The Past, Present and Future of PPC


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Take a look at our Head of PPC, Pete Whitmarsh's, slides on the latest PPC developments taken from our recent PPC Best Practice in 2014 and Beyond conference.

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  • Percentage of clicks going to paid listings
  • 300 senior marketers from UK top companies
    Biggest surge in 14 years for marketing budgets this quarter
    Traditional Media = TV, press and outdoor

  • Of course the bad side of this is competition. Competition has steadily been increasing, pushing up CPCs and increasing the demand to be smarter.
  • I don’t work for Google, I’m not going to tell you that you need to be in the top 3 for everything

    Only pay what a click is worth. How many of you have been told by Google that on mobile you need to be in the top 3?
  • Huge increase in the focus on quality
  • Used to think about clicks, then conversions, then conversion value

    Analytics is overhauling the ecommerce section – include returns etc.

    Some CRMs have native AdWords integration, for others you may need a system to pull the data together.

  • Tools have evolved over the years. We have developed loads of internal tools, some of which Stewart will discuss. However, there are 3rd party tools that we partner up with also.
  • Javascript

    Scraping prices, 0 stock, URL broken – if feeds not available
    Automated reporting – any data from AdWords, Analytics or Bing
  • AdWords evolved allowing us to make smarter decisions with more and more data.

    Fortunately we have a lot of data-loving people at our company and this evolution has really fallen right into our sweet spot.
  • Let me start off with this riddle…if someone is searching for “Currency exchange” in Google, what might they be looking for?

    Right now, as an advertiser, there is no way to determine the intention of the user for this kind of thing. However…
  • So if I now search for “currency exchange” there is clearly a lot of value there!

    I expect Google to implement this kind of thing – more focus on the user rather than just the keyword
  • Unique search results for everyone
    Bid more on the user than the keyword
  • Analytics ecommerce overhaul
  • Used to be that a loyalty card was a way to keep a customer engaged with a brand
    Now will be a way to track that user’s behaviour
    In the US, there is a link between these and Facebook
  • By “we” I mean “biddable”

    “The internet of things”
    Google bought Nest
  • The Past, Present and Future of PPC

    1. 1. © Search Laboratory Ltd 2014. All rights reserved. Leeds T: +44 113 212 1211 London T: +44 207 147 9980 The Past, Present and Future of PPC Pete Whitmarsh – Head of PPC
    2. 2. Agenda Evolving importance of search Tools The need to be smarter Look into the future
    3. 3. Evolution
    4. 4. Search is increasing Year Average Searches Per Day (Google) 2009 2,610,000,000 2010 3,627,000,000 2011 4,717,000,000 2012 5,134,000,000 2013 5,922,000,000
    5. 5. Total % of clicks to paid 20.00% 22.00% 24.00% 26.00% 28.00% 30.00% 32.00% 34.00% 36.00% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Text Ad + PLA Click-Through Rate Text Ad Click-Through Rate
    6. 6. It’s huge! 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Google Paid Clicks Per Day (Millions)
    7. 7. Where budgets are going Source: Bellwether Report
    8. 8. …within digital
    9. 9. Which position? Top 3 are important CTR on lower positions decreasing 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% 20.00% 25.00% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Click-Through Rate in Paid Positions Position 1-3 Position 4+
    10. 10. Evolving SERPs 2010 NOW 45% Paid 88% Paid
    11. 11. Tools
    12. 12. Tools Beyond the conversion – AdWords conversion import – Analytics data import – A – A
    13. 13. Tools Call tracking Competitor analysis IP tracking
    14. 14. 14th May 15th May 16th May, 9am AdWords scripts Coding interface within AdWords Give us huge amounts of flexibility – Countdown ads – Altering ads based on website content – Anomaly alerts – Automated reporting
    15. 15. The need to be smarter
    16. 16. AdWords Empowering us to make smarter decisions with more data Bid adjustments based on – Device – Geography – Time – Previous visitors
    17. 17. Analysis
    18. 18. Future predictions
    19. 19. “Currency exchange” Buying travel money Finding the value of a product Learning about exchange rates News articles Looking for local bureau de change Reading on the legality Finding super-flashy stock images!
    20. 20. What Google knows about you Go to Google Ad Preferences and view your profile…
    21. 21. My profile
    22. 22. Prediction 1 Integration of this data for search User just as important as the keyword
    23. 23. Prediction 2 Universal conversion tracking Cross-device – now available! In store – AdWords tracking Logged in user clicks AdWords ad User owns logged-in mobile device User with GPS- enabled mobile visit store Google measures time in store Measured as conversion in AdWords
    24. 24. Prediction 2 Greater measure of offline conversions
    25. 25. Prediction 3 More data! – Twitter mentions – Stock prices – Transport delays – Weather – Competitor reactions – Any other external influencing factor
    26. 26. Prediction 4 We will rule the advertising world! – Watches – Google glass – Car dashboards – Thermostats – Biddable TV – Electronic billboards
    27. 27. Key Takeaways
    28. 28. Takeaways Search is more important than ever Paid search has a growing market share The tools available are always improving We need to be smarter than ever The future is exciting!
    29. 29. Questions?