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How does Hummingbird affect search?


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Google has made its biggest algorithm update in years. Called Hummingbird the update was announced at Google's 15th birthday bash. In this presentation we explain how Hummingbird affects search

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How does Hummingbird affect search?

  1. 1. © Search Laboratory Ltd 2013. All rights reserved. Leeds T: +44 113 212 1211 London T: +44 207 147 9980 Google Hummingbird Update Jimmy McCann
  2. 2. Hummingbird – 15th Birthday Announcement Amit Singhal SVP @ Google
  3. 3. AlgorithmsThe Index SERP „query‟
  4. 4. Algorithms Projects – Algo‟s written to improve these
  5. 5. Algorithms Core Algorithms Panda Supplemental Algorithm • Focus – fight low quality content • Data refreshes periodically Penguin Supplemental Algorithm • Focus – fight webspam • Data refreshes periodically PageRank Supplemental Algorithm Quality Factor – Data measurement is constant - „everflux‟ EMD Supplemental Algorithm (additional filter) • Focus – Prevent shortcuts using EMDs • Data measurement is constant - „everflux‟ REBUILT this part!!
  6. 6. What! The algo has been rewritten?? Caffeine Updates Panda Penguin Venice Hummingbird
  7. 7. What‟s Different Not a great deal Hasn‟t targeted things that majorly effect position on head terms Changes to algo‟s quality, more noticeable – Panda / Penguin – Page Rank – EMD
  8. 8. Largely the same – no one noticed dresses
  9. 9. What has changed? …. we have changed and our demands of search have changed – Queries performed outside of a desktop setting – Brand new queries!! – Google have responded
  10. 10. What has changed? More queries happening Growth is in different situational settings – ie fuelled by mobile & tablet Growth of long tail, questions & conversational queries – largely performed outside of a desktop setting
  11. 11. What has changed? why do I keep buying clothes Handling of words & their meaning Answers!
  12. 12. What does this mean? Rich content even more important – Helps users – Gives answers…. (gets links) Logical site structure & usability for humans Mark-up content for search engines Become the authority, give users answers!
  13. 13. Precursor to this…. Caffeine made it all possible! “web of things, not strings”
  14. 14. Questions are one thing, what about commercial queries?
  15. 15. Commercial Head Term Queries They will still exist Essentially this won‟t change, for you – As long as you are ethical, natural I need a new dress! dresses
  16. 16. Video Example of Conversational Search…..
  17. 17. Thank you….. Questions?