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How to Repurpose Your Content & Maximize Demand Gen Results


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Want to make the most out of your content marketing investment? Then consider repurposing your old content.

Maximizing your existing content can make a lasting impact – all while streamlining your content creation, gathering audience data, and saving resources.

Learn how repurposing content can help your marketing team maximize demand generation results while saving time and money.

In this presentation, we’ll walk you through:
- Top suggestions for creating premium content that will fuel your demand gen cycle and deliver the conversions you’re looking for.
- Best practices – drawing from ScribbleLive’s own engagement strategies – that effectively scaled their content and drove stellar results without draining resources.

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How to Repurpose Your Content & Maximize Demand Gen Results

  1. 1. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive How to Repurpose Your Content & Maximize Demand Gen Results
  2. 2. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive VP Marketing, ScribbleLive Corinne Schmid
  3. 3. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive The Results Are In… Now What? 71% are looking to use their demand generation content to nurture leads in the middle of the sales cycle.  Source: CMI, 2019
  4. 4. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive What We’ll Learn Today •The definition of premium content, and how it impacts your demand gen cycle •Our own demand gen results using a data-driven interactive experience •How you can your repurpose content, gather data, and deliver more relevant experiences to convert your leads faster 
  5. 5. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive What Does Premium Content Mean? To get the most out of your content, it needs to be: ✓Useful ✓Resonate ✓Action-driven
  6. 6. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive Visual & Video Attracts, snackable, easy to digest Interactive Data-driven, collects zero-party data Experiences & Events Engages and interacts What Makes Content Premium?
  7. 7. Tips for Creating Premium Content Tip #1: Know your audience—and who influences them along the path to purchase. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive
  8. 8. Tips for Creating Premium Content Tip #2: Take inventory of existing content assets—beyond marketing. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive
  9. 9. Tips for Creating Premium Content Tip #3: Collect declared data. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive
  10. 10. Case Study Repurposing Content #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive
  11. 11. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive Adding Interactivity: How, When, and Why 96% of participants believed that interactivity impacts buyers’ decisions as they go through their journey. 42% use events to nurture their audience.
  12. 12. Maximizing Results with a Full-Circle Experience •Who is our audience? •What assets can we repurpose? •How can we collect data to better enable sales? #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive
  13. 13. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive We Focused on Collecting Declared Data Received 100s of Completed Assessments Offered a Free Etch-A-SketchRefreshed an Interactive Solution Assessment
  14. 14. How to Repurpose Content for Mid-Funnel Engagement #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive
  15. 15. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive How to Repurpose Content for Mid-Funnel Engagement 5. Blog Post 4. Webinar 1. Event 2. Interactive Content 3. Email
  16. 16. How We Followed Up •Included a link to the assessment to share •SDRs followed up with relevant talking points •SDRs followed up with relevant content assets based on their pain points #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive
  17. 17. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive Time for a Poll
  18. 18. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive How You Can Repurpose Your Content An infographic is great for illustrating the data you’ve collected. Videos: Consider a “how-to” video on a certain topic that your audience is indicating an interest in. An eBook or landing page by industry can address some of their specific paint points.
  19. 19. Tips for Gathering Data and Evaluating Your Content •Pay close attention to where the typical user has dropped off, and use that information to create an A/B test. •Evaluate your engagement points for future use by recognizing trends. •Learn from these metrics to continually improve with each new piece of content #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive
  20. 20. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive Deliver More Relevant Info to Your Sales Team Sharing a Q&A or Blog PostCreating a Resource LibrarySending an Invite to a Webinar With more relevant info, your sales team can follow up with more relevant content, like: 01 02 03
  21. 21. #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive Summary • Know your buying center, not just a single persona • Take inventory of assets—beyond marketing • Collect declared data • Repurpose declared data • For top to mid-funnel content development • To provide sales with insights
  22. 22. EXCLUSIVE OFFER for SEJ webinar attendees #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive Check your inbox for details or email
  23. 23. Premium Content Creation at Scale #SEJThinkTank @ScribbleLive