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SEJ Summit 2017: The Top 7 PPC Hacks to Make You a Unicorn in 2017 by Larry Kim


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Presenter: Larry Kim of Mobile Monkey Inc.
Description: There's over 1000 new features in PPC marketing across Facebook and Google AdWords in the last year. Which ones should you focus on? Join Larry Kim for a tour of his top 7 most highly leveraged new PPC advertising hacks to get the most returns for least amount spent.

Published in: Marketing
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SEJ Summit 2017: The Top 7 PPC Hacks to Make You a Unicorn in 2017 by Larry Kim

  1. 1. Top 5 Ways to Become a PPC Unicorn 
 in 2017 And Beyond!
 Larry Kim, CEO
 MobileMonkey, Inc. 
 SEJ Summit, May 2017 @larrykim #SEJsummit
  2. 2. Half-Billion Dollars of PPC Spend? (+1% of Google Ad Revenues) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  3. 3. 9 Billion Dollars of Ad Spend Graded over Last 6 Years! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  4. 4. DONKEYS VS. UNICORNS. @larrykim #SEJsummit
  5. 5. PPC Donkey Detector! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  6. 6. #CMCa2z @larrykim A Few Random Facts About Larry @larrykim #SEJsummit
  7. 7. Slightly 
 Obsessed With Unicorns Make PPC Magical Again! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  8. 8. @larrykim #SEJsummit
  9. 9. From Manitoba, Canada. The Polar Bear Capital of the World!! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  10. 10. Actual Photos From Boston Last Winter @larrykim #SEJsummit
  11. 11. Live in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA @larrykim #SEJsummit
  12. 12. WordStream’s Headquarters 2008 2017 @larrykim #SEJsummit
  13. 13. Started New Company, MobileMonkey Last Week! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  14. 14. Have a 2-year old Kid (#ppckid) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  15. 15. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s #5 Unicorn PPC Observation: Quality Score is More Important Than Ever! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  16. 16. 2015: +/- 1 QS Point = +/- 9% Ad Impression Share @larrykim #SEJsummit
  17. 17. Q4 2016 Impression Weighted Avg. Quality Score = 6.5/10 (up 1 in last year!!) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  18. 18. 1. Fewer Ad Spots on Both Mobile & Desktop, So Google Needs to be More “Picky”! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  19. 19. 2. Share of PPC Traffic, by Device: Desktop -1% per month! 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Jan-17 Apr-17 Jul-17 Oct-17 Jan-18 Apr-18 Jul-18 Oct-18 Jan-19 Apr-19 Jul-19 Oct-19 Jan-20 Apr-20 Jul-20 Desktop Tablet Mobile @larrykim #SEJsummit
  20. 20. 3. Deletion of Ads Spots 8-11 on Desktop @larrykim #SEJsummit
  21. 21. Today: Share Impression Share 2x More Competitive! +/- 1 QS Point = +/- 18% Ad Impression Share!! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  22. 22. Quality Score affects your CPC 10 Discounted by 50.0% 9 Discounted by 44.2% 8 Discounted by 37.5% 7 Discounted by 28.6% 6 Google Benchmark 5 Increased by 25.0% 4 Increased by 67.3% 3 Increased by 150.0% 2 Increased by 400.0% 1 Increased by 800.0% You Save You Pay @larrykim #SEJsummit
  23. 23. Key Takeaways re: Increasing QS Weight Are Half as Likely to be shown Have more Punitive CPCs & CTR more important than ever Low CTR Ads/Keywords… So Delete Bottom 25% QS Garbage & Deploy Elsewhere! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  24. 24. What’s a Good Click Through Rate These Days? Larry’s #4 PPC Unicorn Observation: Larry Kim
  25. 25. Q4 2016 CTRs Are Trending Higher Than Ever!
