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#SEJThinkTank: Real Link Building in 2016: Scaling Human Effort

Are you looking to rank competitively and increase your website's search visibility through editorial links?

In this sponsored webinar, learn how Page One Power has successfully helped hundreds of clients of all sizes build valuable links in nearly every vertical. Learn about their collective process, and why transparency and team work lives at the core of linkbuilding, and SEO.

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#SEJThinkTank: Real Link Building in 2016: Scaling Human Effort

  1. 1. Real Link Building in 2016: Scaling Human Effort Cody Cahill with Amy Merrill #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  2. 2. Project Manager @ Page One Power Enterprise Level Link Building Cubs Fan, Bud Man, SEO Expert #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower Cody Cahill
  3. 3. Project Manager at Page One Power Link Building Team Management Writer, Speaker, Alt News Junky #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower Amy Merrill
  4. 4. 1.In-house Individual 2.Independent Contractor 3.In-house SEO/Marketing Team 4.Independent SEO/Marketing Agency Poll 1 What best describesthe scale of your SEO efforts? #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  5. 5. Real Link Building in 2016: Scaling Human Effort #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  6. 6. Still the core of Google’s Algorithm Why Link Building in 2016? #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  7. 7. Great content alone won’t do it (content marketing needs link building) Why Link Building in 2016? #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  8. 8. Social shares are not enough *BuzzSumo/Moz study Why Link Building in 2016? #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  9. 9. Link building is essential in 2016, but it is equally essential that it is DONE RIGHT. Why Link Building in 2016? #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  10. 10. Relationships We build them. Seriously #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  11. 11. Effective Outreach is the most important aspect of link building, and outreach is relationship building. Relationships with Linking Partners #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  12. 12. This can mean relationships with: ● Publishers/Journalists. ● Niche Influencers. ● Other websites such as business and government sites. Relationships with Linking Partners #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  13. 13. The approach in “building a relationship” will be different depending on the types of links you are trying to acquire. (REQUIRES OUTREACH EXPERTISE. Not just anyone can do this). Relationships with Linking Partners #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  14. 14. Always be "adding value". To the site linking, to the site’s audience, and to the site being linked. VALUE FOR ALL. Relationships with Linking Partners #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  15. 15. Open Communication is critical: ● Transparency. ● Setting expectations. ● Proper integration between different marketing channels. Relationships with Clients #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  16. 16. PR/Publicity teams Relationships with Clients #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  17. 17. Content development teams Relationships with Clients #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  18. 18. Matching the brand’s voice and tone, particularly in outreach. Understanding the brand’s core values and reflecting them. Relationships with Clients #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  19. 19. 1.Yes 2.Not at this time 3.Maybe, but I have a few questions #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower Poll 2 Would you like to learn more about link building services from Page One Power?
  20. 20. Link Building is an inherently creative endeavor Relationships Amongst the Team #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  21. 21. As such collaboration and group brainstorming is HUGE Relationships Amongst the Team #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  22. 22. Tools we use to bring it all together ● Slack, Google Docs, BuzzStream Relationships Amongst the Team #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  23. 23. Can you “scale” link building? Absolutely! (but maybe not how you were thinking) Relationships Amongst the Team #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  24. 24. As the campaign continues the link building team strengthens ● Greater understanding of the brand and the target demographic. ● More relationships established. Relationships Amongst the Team #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  25. 25. Suggestions for solo efforts ● In-house SEO: evaluate company resources, interdepartmental collaboration ● Independent Contractors: create virtual teams, every contact is $, streamline What if you have no team? #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  26. 26. ● Making real connections ● Nurturing real relationships ● Scalable from within using proven success practices Why Link Building in 2016? Real People #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  27. 27. #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower
  28. 28. All background images used via Unsplash: licensed under Creative Commons Zero. Presenter head shots courtesy of Page One Power. #SEJThinkTank @PageOnePower Image Attribution