SEO is Dead - Or is it? Content Marketing & SEO Demystified - Internet Retailing Expo 2014


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Freia Muehlenbein, Head of Content & Online PR at Search Laboratory spoke at IRX14 demystifying SEO and Content Marketing for Retailers.

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  • Good afternoon.Thank you. Get something out of it. Blood sugar. Freia – Head of Copr.I’m 28 this year and people in my team call me old – tells you something about the industry I’m in. From Germany. Came to UK in 2008. Int Events Mgt – PR, delivering a message etc. No academic background in SEO. department of nearly 100 people – best practice, structures, processes, ethical.Passionate about SEO, content marketing, online PR. Simplifying it. Only 30 minutes. Stay after for questions. Slideshow. Business Cards. If you think “I can’t do this in house” – visit exhibition stand D55 SEO dead? No it’s more alive than it has ever been.
  • Founded in 2005Results Focused Search SpecialistsMeasurable, Accountable, Ethical and Sustainable160 full time staff + 35 part time in Leeds, including linguists from all over world (country days – sausages)Proud to be in the Times Top 100 Best small companies to work for The Content & Online PR team is the biggest in the company (nearly 100 strong) because doing Copr effectively requires skills and the size demonstrates that this is an integral part of our clients’ businesses.
  • Explain that we understand how they can find their place on the online marketplace and how to successfully promote their brand and content. The good news is that NO MATTER what your product is, there will be a way of improving your visibility online. It’s all about finding the right hook and using content effectively. “Modern Rugs” (use example of our upcoming campaign about pets on rugs) “Curtain Poles” (use content about psychology of colour and psychology of sleeping OR the ‘paint your house’ calculator)“Safe Hop” easter egg hunt The Easter Charity Challenge, Avenham Park, Preston – Egg Rolling“Pen Heaven” – Lefthanders Day in August
  • Emphasis on SEO: explain that the examples I will be using would not have been as successful if we had not got the on page right.
  • Freia to talk about her profile and her plans to go shark diving 
  • Explain that the ecosystem has to stay in balance. If you upset/spam it, it will naturally exclude you and it will be hard to enter again. Therefore, a natural approach that understands the needs of the different parties in the ecosystem is crucial for success. Explain how the search egine/Google (solar system) regulates the natural balance by introducing rules and algorithm changes.
  • Explain Google’s role in protecting the ecosystem and how it safeguards the user from anything that might upset or confuse them. Their main goal is to create an environment in which the user finds what they want and need. The user does not want spammy content, unhelpful links, or confusing site structures.
  • In order to make sure people find what they need, Google needs to help the ecosystem to understand how it works. Google’s guidelines are publicly accessible and are ALL about quality and user friendliness. If everyone adheres to them and works with a natural, open, transparent and quality approach, the ecosystem can live in balance and the user will interact and convert.
  • ….Introduce the importance of understanding everyone’s needs
  • Explain about importance of understanding what journos/magazines/news want and need. Understand how they work to tailor your approach to theirs – not the other way around. Content marketing success starts with understanding what people want and need. News sites want news, not press releases. JournalistsNEED storiesMeasured on trafficMeasured on reachKnow what worksQuick turnaroundTight deadlines – no time
  • Same here: bloggers are not just on events and buying clothes. They tend to make a living from their platforms and need to be close to brands to obtain exclusives. They want to increase their readership to obtain more advertisement and therefore more money. We have to understand their needs and don’t assume that they necessarily want what we offer. They’re hard working. BloggersAdvertising / Monetising Need to be close to brandWant exclusives ONLY great contentIncrease readershipIncrease profile / reach Make a living!
  • And here’s us: our job is to understand everyone’s needs and cater to them. As PRs/content creators we need to be fully immersed in the industry and different parties in the eco system to make a measured judgement call on what type of content will work. PRsProtect/promote brandUnderstand what worksCater to needsEntertain/inform/communicateBuild relationships
  • Retail: You need to be visible in the ecosystem to increase sales/revenue etc. YOUOnline visibility / rankingsStrong customer baseTraffic/attentionStrong brand Sales ROI
  • Content marketing and a holistic SEO approach can actually help and create benefits for all elements of the ecosystem.
  • However, we can only be successful with content marketing if we’re natural and tailor to people’s needs.
  • IF done properly, content marketing can secure your place in the ecosystem by exploiting and promoting your brand and strengths. You will be accepted as a fixed part of the system and you will not upset the system by upsetting other elements of it.
  • Show examples of tools that can be used to determine that right angle for content
  • Great content is subjective but every successful piece will have a hook or a trigger that works. Kitten example: Dave’s request for pictures of animals in the company got him more answers than saying “I’ve got £100 for free, who wants it” – why do kittens work? We don’t know but we know that it does work.
  • Talk around awareness days and how the media works with these. Explain why the combination of a topical day and new data works. Explain that a massive part of content marketing is to get the attention of the right people to the content when it’s live: influencers and experts play a key part in the success. If they share the content then others in the niche will be more likely to do the same. They are your content insurance!
  • Explain that content marketing doesn’t always mean that we create long articles. It can also mean that you promote content on your website ie. products. Explain how to work with media opportunities and the benefits for SEOGo over specific examples in the snippet media request
  • Get audience to be mindful of
  • Explain to audience that they can reuse data. Getting this into the Dailymail was goal number 1. We needed to make sure that people read this during lunch time. The topic is relevant for the wider public so lunch time is when we want to push it. Tell audience about taboola. Explain how we reached out to these publications.
  • Explain that any retail company can invite bloggers, journalists, and experts to events. They will naturally review the event and give you exposure. Add value by having a statement or piece of content live on your site that people will want to link to. Example: if you know who’s attending, ask them for quotes and include them in your content. That will make the event attendee more likely to link to the content after the event. Also, create a hashtag for the event to make sure there’s plenty of interaction. You can also use the actual event to plan for content. Do interviews at the day, get people’s input and let them forecast trends. Use the quotes/images etc to create content after.
  • Helping people out always works. Useful content will naturally get links if promoted right. Make sure the right people promote it for you!
  • Finish with a bit of a funny example. Content marketing is a lot about people. You will speak to them, understand them, work with them, have fun with them. You will also have some random experiences like this one. San Bee is from Korea and contacted out Copr Exec Lauren following her article about Hippotherapy. They’re still in contact and he might visit her when he starts his Equine science course 
  • Know the news and trends: what is currently classed as good content? Know people’s needs: how can you create a story for different audiences? Know opportunities in your business: staff, events, charity, etc. Maximise what’s already there: review content on your site, e.g. profiles: get alumni profiles Get creative – step away from ‘the obvious connection’. E.g. curtain poles and psychology of sleepAlways get your website right:User experience is not just content, it’s your site!
  • SEO is Dead - Or is it? Content Marketing & SEO Demystified - Internet Retailing Expo 2014

