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3 Things Search Marketers Can't Ignore In A Mobile World


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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Converting The Mobile SEM Visitor. PRESENTATION: 3 Things Search Marketers Can't Ignore In A Mobile World - Given by Eric Holmen, @eholmen - Invoca, President. #SMX #32B

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3 Things Search Marketers Can't Ignore In A Mobile World

  1. 1. March 5, 2015 3 Things Search Marketers Can’t Ignore in a Mobile World Eric Holmen President, Invoca @eholmen @invoca
  2. 2. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B The world has gone mobile. EMAIL 51% of Emails are Opened on Mobile SEARCH Mobile Search to Overtake Desktop Search in 2015 ADS Mobile Ad Spending Growing at 3x Non-Mobile Digital Spending SOCIAL 100% of Facebook’s Revenue Growth is Coming from Mobile
  3. 3. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B Mobile is driving a massive shift in consumer behavior. vs.
  4. 4. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B Phone calls have re-emerged as a critical conversion point for marketers. of mobile users have clicked to call a business from search. of mobile searchers say the call is the most important step in the purchase process. 70% 61% “Phone Calls: The New Currency of the Smartphone Era” June 2014 “The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase” Sept 2013 BILLIONS
  5. 5. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B As a search marketer, you are being impacted the most. 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Top sources for phone calls on the Invoca platform. Sample: 5M calls 5xmore calls from search than all offline sources combined.
  6. 6. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B Meanwhile…you are being held more accountable for ROI than ever before. of CEO’s say they want their CMO to become 100% ROI focused. of CMOs say proving ROI will become increasingly more important.
  7. 7. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B 3 Things Search Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore in a Mobile World
  8. 8. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B Don’t ignore the calls that your search efforts are driving.  Clear Conversion Data  Claim Credit for Results  Bid More on “Power Play Server” The “False Negative” X No Conversion Data X No Credit for Results X Bid Less on “Power Play Server” 1
  9. 9. @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B
  10. 10. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B Don’t ignore the impact that call quality has on ROI. COUNT CALLS MEASURE QUALITY 300 Calls 75 Conversions 100 Calls 30 Conversions Avg. operational cost per inbound call, in addition to keyword spend: $5.84 2
  11. 11. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B These callers are great. These callers are terrible. $35.50
  12. 12. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B Call Intelligence Here... …Drives Higher Conversion Here Don’t ignore call intelligence across the customer journey. “People’s purchases increasingly come after a journey across two or even three (or more) devices. And understanding that path is key to success.” Jason Spero, VP of Performance 3
  13. 13. @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B 1-800-999-8888
  14. 14. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B Summary: 3 Things Search Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore 1 2 3 Phone calls that are being driven by search efforts. Call quality that will impact overall ROI. Call intelligence that can impact results across the customer journey.
  15. 15. @eholmen @invoca #SMX @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B In just six months, Invoca helped us increase revenue by more than half a million dollars. We've seen a 227% ROI and an overall decrease in their cost per call. Invoca for Search: Call intelligence to drive more revenue through search and beyond.  Phone Call Attribution  Quality Measurement  Omni-Channel Experience “ ”
  16. 16. @eholmen @invoca #SMX #32B