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Analytics Toolbox - Google Tag Manager


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: What’s In My Analytics Toolbox. PRESENTATION: Analytics Toolbox - Google Tag Manager - Given by Steve Hammer, @armondhammer - RankHammer, President. #SMX #32D

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Analytics Toolbox - Google Tag Manager

  1. 1. March 5, 2015 ANALYTICS TOOLBOX – Google Tag Manager Steve Hammer President, RankHammer @armondhammer
  2. 2. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Designers Create innovative experiences - beyond the page
  3. 3. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Collection is Key to analysis
  4. 4. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Input:
  5. 5. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Analysis
  6. 6. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D RANKHAMMER Dallas Based Internet Marketing and Analytics HOCKEY Go Stars FOOD AND WINE Far too serious about food FAMILY The most important thing About Me
  7. 7. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Missing Data In page selections Conditional Elements Infinite Scroll Ajax Input Errors
  8. 8. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D
  9. 9. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Starting with the essential
  10. 10. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Variables (Macros) • Data To use Triggers (Rules) • When to fire Tag • What is fired
  11. 11. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Variables (Macros) • Default Triggers (Rules) • All Pages Tag • Analytics Base Tag
  12. 12. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D More Interesting Uses
  13. 13. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Three Enhanced Collection Examples Conditional Firing Ajax / Infinite Scroll User Value
  14. 14. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Conversion pages Timing based Errors Clicks on Elements Clicks on non- links First Party Cookie Marketing Source
  15. 15. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D
  16. 16. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Standard Conversion Page Only
  17. 17. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Bottom form only, validated, no thank you page
  18. 18. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D The Original Source?
  19. 19. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Check for first party cookie If No Create and input marketing source Fire affiliate conversion only for first click, not last Credit Affiliates that introduce
  20. 20. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D jQuery(document).ready(function() { var desktopNav = jQuery('div.formlocation'); var dept = ''; desktopNav.find("select[name*='department']").each(function() { if (this.value) { dept = this.value; return false; } }); var dealer = ''; desktopNav.find("select[name*='dealership']").each(function() { if (this.value) { dealer = this.value; return false; } }); //If both fields are populated, then fire the event if (dept != '') { console.log('Lead Form Event Tracked'); dataLayer.push({'event': 'form-lead', 'eventAction': dept, 'eventLabel': dealer}); } }); Using Custom formulas To read form elements, Set user value
  21. 21. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Dealing with Infinite Scroll
  22. 22. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Theoretical No Code Method If pushstate updates url Build regex for pagination changes Create History Change Trigger Watch out for back buttons
  23. 23. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D Piggyback off of “loading” html method Loading Most packages call a loading image while loading page 2 Callbacks also possible Use data layer <script> dataLayer.push({'event': ‘scroll-load'}); </script> Trigger on the event
  24. 24. @Armondhammer #SMX #32D