engagement   MANAGER  PORTAL   •  Build,  manage,  analyze   campaign  performance   and  loca7on  infrastructure   •  REST  APIs   BEACONS   •  Outdoors/Indoors   •  Micro-­‐loca7on   (cen7meters  to   50  meters)   GEOFENCING   •  Outdoors   •  Macro-­‐loca7on   (50  meters  +)  
  8. 8. Gimbal,  Inc.   8   Understand  &  Engage  Customers   8   Online   Offline  
  9. 9. Gimbal,  Inc.   9   %   Source:  US  Department  of  Commerce   of  U.S.  retail  sales   s7ll  occur  in  offline   channels   93  
  10. 10. Gimbal,  Inc.   Iden7fying  Blind  Spots  in  the  Path-­‐to-­‐Purchase     10   ONLINE   OFFLINE   AWARENESS   CONSIDERATION   DECISION   RETENTION  
  11. 11. 11   Loca7on  Intelligence  and  Mobile  Engagement   Op1mize  the  Consumer  Experience  
  12. 12. Gimbal,  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on 12 Gym 5:42 PM Coffee Shop 2:25 PM HOME 8:15 PM PATH
 Insights and Attribution REMOVE… PROXIMITY GEOFENCE OOH Bus Stop Ad 7:22 PM Dwell 0:24 Apparel Store at
 Shopping Mall 12:51 PM
 Dwell 0:27 Apparel Store at
 Shopping Mall 1:12 PM
 Dwell 0:27 Apparel Store at
 Shopping Mall 12:59 PM
 Dwell 0:27 Dinner @ QSR 7:45PM Dwell 0:25 Context  Creates  Superior  Mobile  Experiences  
  13. 13. 13   Providing  Value  Across  the  Ecosystem   SPORTS  &   ENTERTAINMENT   RETAILERS   AGENCIES   ADVERTISERS   PUBLISHERS   OUT-­‐OF-­‐HOME   NETWORKS   •  Make  smart  devices   part  of  the   experience  instead   of  a  distrac7on   •  Personalize  the   mobile  experience   for  fans  at   stadiums,  arenas,   concerts,  events   and  performances   •  Engage  shoppers   •  Improve  customer   service   •  Advance  omni-­‐ channel  strategy   •  Increase  sales   •  Op7mize   opera7ons   •  Provide  a`ribu7on   •  Improve  digital  ad   relevance  and   CPM  value  with   loca7on  and   proximity   •   Increase   engagement   •  Be`er  understand   mobile  audiences   and  a`ribu7on   •  Mone7ze  through   partnerships  with   relevant  adver7sers   and  beacon-­‐enabled   loca7ons   •  Serve  personalized   adver7sements   based  on  loca7on   and  proximity   •  Bridge  physical  assets   with  digital   engagements   •  Extract  inherent  value  of   specific  loca7ons   •  Target  mobile  audiences   in  real  7me   •  Measure  foot  traffic  
  14. 14. Gimbal,  Inc.   Major  Enterprise  Rollouts   14   Apple  Retail  stores   2014   Super  Bowl   2015   Super  Bown   Cleveland   Cavaliers   GameStop   Dick’s   Spor7ng  Goods  
  15. 15. Gimbal,  Inc.   Real  World  A`ribu7on   15   Providing  Loca1on-­‐Specific  AXribu1on    Programs  connec7ng  OOH  ads  with  a  mobile   campaign  had  21%  open  rate  with  a  12%   conversion  rate  (visi7ng  a  store)   *  Typical  mobile  campaign  conversion  rate  1%  or  less.  Source:  Monatate,  Q1  2014   12x   Up  to  
  16. 16. Gimbal,  Inc.   Retailers   16   Enhancing  In-­‐store  Experiences   •  Highligh7ng  deals  or  new  products  at  the   shelf-­‐level  with  a  unique  in-­‐app  experience     •  In  depth  product  marke7ng  with  “pull”  or   “push”  messaging   30%  Average  geo-­‐targeted   mobile  message  open  rate    
  17. 17. Gimbal,  Inc.   Publishers   17   Personalizing  Offers  and  Promo1ons   •  A  leading  CPG  brand  partnered  with  Gimbal   and  RetailMeNot  to  create  an  exclusive   promo7on   •  Encouraged  users  to  visit  CPG’s  branded  area  54%  Click-­‐thru  rate    
  18. 18. Gimbal,  Inc.   Leverage  Your  Audience,  and  Others!   Your  Mobile  App   18   3rd  Party  Mobile  Apps   Goals/Benefits:   •  Significantly  expanded  reach     •  Ability  to  target  audiences  based  on   implied  relevance     •  Target  new  customers     Reach  Those  on  Your  App,  and  Beyond       Goals/Benefits:   •  Engage  users  when  contextually   relevant  experiences   •  Be`er  understand  your  mobile   users  
  19. 19. Gimbal,  Inc.   Crawl.  Walk.  Run.   19  
  20. 20. Gimbal,  Inc.   20   Steps  to  Integra7on:   FULL  DEPLOYMENT   •  SHOW  YOUR  MOBILE   MASTERY   •  Expand  your  roll-­‐out  and   begin  perfec7ng  your   physical  sites  holis7cally     SELECTIVE  ROLL-­‐OUT   •  PERFECT  YOUR  METHODS   •  Begin  experimen7ng  with  the   Gimbal  solu7on  and  learn   what  campaigns  drive   engagement  in  a  handful  of   loca7ons   •  GET  STARTED   •  Integrate  the  Gimbal   SDKs  for  Android  and   iOS   INTEGRATE  SDKs   1   2   3  
  21. 21. Gimbal,  Inc.  Gimbal,  Inc.   Let’s  Keep  the     Conversa7on  Going…     Keri  Danielski,  VP  of  Marke1ng   @Gimbal  @keridanielski­‐inc   21  
  22. 22. Gimbal,  Inc.   SEE  YOU  AT  THE  NEXT  #SMX!   THANK  YOU!