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SearchLeeds 2019 - Kirsty Hulse - How science can help you have better ideas


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We live in a world where the digital marketing landscape is changing. It’s getting harder to get cut through, harder to get journalists to like our ideas and harder to get customer loyalty. The ability to be creative, to innovate and think of new, original ideas and solutions is a skill that will prove to be invaluable in the future. In this inspiring talk Kirsty talks about why we need to improve our creative thinking, and define a process that can help us all improve our ideas and originality in our daily lives.

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SearchLeeds 2019 - Kirsty Hulse - How science can help you have better ideas

  1. 1. @Kirsty_Hulse The science of creativity How to train your brain to have better ideas
  2. 2. “Tired & clueless” Who is Kirsty Hulse?
  3. 3. Let me start with a fact @kirsty_hulse
  4. 4. 11 items of clothing... ...39,916,800 ways to get dressed @kirsty_hulse
  5. 5. Business operate on quantifiable predictability @kirsty_hulse
  6. 6. We reward not making mistakes @kirsty_hulse
  7. 7. 74% of CMOs said they are “unlikely” to take a creative risk with their brand @kirsty_hulse
  8. 8. 87% of us can’t get our best ideas signed off @kirsty_hulse
  9. 9. Meanwhile... @kirsty_hulse
  10. 10. We are exposed to 4000 adverts a day Source:
  11. 11. Ad blockers on the rise
  12. 12. Voice search will have an impact
  13. 13.
  14. 14. “I get thousands of press releases a day. Literally. Thousands.” @kirsty_hulse
  15. 15. We need creativity to incite emotion @kirsty_hulse
  16. 16. MRI scans show when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions (feelings, experiences), rather than information (features, facts) University of Doha:
  17. 17. Emotion enhances our recall of a brand or product Neilson:
  18. 18. Sell aspiration @kirsty_hulse
  19. 19. “Creative quality is the most important factor for driving sales” Neilson:
  20. 20. I did a lot of research to test this theory @kirsty_hulse
  21. 21. 3 high ranking sites in Insurance, Ecom cool, Ecom dry, Travel, Finance Analysed the top 150 links earned in 2018ish Defined a scale of content effort Identified how likely it was to be a paid placement Was it “creative”?
  22. 22. You can read the full post here @kirsty_hulse
  23. 23. The format of the content was an added bonus. The only thing that sets performing content apart is authenticity, timing and originality. @kirsty_hulse
  24. 24. Authenticity: emotional resonance, being genuine Timing: is this already on our agenda Originality: a new concept, or an interesting take on an old one @kirsty_hulse
  25. 25. @kirsty_hulse Creativity does not guarantee performance, but boosts it
  26. 26. @kirsty_hulse
  27. 27. Invest in developing creativity as a skill @kirsty_hulse #inorbit19@kirsty_hulse
  28. 28. Who here believes you are a creative person? @kirsty_hulse
  29. 29. @kirsty_hulse
  30. 30. @kirsty_hulse
  31. 31. @kirsty_hulse
  32. 32. Creativity is a skill that can be learned, developed and applied @kirsty_hulse
  33. 33. Science Agrees…
  34. 34. “No evidence of heredity variation appeared in the [...] Divergent Thinking measures.” Thomas Puzello. Road Island
  35. 35.,2nd%20rev.pdf
  36. 36. There isn't one "creativity" area in the brain; creativity is the interplay of brain activity involving multiple systems Harvard, Yale:
  37. 37. “We can consciously influence ourselves to have greater creativity [...] by practicing exercises which require it” @kirsty_hulse
  38. 38. 1. Habits 2. Brainstorms 3. Process
  39. 39. University of Zurich
  40. 40. Businesses have to develop habits to enable their staff to be creative @kirsty_hulse
  41. 41.
  42. 42. @kirsty_hulse #inorbit19Tim Harfard: How to be creative and resilient in a tiny minded world Highly innovative scientists move between topics more quickly than their less innovative peers
  43. 43. Random wordsUse random words against a defined focused to stimulate new ideas. The random word allows us to open up paths we would otherwise never explore.
  44. 44. Dr Robert EpsteinWrote this book, Harvard Professor, generally a cool dude
  45. 45. Absolutely do this test tonight. (Not now. Stay with me)
  46. 46. @kirsty_hulse “Research has consistently found working separately, to be superior to groups interacting verbally [...] In over 50 studies, the evidence speaks loud and clear, individuals working separately generate many more, and more creative, ideas than groups. This difference is large and robust.”
  47. 47. @kirsty_hulse
  48. 48. Production Blocking: may forget, focus on remembering rather than generating, listening overrides generation Evaluation Apprehension: risk of criticism Free/over riding: when members rely on others or take over @kirsty_hulse
  49. 49. Paul Paulus, University of Texas,
  51. 51. Train your brain. Develop a creative process
  52. 52. Train your brain, know areas to develop and have a creative process @kirsty_hulse
  53. 53. WTF?!?! Go home Kirsty, you’re drunk.
  54. 54. A millennial targeted data security guide doesn’t exist. Use the data to create the news, and the guide as the asset for outreach.
  55. 55. 01. 02. 03. In a world where people, avoid risk. Embrace creativity to create genuine connection and emotional resonance Recognise creativity is a skill you can learn and hone your innate creative ability Develop a creative process to validate your ideas
  56. 56. Thank you! (ps ask me about my confidence workshops)