Developments in Display Advertising and Real-Time Bidding


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Take a look at our Head of RTB, Paul Gill's, slides on how display advertising has evolved taken from our recent PPC Best Practice in 2014 and Beyond conference.

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  • Now compare this to RTB tools in 2014

    Keywork contaextual targing this is placing

    We then have remarketing

    Over 70%
    We wil see how that was used

    Finally audience targeting

    Lifestyle choices
    In market

    we will be looking to utlise social advertising fo rexample the facebook exchange
  • So that’s a brief overview of the strategy creation lets take a look at how BooTea campaigns performed.

    The first stage was launching our ads with a series of broader but still very targeted audiences as we discussed,

    we launched remarketing to try and improve the customer retention rate.

    We had an extensive campaigns covering both weight loss audience and keywords as well as some socially focused campaigns..
  • Developments in Display Advertising and Real-Time Bidding

    1. 1. © Search Laboratory Ltd 2014. All rights reserved. Leeds T: +44 113 212 1211 London T: +44 207 147 9980 Developments in Display Advertising & Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Paul Gill – Head of RTB
    2. 2. Agenda Why choose display? History of display Real-time bidding Display strategy in 2014
    3. 3. Why choose display advertising? Fast, wider reaching advertising Branding/ direct response campaigns Diminishing returns on other channels Competitors
    4. 4. History of display
    5. 5. 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 The history of display First banner ad launched First ad server launched Ad spend increases significantly First Ad Exchange launches RTB becomes mainstream Ad networks dominate market Google acquires Doubleclick
    6. 6. What is RTB?
    7. 7. RTB is…
    8. 8. Advertising through: Display banners - Static - Rich media Videos Many other options What is real-time bidding?
    9. 9. What's different? Targeting the user visiting a website not just the website itself RTB is: “real-time, impression by impression based decision making”
    10. 10. How do we recognise a user? Work with multiple 3rd party browsing data companies
    11. 11. Intelligent targeting Audience Data Behaviour data 1st party data Lifestyle choices Social interests Consumer intent Past purchase
    12. 12. The benefits
    13. 13. Traditional display vs. RTB Purchasing in bulk even though each impression has different value to campaign Vs.£10 CPM £1.20 £1.65 £3.12 £1.08 £0.64 £0.88 £0.23 £2.12 £0.77 £1.65 £3.12 Purchase impressions based on their individual worth and only those which are valuable Only pay for the valuable impressions:
    14. 14. RTB campaign strategy
    15. 15. Case study – Bootea Client Brief Worldwide advertising campaign Limited previous success with direct deals Targets Consistent conversion growth targets Increase sale conversions at target CPA Engage with target audience
    16. 16. Creating a strategy Establish strategy and goals Multilingual strategy Creative strategy
    17. 17. Traditional display strategy Remarketing Direct dealsAd Networks
    18. 18. Complete RTB strategy Keyword Targeting Remarketing Audience Targeting • Product keywords • Industry keywords • Target audience keywords • Lifestyle choices • In market for similar products • Women 18-34
    19. 19. Timeline for success Strategic, engaged setup Stage 1 Broad demographics Launch remarketing Custom audience lists Contextual targeting
    20. 20. Stage 2: Optimisation Delivered over 10 million impressions All on an impression by impression basis Contextual, audience and 1st party data
    21. 21. Competition Vs. Original ad Socially driven ad 20% CTR improvement
    22. 22. Bid Audience Site Performance Decision £0.31 CPM 18 – 34 year old social engagers High volume, low CPA Acquire further inventory £0.55 CPM In market for weight loss High volume, high CPA Reduce bids, remove website Publisher (website) decisions
    23. 23. continues Stage 3+: Achieving Success Increase investment in what works Combine keyword and audience targeting Publisher negotiations Access creative strategy
    24. 24. Results 2,800% increase in conversions in 3 months CPA target achieved in 3 weeks 15% increase in total sales
    25. 25. To the future… Integrate with analytics for reporting - PPC, Analytics, social metrics uplift - Time of day/day of week - Specific geographic targeting
    26. 26. Questions?