    1. 1. © Search Laboratory Ltd 2014. All rights reserved. Leeds T: +44 113 212 1211 London T: +44 207 147 9980 SEO & Content Marketing for Retail Demystified Presented by: Freia Muehlenbein, Head of Content & Online PR at Search Laboratory Ltd
    2. 2. Some of our Retail Clients
    3. 3. Holistic Approach Technical SEO (on page SEO) Content & Online PR (off page SEO) Great user experience Great visibility
    4. 4. The Online Ecosystem Journalists Magazines Lifestyle BloggersSocial Celebs Tech Bloggers Trends/news Best Practice Search Engine Algorithm Updates Influencers New Sites News SitesPRs USER
    5. 5. Protecting The Online Ecosystem
    6. 6. Protecting The Online Ecosystem
    7. 7. Protecting The Ecosystem DO IT FOR THE USER
    8. 8. Understanding Needs
    9. 9. Understanding Needs
    10. 10. Understanding Needs
    11. 11. Understanding Needs
    12. 12. Understanding Needs Content Marketing can help these people
    13. 13. Effects of Content & Online PR Securing your rightful place in the Ecosystem Exploiting your strengths Knowing your limits Not upsetting the ecosystem
    14. 14. How to Create Great Content
    15. 15. What is Great Content?  Entertainment  Information  Emotion  KITTENS  Entertainment  Information
    16. 16. Public Awareness Days
    17. 17. The Results Exposure to 60,000 people Coverage in national news High quality links Improved rankings for key terms DA increased from 45 to 47 Spike in traffic More than 40% more chat requests
    18. 18. Media Opportunities
    19. 19. Internal Opportunities The Results Positive brand exposure Links from local news sites Positive impact on SEO
    20. 20. Data
    21. 21. The Results Coverage online and print Spike in traffic/referrals after launch High quality links Long term effect on SEO Can be repeated
    22. 22. Events The Results Relationships with key fashion bloggers 11 relevant links Social interaction Brand/product exposure
    23. 23. Random?
    24. 24. Summary Know the news and trends Know people’s needs Know opportunities in your business Maximise what’s already there Get creative – step away from ‘the obvious connection’ Always get your website right – User experience
    25. 25. Follow up
    26. 26. Email: Tel: Web: Twitter: @searchlabs Contact details Freia Muehlenbein 0113 2121211