 @larrykim #SEJsummit
  26. 26. What’s Behind The CTR Increases? AdWords Less Likely to Run Crap Ads Bigger ETAs Increase CTR by 28% @larrykim #SEJsummit
  27. 27. #CMCa2z @larrykim How to Raise Your CTRs? @larrykim #SEJsummit
  28. 28. Expanded Text Ads Generic Text Ads Go Nuts With Expanded Text Ads! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  29. 29. @larrykim #SEJsummit
  30. 30. This is a Terrible Expanded Text Ads Strategy @larrykim #SEJsummit
  31. 31. Instead, Completely Re-Imagine Your Ads! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  32. 32. Larry Kim
  33. 33. Larry’s Crazy Idea: Kill Obvious CTAs From Headline and Move Into Sitelinks @larrykim #SEJsummit
  34. 34. (… Duh!) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  35. 35. Move CTAs to Sitelinks To Free Up Even More Room @larrykim #SEJsummit
  36. 36. Larry’s Other Crazy PPC ETA Hack: Blow Up Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  37. 37. Unicorns Ads Are 6x Better Than Donkey Ads!! Avg. CTR Donkey CTRs (Bottom 10%) = 3x Worse Than Avg. Unicorn CTRs (Top 10%) = +2x Better Avg. AdClickThroughRate Ad Position @larrykim #SEJsummit
  38. 38. These Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ads are 
 All Donkeys! Larry Kim
  39. 39. Keyword Headlines Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion Do OK, Not Great RelativeFrequency Avg. CTR Top 15% Top 5% Top 1% CTR Ads without DKI Ads with DKI @larrykim #SEJsummit
  40. 40. DKI Headlines Less Likely To Be Unicorns RelativeFrequency Top 5% CTR Ads without DKI Ads with DKI Top 1% 
 Relative CTR @larrykim #SEJsummit
  41. 41. Get DKI Out of Headline (Free Up Even More Room), Move DKI Into URL Paths @larrykim #SEJsummit
  42. 42. Larry’s Unicorn Research Lab @larrykim #SEJsummit
  43. 43. Larry’s ETA Hack: 
 Leverage Emotional Triggers! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  44. 44. These 9 Emotions Make People Click Like Crazy: • Laughter • Amusement • Curiosity • Awe • Anger • Fear • Joy • Empathy • Sadness @larrykim #SEJsummit
  45. 45. Write Ad Headline Copy From Perspective of One of These Personas The Bearer
 of Bad News The Hero/ Villain The Comedian The Feel
 Good Friend @larrykim #SEJsummit
  46. 46. Combining Emotional Hooks & Personas Examples: Turning Donkeys into Unicorns! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  47. 47. Example 1: “Divorce Lawyer” This Expanded Text Ad Gets 6x The Average CTR The Villain: Husband/Mistres The Hero: Divorce Attorney Emotion: Anger. Revenge. @larrykim #SEJsummit
  48. 48. Note: Everyone Else = Donkeys! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  49. 49. Example 2: “Breast Cancer Screening” (It’s OK, but Unremarkable) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  50. 50. The New Expanded Text Ad: Emotion: Fear. Persona: Bearer of Bad News @larrykim #SEJsummit
  51. 51. 125% Increase in Appointments Booked! Negative Twist Positive Twist 0 2 5 7 9 4 9 @larrykim #SEJsummit
  52. 52. 170% Increase in Call Volumes! Higher CTRs = Higher Conversion Rates! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  53. 53. Bonus Tip: Use This Plug & Play Title Template Commonly Employed By ‘Viral’ Articles Format
 List post, quiz, Infographic Emotional Hook Emotional word or superlative Content Type Images, quotes, pictures, facts Topic Love, cats, dogs, fitness, health, Donald Trump 4 AWESOME AD COPY STRATEGIES TO 6X CTR @larrykim #SEJsummit
  54. 54. Bonus Tip: Stuff That Does Great on Social Media Also Does Great as Ads @larrykim #SEJsummit
  55. 55. Larry’s Unicorn Ad Detector
  56. 56. Unicorn Headlines = Top 10% Odds of Finding Unicorn = 1:10 So Audition Lots of Headlines (Duh!) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  57. 57. Quiz: How Many Ad Headlines Do You See Here? @larrykim #SEJsummit
