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SearchLeeds 2019 - Pendragon - Owen Gill - Who should bring PPC in house and who shouldn’t?


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Making the right choice for paid media management is vital for maximising results. However, the ‘right’ choice differs from business to business, and may not always be a simple one to make. By exploring the challenges businesses face and their main requirements, you are able to establish whether the use of an agency, building an in-house team or a combination of both, would be the ideal solution.”

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SearchLeeds 2019 - Pendragon - Owen Gill - Who should bring PPC in house and who shouldn’t?

  1. 1. Who should bring PPC in-house, and who shouldn’t? Owen Gill
  2. 2. …you know what you want, right?
  3. 3. Objectives
  4. 4. A Simple or Complex Choice? objectives understood? focussed? achievable? answer yes to all, or you’ll fail, regardless of your choice
  5. 5. …getting the biggest bang for your buck
  6. 6. - Jim Rohn
  7. 7. time over quality? Why do you have to pick… …and what if I said you could have both?
  8. 8. time over quality? talent is hard to find agency time is not cheap what if your talent leaves? are you getting the best?
  9. 9. business understanding an agency team doesn’t understand your business as well as you an external agency isn’t usually influenced by internal politics
  10. 10. …agencies have the best ad tech, right?
  11. 11. ad tech no, not all agencies have the best ad tech…but most do! will fee based ad tech financially benefit your campaigns enough? why not acquire the tech for your own team?
  12. 12. Land of confusion
  13. 13. ad tech how advanced is your targeting? are you covering the basics? analyse your spend levels
  14. 14. “It is really hard to provide a significant amount of value in an agency today in a programmatic biddable medium,” – Paul Gleb, Head of Programmatic and Social at Bayer “We’re not the ones pulling the levers, but we’re still the ones advising” “[previous clients] keep our best programmatic people on retainer,” – Steve Carbone, Chief Digital Officer at MediaCom North America getting the best publisher deals using agencies in the future using expertise
  15. 15. …an in-house team, AND an agency?
  16. 16. …can I have my cake, and eat it?
  17. 17. in-house team working with an agency Some of the best working relationships & performances have resulted in this combination …but also some of the worst
  18. 18. …so what’s the ‘sweet spot’?
  19. 19. agency management ‘sweet spot’ amount of ad hoc changes willing to pay for a worthwhile amount of time know your agency team consistent objectives do you need that level of expertise?
  20. 20. do you really know your objectives? review your ad practices before deciding which options are financially viable? it’s not a ‘one hat fits all’ are you well placed to recruit talent? a place for both teams in your business? is your business suited for an agency?
  21. 21. …thanks! Owen Gill Head of Biddable Media Pendragon PLC