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SearchLeeds 2019 - Matt Holmes - How to run a great request for proposal (RFP) process


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Running a client-side RFP process can be a daunting task. How do you ask the right questions and unlock the right answers? How do you manage your time so it’s not swallowed up by several people asking for the same information? A client-side marketer that’s also worked at a search agency, Matt Holmes has identified 8 key steps to lead you towards a successful, considerate, and mutually beneficial RFP process.

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SearchLeeds 2019 - Matt Holmes - How to run a great request for proposal (RFP) process

  1. 1. How To Run A Great RFP Process #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  2. 2. Hello! I’m Matt Holmes I’m Head of Digital Marketing Thomas Cook Group Airline @TCAirlinesUK You can find me at @MattHolmesXX #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  3. 3. “How do you know about this? #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  4. 4. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  5. 5. 1. Tell The Agencies Who YOU are #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  6. 6. THIS MAY SOUND OBVIOUS #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  7. 7. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  8. 8. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  9. 9. 2. Check For Chemistry #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  10. 10. The Van Test 10#SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  11. 11. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  12. 12. 3. Be Clear On What Success Looks Like #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  13. 13. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX Be Able To Measure Success
  14. 14. Talk About Spend #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  15. 15. Beware of Scope Creep #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  16. 16. 4. Ask The Right Questions #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  17. 17. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  18. 18. 18 “What’s your approach to onboarding and project management?” “What would the first 90 days of working with you look like? How do you prioritise and what’s your approach to managing large projects? How do you make sure BAU activity continues during big- ticket projects? Describe your ways of working and how teams collaborate for the benefit of the client.”
  19. 19. 5. Transparency On Your Decision Criteria & Scoring #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  20. 20. Criteria Weighting Technical ability Experience in inventory management via DoubleClick, feeds and automated approaches. 30% Language capabilities A thorough process that will enable regular keyword management and localisation of copy for all languages/markets. 20% Strategic approach/data driven Strategic approach and the correct use of data to lead digital plans and respond to challenges within the business. 15% Experience of large, international retail clients Scalability knowledge and experience as well as potential to manage other paid media. 15% Cultural fit/ways of working Team setup/structure, day-to-day communication, knowledgeable account management team, SLAs and company culture. 10% Creativity Creative problem-solving, idea generation and reacting to new trends and features to develop PPC and Shopping to an award-winning standard. 10% #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  21. 21. Points Criteria 5 Fully meets 4 Meets with minor gaps (no compromise required) 3 Meets with moderate gaps (some compromise required) 2 Partially meets (significant gaps, compromise required) 1 Does not meet #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  22. 22. 22#SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. 6. Be Transparent About The Process Itself #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  25. 25. The Stages Of The Process The Decision Makers The Decision Criteria & Scoring The Schedule #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  26. 26. Date Milestone Day 1 RFP sent to shortlisted agencies + 3 days Deadline to RSVP invitation (1pm GMT) + 7-10 days Conference calls/meetings with potential partners to discuss project + 2-3 weeks Deadline for partner proposals (1pm GMT) + 4 days Selection of finalists + 2 weeks Finalist presentations +4 days Final partner selected + 4 weeks Project start date (tentative)
  27. 27. 27#SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  28. 28. 7. Deal With Questions Fairly & Effectively #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  29. 29. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX Don’t Share Answers
  30. 30. DISCOVERY SESSIONS #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  31. 31. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  32. 32. 8. Feed Back After The Process #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  33. 33. #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  34. 34. BONUS ROUND #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  35. 35. Make It About ME #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  36. 36. It’s About People #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  37. 37. Nail Your Story #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  38. 38. Questions? #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX
  39. 39. Thanks! Matt Holmes Head of Digital Marketing Thomas Cook Group Airline @TCAirlinesUK @MattHolmesXX #SearchLeeds @MattHolmesXX