  58. 58. It’s The Same Ad (With Different Capitalization & Punctuation!!) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  59. 59. You Need 10 *Different* Headlines! How to Spot the Unicorn? @larrykim #SEJsummit
  60. 60. 80% of Sales Come from 10% of Offers! Most Businesses Just Need One Unicorn Ad and Corresponding Offer! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  61. 61. Larry’s #3 PPC Unicorn Observation:
 A Lot of Donkey Accounts Out There (The Bar is Low!) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  62. 62. Half of accounts didn’t add a single negative keyword in the last month. @larrykim #SEJsummit
  63. 63. Less than half of small business advertisers have conversion tracking turned on. @larrykim #SEJsummit
  64. 64. Larry’s #2 Unicorn PPC Observation: 
 What’s a Good Conversion Rate in 2017? Larry Kim
  65. 65. Conversion Rates Are Going Nowhere @larrykim #SEJsummit
  66. 66. Read The Guide, Duh :) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  67. 67. Why No Change In Conversion Rates? Two Theories: 1) Mobile Harder To Track 2) CRO = BS @larrykim #SEJsummit
  68. 68. Distribution Point Conversion Rate Vs. Average Comments AVERAGE 2.35% - DONKEYS TOP 25% 5.31% 2X AWESOME TOP 10% 11.45% 5X UNICORNS Donkeys vs. Unicorns Unicorns Convert 5x Better Than Donkeys @larrykim #SEJsummit
  69. 69. How to Turn Conversion Rate Donkeys into Unicorns? Larry Kim
  70. 70. The Great A/B Testing Fairy Tale If We Change The.. • Font Type • Spacing • Button Color • Image • Text • Etc. “We’ll Get a 5% Increase in Conversions” CRO Guru @larrykim #SEJsummit
  71. 71. Typical A/B Test Early Lead Disappears. Gains Don’t Persist. @larrykim #SEJsummit
  72. 72. Ecommerce Example:
 Higher CTRs = Higher Conversion Rates #smx @larrykim@larrykim #SEJsummit
  73. 73. Picnic Pants(inspired by Wil Reynolds)* Drones Vs. CTR • Picnic Pants Drones • Conversion Rate @larrykim #SEJsummit
  74. 74. Worst thing you can do: Lipstick on a Donkey invisible noodles? @larrykim #SEJsummit
  75. 75. Your Current Offer A Completely Different, Better Offer Big vs. Little Changes Unicorn Hill Donkey Hill @larrykim #SEJsummit
  76. 76. Offer Differentiation Largely Determines Your Conversion Rate @larrykim #SEJsummit
  77. 77. Larry’s #1 Unicorn PPC Observation Brand Affinity Makes or Breaks Your Campaigns @larrykim #SEJsummit
  78. 78. What’s The Impact of Brand Affinity on Campaign Performance? @larrykim #SEJsummit
  79. 79. Brand Affinity DRAMATICALLY Impacts CTR (+2-3x!) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  80. 80. Brand Affinity DRAMATICALLY Impacts CONVERSION RATES (+2-3x!) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  81. 81. In Search Advertising We Think we are Rockstars but In Reality: • Doesn’t Create New Product Demand • CTR, CPC & CVR Largely Determined by Brand Affinity and Offer Type @larrykim #SEJsummit
  82. 82. What Does it All Mean? Unicorn PPC? @larrykim #SEJsummit
  83. 83. 1 2 3 The AdWords Algorithm & Layout Has Changed. So Change Your Approach. Quality Score
 More Important Than Ever. Eliminate Donkeys! Raise Your CTRs
 Emotional Triggers, Personas, Dumping DKI & Obvious CTAs, Fully Use Power of ETAs. Don’t Forget the Obvious
 Most aren’t using negatives, conversion tracking, etc. START/GO (Donkey Land) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  84. 84. 2 1 Don’t Forget the “Marketing” in PPC Marketing Conversion Rates Largely Determined by Offer Differentiation Brand Affinity
 Makes or Breaks Your Campaigns END/REPEAT (Unicorn Land) @larrykim #SEJsummit
  85. 85. Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys! @larrykim #SEJsummit
  86. 86. THANK YOU Jenise and SEJ Summit Team!