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How to Write SEO Proposals That Prove Your Value & Eliminate Client Concerns


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Unlike paid search, organic search lacks the tools to form trustworthy predictions about SEO outcomes.

This is why potential clients sometimes get indecisive even when presented with an SEO proposal.

In this presentation, Alen Todorov of SEOmonitor shares tips on how SEO agencies can write better proposals that prove value and eliminate client concerns.

We’ll cover:
– How the typical pitching process works and what usually goes wrong.
– Tips to improve your agency’s SEO proposals.
– The elements of an SEO proposal that you need to highlight.

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How to Write SEO Proposals That Prove Your Value & Eliminate Client Concerns

  1. 1. How to create SEO proposals that prove your value & eliminate client concerns How to avoid Silent NOs #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  2. 2. We help SEO agencies acquire, manage and retain more customers. Hi there. I’m Alen. #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  3. 3. What do you struggle with, the most? Acquiring, managing or retaining customers. #SEJThinktank @seomonitor POLL
  4. 4. What goes into a SEO proposal? #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  5. 5. Show a deep understanding of the industry. #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  6. 6. #SEJThinktank @seomonitor Keyword research ● Selection and grouping (eg. ranks, topics, localized, seasonal) ● Segmentation based on device ● Include search volume Top tip! Do not include keywords with very low search volumes or branded/navigational ones.
  7. 7. #SEJThinktank @seomonitor Competitor Overview ● Separating between perceived and organic competitors ● Choose only business competitors ● Present visibility based on search volumes and rankings
  8. 8. #SEJThinktank @seomonitor Business Category Overview ● Select keywords the best describe the category ● Highlight how each category has its own competitors
  9. 9. True Organic Traffic #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  10. 10. #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  11. 11. A Realistic SEO Forecast That Can Be Understood & Verified #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  12. 12. Estimate Impact in Terms of Clicks and Conversions Instead of Rankings #SEJThinktank @seomonitor ● Choose a target rank for each group of keywords ● Multiply the CTRs with search volume and year over change ● Connect past conversion rates and goals with the new additional traffic Top tip! Highlight how their traffic would look like with & without the SEO campaign.
  13. 13. Compare the SEO Budget to the Equivalent in PPC #SEJThinktank @seomonitor ● Based on estimated cost per click for each keyword ● Bring an outside perspective of the value of reaching better rankings
  14. 14. Reporting #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  15. 15. Investment #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  16. 16. An SEO proposal, proposal #SEJThinktank @seomonitor
  17. 17. EXAMPLE
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  26. 26. + $7500 MONTHLY 25% SUCCESS FEE 1 2 3 4 5 - Deliverables EXAMPLE
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  34. 34. What do you think about automating client reporting? Fully automated! / Manual is better / Partially automated #SEJThinktank @seomonitor POLL