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SearchLeeds 2019 - Stephen Kenwright - Content marketing frameworks


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Dandelions, to paraphrase Cory Doctorow, indiscriminately fire thousands of seeds off into the sky at the slightest breeze, without any care for where they’re heading and whether they’ll get a hospitable reception when they touch down. That’s basically how marketers treat content, Steve's SearchLeeds talk shows you several repeatable methodologies you can implement and increase the chances that your on-site and off-site content land with your audience. You’ll learn how better planning and measurement will make you and your content worth more to your business.

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SearchLeeds 2019 - Stephen Kenwright - Content marketing frameworks

  1. 1. Content marketing frameworks that will get you paid more @stekenwright
  2. 2. What’s important for a dandelion is that every crack in every pavement is filled with dandelions – not what happens to each seed. Corey Doctorow
  3. 3. We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. Amara’s Law
  4. 4. The same is true about content
  5. 5. Expectations Time Innovation Trigger Trough of Disillusionment Peak of inflated expectations Plateau of Productivity Hype cycle
  6. 6. Expectations Time Innovation Trigger Trough of Disillusionment Peak of inflated expectations Plateau of Productivity You yesterday
  7. 7. Expectations Time Innovation Trigger Trough of Disillusionment Peak of inflated expectations Plateau of Productivity You tomorrow
  8. 8. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Alan Kay
  9. 9. Here are some ways to become a better paid content marketer
  10. 10. Who Says what To who In what channel Laswell’s model of communication With what effect?
  11. 11. Who Says what To who In what channel We’re good at some of this With what effect?
  12. 12. Who Says what To who In what channel I’m going to talk about this With what effect?
  13. 13. Engagement just means someone paid attention
  14. 14. Did anyone care?
  15. 15. Customer Category conventions Tension Desired behaviour Classic planning Disruption Cultural strategy Action advertising Insight source informs content types
  16. 16. Where are we? Are we getting there? Why are we there? How could we get there? The planning cycle* *according to JWT Where could we be?
  17. 17. See Think Do Care Rational Emotional AIDA* *according to Google
  18. 18. See Think Do Care Rational Emotional
  19. 19. Which fuel type is right for me? Road tax Economy Cost Range Environment Noise Self-image Stress
  20. 20. Find sales driving content with DeepCrawl Number of Pages Total Word Count Average Word Count Total Visits Google Organic Impress. Google Organic Clicks CTR Assisted Cons. Direct Cons. Assisted Cons. / Page Direct Cons. / Page CARE 3 1,987 662 120 53 0 0 22 4 7 1 DO 11 8,566 779 6,708 17,396 887 5.1% 193 22 18 2 SEE 93 101,311 1,089 21,805 260,085 4,749 1.8% 2,796 746 30 8 THINK 56 78,598 1,404 54,506 188,617 12,876 6.8% 2,589 207 46 4 1. Tag blog posts with topics 2. Crawl with Google Analytics integration enabled 3. Create copy and use VLOOKUP 4. Summarise with pivot tables
  21. 21. Editorial board/content half-life M M M M Editorial Board T T T T W W W W T ☠️ T T ☠️ T F F ☠️ F F ☠️
  22. 22. Time How Spotify builds productsInvestment Think Build Ship Tweak
  23. 23. Intent in QDF
  24. 24. Quick and dirty intent analysis
  25. 25. Pull rankings/volumes for top 5-10 URLs
  26. 26. Combine CSVs/sort est. traffic/de-dupe Keyword Volume Traffic best cars for dogs 300 143 best car for dogs 400 117 dog friendly cars 150 53 cars for dogs 150 45 dog friendly car boots 150 42 best suv for dogs 100 35 best car for dogs uk 100 35 good cars for dogs 90 33 dog-friendly cars 90 33 best estate cars for dogs 80 31 dog friendly cars uk 80 31 small car with big boot for dog 80 30
  27. 27. KPI framework SEO On-site content PR KPI 1 KPI 2 KPI 3 Leads Traffic Traffic Links Leads Traffic Visibility Shares Leads Revenue
  28. 28. Authority Never askDecisionLikelyUnlikely Low High Recommend Ask Suggest Propose
  29. 29. The straight line system for sales
  30. 30. Introduction Sale The straight line
  31. 31. Introduction Sale Cost Not on brand Objections
  32. 32. My industry is… Boring Regulated B2B Competitive
  33. 33. Link building in the hardest markets and verticals – outREACH 2019 Objections
  34. 34. How much they like your content How much they like you How much they like your company The three tens
  35. 35. Crystal Chrome extension
  36. 36. Sequential Details Linear Logic Random Results Holistic Intuition
  37. 37. Journalists read your story with their left brains Deciding if it will get into their audience’s right brains
  38. 38. Checklists should have no more than 9 items and fit on one page. Atul Gawande
  39. 39. Cleaning of the London Underground will be stepped up each night over the summer period across 50 stations and five tunnels. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London Kirsty O’Connor/PA
  40. 40. 171 pieces of coverage 2m+ interactions +28% increase in taxi insurance market share
  41. 41. I’ve talked to you about Extra content for emotions Forming an editorial board Proposing KPI frameworks Creating checklists
  42. 42. A strategic process should help you create work – not create work for you. Rosie Yakob
  43. 43. Notimportant Urgent Important Not urgent Do first Delegate Schedule Don’t do Eisenhower matrix
  44. 44. Plans are only good intentions unless they ultimately degenerate into hard work. Peter Drucker
  45. 45. Strategy is never an end. It’s only ever a means to an end. Chris Hirst
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