B2B and Facebook + The Importance of Location Pages by Shelly Kramer


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B2B and Facebook + The Importance of Location Pages by Shelly Kramer of V3 Integrated Marketing @ShellyKramer


Winning Fans & Boosting Facebook Engagement
#smx #12A
So you’ve got a Facebook page for your brand. You’re following the rules and best practices of social media – consistently posting content, engaging with fans… but you’re still not moving the needle. Climb aboard this session for a deep dive into some seriously advanced Facebook tactics and techniques to gain more fans and bolster community engagement. From maximizing Facebook’s organic analytics platform (Insights) to help transform statistics into actions, to optimizing your Timeline for maximum participation, our panelists will share tips that will blow your mind, and help you beef up your organic presence in the world’s largest social network.

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B2B and Facebook + The Importance of Location Pages by Shelly Kramer

  1. 1. Winning Fans + Boosting Facebook Engagement B2B and Facebook + The Importance of Location Pages Shelly Kramer, @shellykramer #SMX #12A #SMXSocial13 © 2013 V3 Integrated Marketing
  2. 2. What’s Going On • 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily on Facebook - a 94% increase in 9 mos. (8/12-5/13) • 3,298,611 pieces of content shared per minute @shellykramer
  3. 3. What’s Going On Google’s Moment of Truth Research surveyed tens of thousands of consumers across many categories. In just one year, they needed twice as much information before buying the same stuff. Why? Mobile devices. 2010 – 5.3 sources 2011 – 10.4 sources No barrier to knowledge. No friction to learning. If you make a bad decision, you’re just lazy, because all the information to make a good one is in your pocket. @shellykramer
  4. 4. It’s noisy. And we’re distracted. Being “awesome” isn’t enough. Being useful is the differentiator.* *Stolen without shame from Jay Baer
  5. 5. How Decisions Are Made In the B2B space, buyers contact a sales rep only after 70% of the buying decision has been made (Sirius Decisions, 2012). Relationships are created with information, not just with people.
  6. 6. In the B2B space, you don’t start with social or with content. If you do, you will lose.
  7. 7. Start with data. Information is power.
  8. 8. Start With Competitive Analysis What are we doing? What are our competitors doing? What kind of content are they creating? Where do we have opportunities? Where do we suck? What can we realistically handle?
  9. 9. Our Prospects + Social Who are our prospects? What are they doing? Where do they hang out? What do they talk about? What language do they use? What do they need? How can we serve them?
  10. 10. What do High Growth Companies Do Differently?
  11. 11. They Focus On Creating Content Smart SEO Connecting Social Media to Business Initiatives and Leveraging It Email Marketing (building and using their list) And the fact that Data Drives Strategy
  12. 12. High Growth vs. Average Growth
  13. 13. What Do High Growth Companies Find Most Effective? SEO Creating Content (Blogging) Focus on Data Email Marketing Creating More Content (whitepapers, eBooks, newsletters, case studies) Social Media Channels
  14. 14. Wake Up Call Successful B2B businesses realize that effectively selling their products or services requires them to go beyond traditional marketing and face-to-face selling or interacting. They need to adapt. Adapting means leveraging the web, content and social media.
  15. 15. Why Facebook?
  16. 16. Let’s talk about SMBs and what they need
  17. 17. Greatest Challenge? Find Customers Serve Them
  18. 18. SMBs Concerns Finding Customers Dealing With the Competition Managing Costs Developing New Products + Services Source: Bredin, 2013 SMB Survey, http://www.bredin.com/press_01092013.html
  19. 19. Where SMBs + Social To Learn First About New Products and Services, Here’s Where They Go ….. 28% turn to Google+ 27% turn to Twitter/YouTube 26% turn to LinkedIn 30% turn to Facebook Source: Bredin, 2013 SMB Survey, http://www.bredin.com/press_01092013.html
  20. 20. SMBs Preferences 68% Use the Web to find information on products or services 58% look for business management advice 59% of SMBs are more likely to visit a vendor website and explore and 55% are more likely to buy if a website offers business management advice (and the same is true of what your Facebook content delivers for them). Source: Bredin, 2013 SMB Survey, http://www.bredin.com/press_01092013.html
  21. 21. Where to Start?
  22. 22. Facebook Content Strategy • Figure out your tone and audience • Analyze your existing assets • Figure out what kinds of content you think will work • Engineer a content plan • Develop a content calendar (not what you’ll write, instead, which content fits into the plan you’ve engineered) • Make a plan to create content to serve customers + prospects • Figure out how you’ll measure success
