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SearchLeeds 2019 - Rob Smith - DQ&A - Demystifying in-housing for advertisers and agencies


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Rob Smith's SearchLeeds talk demystified in-housing for advertisers and agencies.

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SearchLeeds 2019 - Rob Smith - DQ&A - Demystifying in-housing for advertisers and agencies

  1. 1. Demystifying in- housing for advertisers and agencies Rob Smith Managing Consultant ©2019 DQ&A. ©2019 JOYSTICK. ©2019 NMPi. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  2. 2. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 2 Day in, day out we’re made aware of the rise on in-housing. In-housing is a growing trend
  3. 3. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 3 Day in, day out we see the stats to back this up. In-housing is a growing trend 78% 97%76% Source: eMarketer
  4. 4. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 4 Role for agencies Non-binary Genuine motivations There are different degrees of in-housing. In-housing is a growing trend Steady growth in adoption
  5. 5. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 5 In-housing is a growing trend Steady growth in the adoption of in-housing. 28% in 5 years Source: ANA, The Continued Rise of the In-House Agency, October 2018
  6. 6. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 6 Steady growth in the adoption of in-housing. In-housing is a growing trend Search 11-27% Source: ANA, The Continued Rise of the In-House Agency, October 2018
  7. 7. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 7 Steady growth in the adoption of in-housing. In-housing is a growing trend 4% Source: ANA, The Continued Rise of the In-House Agency, October 2018
  8. 8. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 8 Development of well ordered, coherent working practices that deliver efficient and effective media and creative operations. In-housing technology that can be a lever to better manage and understand media performance. Data integration is often aligned to this, improving media performance through insight. Growth is steady a adoption can be managed in modules. In-housing is a growing trend Technology & Data Operations PeopleStrategy Collaboration on achieving and exceeding business objectives, through insights from all available sources. Upskilling or evolving team infrastructure to execute best-in-class marketing and set foundations for success.
  9. 9. 9 © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved Advertiser motivations. Better Targeting Attribution & Optimisation Audience Reach Cross-channel Planning Campaign Effectiveness Cost Efficiency Control & Transparency
  10. 10. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 10 There are big brands in-housing successfully. Working together to win ● FMG group bringing Programmatic in-house ● Motivated by a cost saving initiative ● Leveraged strong, global deals with suppliers ● Delivered $10m saving in the first 6 weeks ● Sky have developed an in-house Creative agency ● In-house team have better brand understanding ● Established agency structure and rigour ● Won creative projects on merit from incumbents ● In-house performance media planning and buying ● +3 Years to problem solve and hone the process ● Launched ‘Playbook’ to advise other brands ● Consulting in planning, technology, data and content
  11. 11. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 11 CommercialsMeasurementTalentTechnology It’s clear that agency models need to adapt. Working together to win
  12. 12. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 12 Agencies and advertisers continue to work together. Working together to win ● Managing a phased, tactical approach to in-housing ● Formed a collaborative team with their agency ● Resulted in 12 month projects being squeezed to 4 months ● Brokered a a non-commission based remuneration model ● AXA operating a hybrid operation with agency partners ● Creative agency team located on-site with AXA team ● Shift from annual planning to granular, reactive campaigns ● In-house, on-site collaboration makes for greater agility
  13. 13. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 13 How we support both advertisers and agencies. Working together to win Platform Service. License focused Low complexity Standardised delivery Self-service oriented Consultant Service. Business focused High complexity Bespoke delivery Partner oriented
  14. 14. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 14 We are Google Marketing Platform experts. Working together to win The next frontier... Display & Video 360 DSP Campaign Manager Ad Server Analytics 360 Advanced Measurement Search 360 Search Tag Manager 360 Advanced Measurement Data Studio Advanced Measurement Optimize 360 Advanced Measurement Studio Creative
  15. 15. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 15 Our consultancy service focuses on business objectives. Working together to win Discover Design Deploy Develop Establish a clear, objective picture of your organization’s goals. Develop a fitting solution to successfully achieve the project goal. Expert implementation of the blueprint document, across technology, people, media and creative. A roadmap for ongoing support to drive deeper digital marketing innovation. Actionable Audit Blueprint Roll out Innovation Roadmap
  16. 16. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 16 By developing a standardised digital marketing blueprint for each brand-country specific deployment, we have helped Samsonite to harmonise their digital marketing infrastructures. By ensuring clear processes, naming conventions, audience management and on-site tracking, we looked to transform Samsonite’s digital marketing strategy into a digital marketing data-driven, performance-based approach. WHAT WE DID RESULTS "We have established a solid technological & knowledge foundation to practise the full-funnel data-driven marketing approach, resulting in increased efficiency of media buying and significant performance uplift." - Edouard Wattel (Samsonite), Digital & E-Commerce Director Establishing the foundation for a data- driven digital marketing strategy. Working together to win
  17. 17. © DQ&A. All Rights Reserved 17 1 In-housing is growing in media and creative but the trend is a steady one. 2 Advertisers motivated by increased efficiency & effectiveness from control & transparency. 3 Agencies should consider how their models can be adapted to mitigate future risk. 4 Advertisers and agencies can continue to work and win together. Demystifying in-housing for advertisers and agencies. Summary
  18. 18. Thank you. Rob Smith Managing Consultant +44 07393 638206 DQ&A Manchester Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5AN