  23. 23. Know This, Live It
  24. 24. Facebook is Visual • Use high quality images • Avoid large file sizes • Right-size your images, use rectangles not squares • Only post links that are mobile-friendly. You stand to lose over half your social audience over time if you don’t • Link directly to the action that a social post implies. Don’t make your users endure multiple clicks *Data Courtesy of Tim Hayden
  25. 25. Want Some Case Studies?
  26. 26. Facebook and B2B
  27. 27. Challenge: New Product Rollout • Monitor channels for feedback and mentions, identify problems, issues • Teach equipment owners how to operate and maintain equipment and how to teach customers to use • Make something new fun @shellykramer
  28. 28. Facebook and B2B
  29. 29. Challenge: Don’t Be a Buggy Whip • Core customers, students • 900+ campus stores, no brandspecific identity, $2.7B annual revenue • Social media was a huge business challenge • Local pages, streamlined comms, learning from one another, libraries of “top posts,” less lost assets @shellykramer
  30. 30. Facebook and B2B: Franchises
  31. 31. Challenge: Corporate vs. Franchise • Early adopters out front • Show business value (more data, learn best practices from early adopters, franchise specific billing) • Local pages, streamlined comms, learning from one another, libraries of “top posts,” mass capitalization on assets @shellykramer
  32. 32. Benefits • Corporate brand page,1,550 local pages and 5K+ local users leads to a very rich database (customer service, menu offerings, etc.) • 3.8M fans on brand level and 800K connections to fans across local pages, with less than 10% fan overlap. • Better targeting, more personalization, better maximization of marketing spend @shellykramer
  33. 33. Thanks to Expion
  34. 34. Let’s Talk #Hashtags
  35. 35. Local Pages. They Make Sense.
  36. 36. Local Pages. They Make Sense.
  37. 37. Let’s Talk #Hashtags
  38. 38. Let’s Talk #Hashtags
  39. 39. Let’s Talk #Hashtags
  40. 40. Let’s Talk #Hashtags
  41. 41. Let’s Talk #Hashtags
  42. 42. Let’s Talk #Hashtags
  43. 43. Let’s Talk #Hashtags
  44. 44. Track Your Success • • • • • • Most popular content Google Analytics social Newsletter signups Landing page campaigns, email campaigns Integrate social into your CRM Facebook can lead to opportunities, but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t track them
  45. 45. The Power of Your Data
  46. 46. Even For Us, Data Drives Strategy
  47. 47. Test, Measure, Test Feed your Facebook pages with great content. Content that is useful If you have multiple locations, build out location specific Facebook pages and start using them. Get ahead of the game. Start optimizing your content, use #hashtags Treat content + social as part of your lead generation efforts (track it) A/B Test. Often. Never stop building your list. Use Facebook to help.
  48. 48. Success With Facebook? Be Useful • • • • Don’t sell. Don’t be an egomaniac. Don’t bore. Act like a person, not a faceless corporate entity Stalk + emulate Create content for your page that’s worth reading – focus on delivering value • Curate content that further serves your audience • Never underestimate the power of a smile • Understand the importance of connecting social to business initiatives
  49. 49. Get Ahead Of The B2B Pack “Feed” your pages with great content-- content that’s useful. If you have multiple locations, build out locationspecific Facebook pages and start using them. Start optimizing your content. Use #hashtags. Treat content + social as part of your lead gen (track it). A/B Test. Often. Never stop building your list. You own that.
  50. 50. Community Management They call it “Community Management” for a reason. Posting is advertising. Community building takes more than a schedule-it-and-forget-it mentality.
  51. 51. Engineer Your Content Support your internal teams with content Spoon feed them if you have to Find adopters, make them heroes and they’ll be your success stories Never quit asking to be at the table Track your progress, show results Try not to say “I told you so.” Buckle up.
  52. 52. Think About This
  53. 53. Everybody Thinks They Can Do It They’re mostly wrong. @shellykramer
  54. 54. It Takes a Human You have to know how to tell a great story, genuinely like people (or act like it), pay attention to them, and regularly deliver content that keeps them coming back for more. Technology can help, but it can’t do it all. @shellykramer
  55. 55. Who to trust? It’s easy. See who’s practicing what they preach.
  56. 56. Shelly Kramer 816.200.2520 Shelly@V3im.com @shellykramer
  57. 57. Stalk Me, Anytime +Shelly Kramer twitter.com/shellykramer Shelly@V3im.com facebook.com/shellykramer www.v3im.com LinkedIn Shelly DeMotte Kramer